Wednesday, September 26, 2012

... just dropping in to say HELLO! Xo

I'm alive. I promise.

The truth is...

I am slamming busy. I FINALLY received that top notch promotion
I've been trying to move up to for a year now && this is what it has me doing....

Yes, I am THE agent of my own store.
If you live close, come see me. You now have my office number.
I've waited for this for SO incredibly long.

Remember all those times I've said, "I should be fired..." yeah well...
I have NO time to be fired now. I am steady paced and non-stop ALL.DAY.LONG.

They are getting their moneys worth. I am getting my moneys worth.

We are also packing up the house STILL trying to get everything squared away
for our big move.

Buy a house is .... well it was super easy but has turned into a little bit of a
progress. Aaron and I are MORE than ready to be in our new home.

We close in a few weeks. Mid October HOPING for sooner.
If I could get these people moving we'd be in there next week.
Let's just say my entire house is packed except big furniture, my kitchen for the most part, && our bath/bed room.

Our house is empty. BOTH of them. Maddie Belle Davis house is
more than ready for our company.

I can NOT wait to share all the FUN STUFF I've started buying for
this beautiful home of ours.

You'll love it.

I promise, no for real this time...

I promise to get back on track. Finding balance seems to always be my issue.
But right ... work MUST have my time.

Ohh.. && we had a WONDERFUL first anniversary.
We did NOT get to go to Destin {insert sad face} due to Hurricane Irene
&& my Aunt having complete heart failure. Yikes! HUGE scare.

She is well && her recovery was a miracle.
Thank GOD, the man above for everything he does for us.

Aaron and I took a random...

&& I mean RANDOM trip to north Georgia.
Antiqued Shopped, Hot Air Balloon Festival, && even ended up
hiking a mountain {never.again!}, visiting a Safari && learning ALL about
butterflies && nature.

No... we were NOT on 4-H camp.
It was better than I could have ever wanted it to be.

I miss you ALL && would love to hear from you.
But I gotta go now as I get back to work.

Love you. Mean it.