Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Happy Easter!

A different Easter this was.
For the first time in... I think forever my family did not get together to celebrate.
Everyone was with their extended families && it just didn't work out for the good.
Sad. Yes, I was very sad. However, I did get to spend the whole day with my husband.

We eat breakfast at Bridget & Patricks (my SIL & BIL) along with my grandparents in-laws & 
parent in-laws & Reid and Ryder. It was a great morning. 

We did not have dinner until 5pm so we really just were bums. 
We read our bible together which was pretty great. Aaron finished the last bit on our fence (finally) and I baked in the kitchen for just a bit. We watched Hangover II - weird for Easter, right?

Hiding & hunting Easter eggs are Grammye & Daas was awesome. Its one of my favorite 
parts - seeing ALL the kids & their excitement. Yay. 

Ending our day with a visit to Mom & Aarons. They were out of town spending Easter with 
Aaron (my dads) Mom, granny. I was very happy to have least saw my Mom for Easter. 
She too, agreed it wasn't the same.  Insert frown face. 

I also found out two people in my life were pregnant. 
How awesome. 

A best friend and a step sister. 
Isn't that just amazing? I'm more than thrilled. 
I will say that I was onto my best friend. I knew something was up - hoping pregnancy was the case
and well... I was right.

At the end of the day, I can say that one thing has not changed about Easter Sunday. 
My faith. 
My God oh mighty died two days before and rose from the cross for me. For you. 
For everyone & he saved this world.Wow.
Life is amazing knowing I have my faith & God to walk with day by day. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

our ritual valentines day

In 2011, Aaron and I started going on a getaway (aka Aaron's fishing spot), Santee Cooper, SC.
This started the year we were planning our wedding and I wanted nothing more but Valentines to be about him therefore we stayed at his parents home away from home for the weekend.
It ended up being an amazing weekend that I wanted to continue as long as
we could. Soo...

I did not take many pictures when we were back at the house
however I manage to capture a few pictures on our first day on the lake.
It was a beautiful day. The water was so smooth. The sun was shining.
However, it was chilly. Very chilly - which is expected in February.

headed out for the day.

Jackson wanted nothing more than this donut.

My wonderful, amazing, 'everything I continue to dream of' husband.

Our first Buttercat of the day. We were pretty excited - he was trilled.
However, after weighing it Aaron was a bit disappointed. Weighing in at 37.5.
He's caught every 30 lber, every 30 + ounces but can't quite reach 40lbs.
So we continued.

My turn next. I prayed that CAT did not come off the hook.
17lbs, I don't know who was more proud - him or me.

&& that's about it with the fish pictures.  As I explained, it was really cold. You can see both of us adding more clothing as the day continued. The only one content was Jackson. We caught 2 more buttercats in their
teens before we wrapped the day up.

I absolutely love fishing days like this with Aaron.
Its incredibly relaxing. We don't do a whole lot but I think that's what I love about it.
There are no distractions. Just me & him (well... & this time we had Jackson) with all the time in the world.
... until the line goes off. HA!

Other happenings throughout the weekend:

We saw four different bald eagles on this day. Wow. Crazy.
They were all fishing too.

We eat dinner at Coasters, which was an excellent seafood bar/restaurant
that.... was connected to a strip club. Weird?
No. We did not spend out love weekend in the strip club.

We ended up NOT fishing on Saturday after due to the rough water &
weather forecast.  It snowed that night, how fun!

Jackson is so spoiled he is used to getting something delish when one
returns from 'dinner' (a steak bone) - he thinks he is human.
Well... we dined at a seafood place therefore we thought, " he'll get a bone tomorrow night. We will
get some chicken at KFC && he'll be fine".
KFC && Bojangles (the ONLY two fast food restaurants around) both had NO chicken
for 20 minutes. WHAT? So Jack got a personal steak from Waffle House... yeah, he's THAT spoiled.

Amazing weekend. Perfect way to spend Valentines.
No roses. No chocolates (except from my nieces/nephews). Just QT with Aaron.
EXACTLY how I want it. It's always perfect. I look forward to it every year!

XO, j

Monday, February 18, 2013

well hello world.

Holy Moly.
Its' really YOU.
You're back in my life?
Where the crud have you BEEN?

Yeah, yeah, yeah - I know. That's exactly what you are saying.
Well, the truth is. It's instagrams fault. Yep. Ever since that brilliant mess has entered my life... this life of mine, I've been a slacker.
Damn you instagram. But really, find me. You may see the quicker version of what's happening - jessicalyndrew

I sure hope you haven't given up on me. Please don't.
I'm back and ready to capture.
Okay, so where have I been?
I know I haven't REALLY blogged in ... a reeeeeeally long time.
You know I got promoted last year. And it took over my life.
You know we bought a house, in which has taken over our life ... for the good. Duh.
But where have I REALLY been?

Well. Here is goes.

I got depressed because I became thicker.
My clothes were being extremely mean and making me incredibly uncomfortable.
Changed? Nope. I found new clothes but hope to go back and find my other ones.
A struggle... yes.

I fell in love with the color purple.
Yes. I'm a lover of ALL shades of purple.

I quit my job.
Yep! I said it. I'm pretty much making money off my husbands salary now
and ... it hasn't been to tough yet. Actually, he loves it. I haven't gotten bored yet & I plan to not get bored.
Yes. You are thinking correct. I'm not going back. I am officially a SAHW as of 01/07/13.

I've developed an insane love for chocolate.
Is that weird? I've always liked it. But I'm like obsessed with it.
Weird, right?
Did anyone happen to get some Valentines chocolates from Victorias Secrets for spending a certain
amount recently? TO.DIE.FOR!!!
At first I thought, ewww gross. Cute but ugly. They sat there for days and I actually was going to give them to Aarons Grandma until I thought... weird? && had NO chocolate in the house && just took ONE.
opps. Holy Moly. They were AMAZING!
... clearly explains my pants issue. ugh!

I went to New York for a week.
Almost embarrassed myself to death by pretty much keeping myself from completely throwing up
all my delish candy that I famously posted on instagram stating I NEEDED these to survive the plane and yeah... let's just say the people next to me were sweating for me. The wind on the outside of the plane and I were NOT friends that day. Nor was it friends with a lot of people on the plane to say. BUT... I did get to visit my amazing family, be apart of my cousins (whom I'm a bridesmaid in her 01/2014 Greek wedding) engagement party, spend a few days with my daddy and step-mom &&...
drum roll
visit the city of Manhattan. YES! No I did not drive this time. Yes, I had a better experience. And I also marked a few things off my bucket list in which I'm dying to share.

Had a Housewarming Party. SCORE!
With all my amazing friends and family. It was great having them break in our new home
in which YES... I STILL need to do a blog tour. I've promised many of you. Hugs?
Love me still, please?

Friends of ours have had babies and several have become pregnant.
YAY! My love and joy is full and energized for these families. Love them.
LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of little girls have come and are STILL coming.

The Bachelor. Yes... I always have time for that show.
I'm still hooked. Basically Sean is great but really has me completely lost.
Am I the only one who has NO clue who he is REALLY into?  By this time I have a pretty good idea who the two last finalist will be. Let's just say after seeing last weeks preview DES (whom I love) will NOT be one of them. Thanks Brother ya big deush.  Along with The Bachelor/ette
we've gotten into Walking Dead. Okay so yeah. YIKES! Not really my thing. This gal aint gonna lie.
I had crazy nightmares for about two straight weeks (we didn't start watching until Season 3 was airing so we played catch up while the world was pissed about having to wait until February 10th). No joke. I'm still freaked out by the zombies and I may or may not run out of the room screaming "tell me what happens" as I plug my ears because lets get real - the music is scarier than the show... right?

Moving along.

So for five months I worked without a day off and had NO time... and I mean NO time to blog.
Remember all the times I stated, "I should be fired"? Yeah well.. they got their moneys worth. So much Aaron needed me back. My marriage needed me back. I needed me back. Everyone around me lost me and needed me back. And since I've become a SAHW, Life really hasn't slowed down. However, I will say I'm not crazy exhausted. I'm not ill or fighting to keep my eyes open.
&& no... I do NOT sleep in. I'm still up at 7am every day. Life has been good. I've been cooking every night. NOT struggling to make it all happen && working in a daily routine for myself.
I have a happy husband and as I've always believed that was my #1 priority && quite frankly it still is and always will be.

You're thinking kids?

Not yet. I'm not pregnant and it doesn't come up for decision.
Do I think we are ready to become furparents again.. DUH!
Does that count?
love you ALL.
miss you and glad to be back.

XO, jess

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

a weekend sleepover

Since it's hunting season && Punkle (Punk + Uncle) Aaron is busy doing his thing, I decided I needed company while he was out & about. Our first sleepover in the new house were my two of my nieces- Chloe & Emily Grace. They kept me company the entire weekend which means I had a total blast!
We made funny faces & fun food while breaking in the kitchen floor with play-dough, went to visit Grandma & Papa, indulged in Chinese food, did 'bump-bump-bump' ALL the way down the stairs... again and again and again, made chocolate chip pancakes, shopped, played headbanz &&....

learned Jalapenos is a Spanish word. The J is pronounced with the sound of  Haa, not Ja-la-peen-os before fillnig our bellys with chips, salsa &&

{instagram photo - jessicalyndrew}

These two sisters love each other SO much.
They are extremely close.
Emily Grace gets her way ALWAYS if Chloe is around.

{instagram photo - jessicalyndrew}

It was a great weekend.
The girls had more fun than they imagined & Aunt Jessica
was pooped come Sunday. Total blast!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yeah so, we bought a house!

On October 24th we signed our way back in to debt!

Aaron and I are so happy. We are so excited with this next Chapter. We are completely in love with this new home of ours.
That being said, we have a lot of work to be done.

So... Here are a few moments captured of THE day we sat in the attorneys office with five other people at this long business table - we felt like big people. It was awesome!

Immediately after, we headed to Lowe's to purchase our washer & dryer {SO FUN} & also our refrigerator {even MORE exciting}, then quickly headed home to load up & move out && into this beauty....

I'm smitten

first step in the doorway without permission.

It was a happy day for us.
We did not stay the night this night however I made it mandatory
we moved our bedroom & must haves to stay on night two.

but before we did...
Momma made a demand that he HAD to carry me threw
the threshold - "... it's good luck."

Coming soon....

... the move in.