Sunday, July 31, 2011

... foods.

5. Fruit
... Hands down. I'm a fruit lover and so is the Mr.  I love ALL fruits. I could eat it all day long. I usually have it {apples, oranges, canalope, pineapple, etc} in the house, but if I don't it's due to the cost. Fruit is expensive. 

4. Spicy Chicken Sandwich
... with pepper jack cheese from Chic-fil-a. I'm addicted! It's so good!
{hold the tomato & lettuce}

3. Texas Tonion
... Ever since I can remember, Longhorn Steakhouse was mine & Aaron's favorite
place for a dinner date, even when we were just in high school. I couldn't even begin to count the times we've eaten there. Texas Tunion is somewhat like
a blooming onion, hold the blooming. NEVER ever ever ever do we dine here and not order one of these even if we know we aren't that hungry.
Usually by the time our meals arrive... we must ask for boxes. It's delish!

2. Fried Pickles
... Yummy! I like pickles period. But Fried Pickles... Oh yeah!
Hooters has the best!

1. Mexican
... seriously, I could eat Mexican food everyday. I would if it didn't stick to me like white on rice. Chicken Fajita Nachos {hold the tomatoes & bell peppers} is my all time favorite.
{I make this dish at home for supper too. One of Aaron's favorites}
However, recently I've discovered a new yummy dish, the Gringa {Jalapenos} It's pretty amazing also. Aaron and I love to order the bean dip {must have} & the salsa is just yum! I always... ALWAYS leave over stuffed & if I didn't prepare myself with something 'loose fitted', my pants are definitely coming up buttoned. It's that bad.
{pictured below, Chicken Fajita Nachos}

Can't ya tell I'm from the South?
Most everything is F-R-I-E-D!!!
{Hence the extra meat on my bones}

Saturday, July 30, 2011

{ Day Ten; Places

Day Six
... places.

6. Paws Up Resort
... We wanted to honeymoon here. But air flight over took our pockets.
We've agreed that ONE day, in our lifetime together we will visit this place and go "glamping".
Go HERE to check it out.

5. New York City
... Okay, so I've been here. [& I never want to be in NYC behind a steering wheel again, due to our last experience back in June. Ever!!!!] But I've never seen the entire city. Going to NYC for Christmas is on my bucket list.

4. Airports & Airplanes
I have a weird love for traveling through airports & flying on airplanes.
Something about the both of them, I really enjoy.

3. In a boat on the water
I love the water; beach, lake, river, pool... you name it!
It's probably one of my favorite places to be.

2.Cruise Ships
Ohhh how I love it. All 6 of the times I've vacationed on a cruise,  never have I returned with bad news. Perfect vacations..&&& in about 35-ish days, we'll be on THIS ship sipping on Miami Vices while enjoying the scenery of the ocean from our balcony. Hurry up, Honeymoon!
[Can you tell I'm excited?]

1. Home {is where everything happens}
... and my favorite place at home is my kitchen!

Friday, July 29, 2011

10 Day YOU Challenge: 7 Wants

Day Seven
... wants

7.  Always stay true to myself & never loose who I am as a person.

6. for Aaron & I to find a church that feels like home & for our relationship
to continue to grow close with GOD!
5. A Successful Marriage...
& celebrate 50 years {of marriage} with my love.

4. to one day, dedicate my spare time to childrens homes.

3. a perfect wedding day.
& honeymoon! :) {can I get a whoop whoop}

2. to be a PTO mom!

1. to always look on the bright side of things.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

10 Day YOU Challenge: Day EIGHT, Fears

Day Eight
... fears.
10. Frogs
... i hate them. scared to death.

9. Certain people in our lives wanting to control our parenting
... when that time comes, of course.

8. Dealing with forever goodbyes
... worst fear.

7. Being abducted.

6. Not being able to conceive.
... would be my second worst nightmare.

5. Failing as a wife

4.  Cancer

3. Having bratty kids.
... I hope & pray I am not the parent that let's their child run over them.

2. Stretch Marks
... I have very few. I'm okay with them, but I'd be happy if they don't ever
invite their friends.

1. Letting myself go
... women [in general] seem to do this often when children arrive or when the relationship
isn't at it's highest peak. We focus on everything else but us. [In a 10 year dating relationship, I've been here. I never want to  go there again.]


Today is the day
Aaron and I will be Aunt & Uncle to
little Ryder... he makes NINE! 
 {Christmas is tight & we don't even have children}
We are so excited! He should be here anytime today!
Prayers for Ryder & his parents for a safe & healthy delivery!

i babies

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10 Day YOU Challenge: Day NINE, Loves

... loves.

10. I love to coach someone into seeing the beauty in someone or something.
...  it makes me feel accomplished.

9. I love working with children & adults who have disabilities.
... you think life could be better while they think life is so wonderful.

8. I love seeing Aaron for the first time after a long day of work.
... his tiny sideways grin never fades away & that will be something that will never get old.

7. I love when a small child wraps their arms around my leg as if they are
 completely save.
... it brings so much warm to my heart.

6. I love spending Sunday afternoons wrapped up on the couch with my favorite person.
[Aaron, of course]
... doing nothing means everything.

5. I love when my Shih Tuz, Jackson [who pretty much is adopted by my in laws]
scratches on our front door at night when he wants to visit us. It's awesome.
... it makes me smile from ear to ear.

4. I love my mothers hugs. one can give a hug like your Mom.

3. I love the feel of a cool fall day [& hot cocoa].
... my favorite time of the year.

2. I love to hear a love story.
... they never get old.

1. I love mastering a new recipe.
... Makes me feel like I'm someone [wink]. I feel very accomplished.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

10 Day YOU Challenge: TEN Secrets

I stole this yesterday from Caitlin over at A Country Nest!

Day TEN 
.. secrets

10. I love my house clean, but the secret is... I'm the worst
"stuffer" on the planet. I stuff items that have no certain "home" in the house
in random spots. This is very aggravating.

9. As much as I love her, I often clash with my MIL.
I wouldn't trade her for the world.

8. I have a weird case of ... reading people very well. It's almost scary.

7. Since the day Aaron told me he was ready to start a family [back in February]
I've kept a journal [a blog post saved as draft] on our conversations & thoughts about becoming parents. They are moments I never want to forget.
When that time comes, I will post it.

6. I am 100% completely addicted to mobile FB.

5. My car is always... a mess! But what my sister says "smells like a bakery".

4. I wish more than anything for my fear of frogs to vanish. There is no running from
frogs in Georgia. We actually have a toad [puke] that lives under our front porch &
visits every night... As soon as he comes out, I stay in for the night.
I can not get me to cross over the doorway.

3. As much as I will convince you that I am not a sore loser. I am.

2. I really hate the term, 'regrets only'. It is ass backwards to me & does the planner NO GOOD. That being said, I irritates me more than anything... when someone doesn't

1. Sometimes I go three days without washing my hair.

Okay, so some of these were more of FACTS.
I had a hard time with secrets... I splurge on my own secrets.

Monday, July 25, 2011

PLEASE READ: Cait or Caitlin from A Journey from Miss to Mrs....

She just got married [June 10th] & changed her blog name/URL.

If you've noticed on your blog link that her last post was announcing her blog title change...
[A Country Nest]
Well, not really.
She's been posting non-stop about all sorts of things.
If you are her blog friend, [or if you are not, you need to be]
go to your blog links and delete her old URL

Pass the word around! Cait doesn't want to loose any readers!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Where I'm at in Life...


Some things can never be unseen. Memories are lost everyday. And small moments aren't captured. For me? There is nothing like talking about old times. I can do it all day, everyday, with anybody.

So here it is.
This is where I am at in Life;

Date: July 22, 2011

My Initials: JLA

Age: 26

Size: Medium [top], 5/6 [bottom], 8 [shoe]

Friday Nights: Cookouts & Cards with friends, Cornhole with Family, Date Nights with the lover.

Hair Style: Long. Blonde. Long. Too Long.

Favorite place to dine out: Jalapenos [Order, The Gringa]

Favorite Outfit: Dresses or my red romper

Love Life: Very much in love with Aaron. He aggravates the tar out of me
lately, at the same time... I never stop smiling. He makes me so happy.

Home Life: It's really great. A little stressful because everything is just out of the normal with the wedding.
* There isn't a corner in our house where there isn't clutter.
I threw a fit. Yes, a throw down fit last night about this particular issue. It's driving me crazy. The wedding has my house turned upside down.

* For so many years, I worked really long hours and two jobs at a time.
I'm completely smitten by my extra time at home with Aaron and by myself.

TV shows: American Idol. Swamp People. The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Animal Planet. 

Extra time: Wedding. Snuggled up on the couch.

What excites me: *The Wedding *Planning the wedding *Our new vegetables chopper *Our new waffle maker *The new one cup coffee/tea/hot cocoa/espresso machine sitting on our counter. *My new frying pans that sit fly and not wobble.. yay! *ALL the cleaning supplies received from the showers. [Yes, an excellent gift. Enough to last us about two years] *Another excellent gift; spice rack, a basket full of all... ALL spices or add ins.

 A moment I never want to forget: Aaron getting pissy
[remember, he never yells or raises his for at me... EVER. I've never seen it.]
when putting together all the storage cabinets, the futon, or the [my eyebrows are raised] storage shelf that goes over the toilet... yeah, he threw it across the living room and yelled "this is a piece of crap!!!". I was mortified. my response, "Whoa, totally uncalled for. You are acting insane."

Life is so good right now.
Not perfect, but right where we want to be!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

God is SO good; Somebody is Pregnant...


Not me silly....

One of my first blog friends, Lindsi from The Handcocks blog!
Lindsi & her husband Alan have been trying to conceive for years now.
Finally, well... they've known for a while, but I just found out [BAD BLOGGER FRIEND] she's pregnant & they can extend their family. She posted today about being 19 weeks preggers with Cale Micheal. I was floored and so excited when I saw her picture of her updated belly bump. I went back and read all her baby posts. I am overwhelmed with much happiness to see this beautiful family of two grow.


I can't believe I've missed so much. I am so very sorry. However, it's still early. I couldn't be more excited for you and Alan & looking forward to hearing all about little Cale. God is good.

♥ jess


In the same breath, I would like to capture a small moment that [hopefully] ends up beings a BIG precious moment here soon.
Aaron's Sister, Bridget & her hubby Patrick are preggers with their second son. Ryder is due August 1st. Yay! However, it's been said he could come very early because he is a hulk. :) Bridget had a contraction last night, only one and then was able to go back to bed but still... We are SO excited to meet Ryder and blessed to have 8 + Ryder = NINE little ones calling us Aunt Jessica & Punkle [Punk + Uncle = Punkle] Aaron. Yay! Life is happy and couldn't get better!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why a wedding band goes on the left ring finger....


^ Did you know this? ^ 
Because I did not. Fun facts!

Wedding Planning Update:

I went from exhausted to back in gear.
Here's how it's going...

His & Her Wedding Shower - July 16th, It was everything I ever imagined.
It started at 3 0'clock and ended at 1:30am. You know it's a good party when it last 10 hours.
We got so much stuff it's unbelievable. We have amazing people in our lives.
[I haven't forgotten about my Around the Clock Shower'. I'm still waiting on pictures]

Thank You cards - [from the shower] are OUT as of this morning, all 52!

Programs - They are in. We are not happiest with them. I'll stop there. Enough Said.

Bridesmaids Dress are IN. Whoo Hoo. I can't wait to see them! Yay!

HOPEFULLY, I will bring home my beauty tomorrow when I meet for my final dress fitting. Yay!

Security Guards - Booked!

Bartender - Booked!

DIY projects - getting there. Slowly but surely.

Remember THIS post about needing help with Presents - Only My Mom to buy and I'm done.

Honeymoon - I've done a little shopping. I've bought beach towels, suncreen, & a pool side/ beach bag.
I want to get it monogrammed. I don't know what to put?
Mr & Mrs?
The Drews?

You pick! I want something that signifies our "new beginning".

Aaron's Band: Looks SO good! Yay!
We went Saturday before our shower to order my matching band
however the lady who sold my engagement ring to Aaron was not there. I guess
we should have called before going. It was a waste of gas.
But... it was still exciting.

Next Up:
Weekend of August 20th
Bachelorette / Bachelor Parties!

Ladies will be in Atlanta, Georgia, while the men are in Jacksonville, Florida.

Our Theme: Mad Hatter Tea Party
I'm clueless on what to wear. CLUELESS. Help!

45 Days and I will officially be Mrs. Drew!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Hop, Thursday

thirsty thursday

To tag along, go HERE.

It's been so long since I've joined a blog hop.
Looking forward to meeting new bloggers and reading different blogs!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


"You never see the hard days in a photo album... but those are the ones that get you from one happy snapshot to the next."

 bags, beautiful, blair, coat, dress, fashion - inspiring picture on

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Maybe YOU can help me....

Com'on Ladies...
I need some ideas, suggestions, guidance....

With 52 days [...and counting] to go I can say we [Mom & myself] are pretty prepared.
However we still so much to do. Enough about that.

Before I move forward, I've been having serious issues for months now with getting your comments [which is why I slack writing back] through my blogger email, so if you have any answers please write them on here. Don't email me. If you don't want to write anything on here... find me on facebook & message me.
[FB= Jessica Arendes]
Sorry & Thanks.

Honeymoon list -
Yes, this is how my brain thinks.. I'm already preparing for this...Don't Judge!
  • What do I need to pack?
  • Did you forget anything?
  • What was the best item you brought that made a difference?
We are pretty used to traveling [in & out of the states] but still...
my mind is everywhere &&&& I've never been on a honeymoon..

Did you do anything special for your Hubby?
I'm all about fun stuff.
I had a [boudoir] photo shoot set up where I would make an album for Aaron
and give them to him on the honeymoon. I thought dressing up in his boots
and his famous [non sexy] camo hunting hat... and so on would  be very cute.
However, I canceled it. It still crosses my mind, but what really would be do with it.
Any Special Ideas I can surprise him with?
Any Games?

Thank You [Wedding] Gifts
So my Mom is the most amazing person I know. This entire wedding would not
be what it is without her. She is my set of wings for everything. I can't stress that enough.
Yes, I'm working hard every night on projects. She works 24/7 on everything.
Seriously, I got the easy part. And this is how it's been my entire life. I'd be so lost without her guidance and love. I've been through every idea I can think of. I've already bought her a embroidered mother handkerchief to hold during the ceremony but that is nothing compared to what I want to do for her. It needs to be amazing. It needs to be remarkable and very heart felt. It needs to scream appreciation and love!
What did you do to make her feel so loved and thankful?
What did you get your Mother?

My Mother In Law
She too, does SO much for us in everyday life. I want this gift to be more like coming from him... Not that is's only from him, but more about him & their relationship in life. I keep finding like mushy gushy little kid stuff. Aaron is NOT mushy.
 Any Ideas?

My Step Mom
So, I'm not very close to her [only because she lives in New York]. However, she is pretty awesome and has helped me with a lot of uncomfortable situations [with Daddy] and if I needed anything, she'd be there. I don't want anything that is overboard. However, I don't want anything cheesy??? This gift is probably easy, but I'm tired of thinking... HA!
I need your ideas. Any???


My mind goes ALL day and night. It doesn't stop. I'm used to this however it's beyond extreme because of this wedding. Last week was tough. I didn't sleep AT ALL. I wouldn't be lying if I guessed an average of 4 hours of sleep a night. Yikes! Aaron took me away from everything Saturday night to free my mind. It did.
I slept HARD for 14 hours. NIIICEE. So far I've been sleeping through the night [it's only Tuesday] this week & not waking up thinking about sunscreen for the honeymoon. Ha! That's how I am though.
Thanks everyone!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

So excited to announce we are

Aaron and I have been dicussing in buying a camper. Much smaller than this one, however we ran upon a wonderful deal and this bad boy happened to slip into our hands. We are so excited and can't wait to get everything in it. Good Times ahead!



200 Jayco Jay Flight, 27ft. Travel Trailer.
Queen Bed. Fold out couch& a table that folds into a bed.
Two bunk beds. Sleeps a total of 6 people.

Love everything about it [minus the wall color/wall paper border & furniture design]
However, I am not complaining.
 That walls will be painted and the furniture will make do.
We are super stoked and can't wait to take it out.
Let the good times ROLL!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: 59 Days

Only 59 days until the very dream of mine comes true!
I'm feeling a lot of emotions, good ones of course!
I'm so excited. I can't even describe just how excited I am. I'm overwhelmed, nervous, anxious, and sad. Overwhelmed because If you know me personally, when I get an idea in my head or if I see something that makes my heart drop completely to my toes... it's a must have. Let's just say I've had a lot of those moments. Being I am making 80% of everything.. hand making, I'm getting overwhelmed. But in a good way. I just have to stay on track and have no time whatsoever to get off.
I'm nervous because I do not want to cry. I want everything to be perfect. Who wouldn't? I do not want to cry. Have I stressed that? I'm an emotion wreck when it comes to other weddings so just imagine my emotions come this day. I'm sad because I'm having the time of my life planning and preparing for this beautiful day ahead of us knowing it's coming to an end makes me very sad. That being said I am super ready and so happy. I'm ready to be Aaron's wife and ready for our honeymoon. Can you say that again?

Upcoming Posts:
The 'Around the Clock Shower'

Every night my mind is dealing with WEDDING...
Many dates with the glue stick: My Bouquet, boutonnieres, favors [some what], guest book, Thank You cards, napkin rings, etc. The list goes on and on. Every night I am doing something or making something.

Thank You Cards: From the 'Around the Clock shower' were mailed out Wednesday of last week. However we are still receieving gifts... it's crazy. I can't believe how blessed we are! 45 Thank You notes mailed out....
Tables: Our dinner tables have been completed since the Bridal Bash. I still have to do a few things to add to it [like table numbers] but for the most part, they are finished. But I've also been setting up the other tables [like guest book table] and such. I've been boxing the items and decor along with a picture of how the table needs to be set up. Come the day of rehearsal [the day we will be setting up] I won't have to worry about how it looks when I arrive that evening. I'm still not done with the packing but trying to stay on top of it.

Invitations: We got our inviations in serveral weeks ago. Since then I've been putting them together and addressing them. It's been a little time consuming. July 1st marked 8 weeks. The invitations were put in the mailbox. :) * However, I arrived at Mom's yesterday morning for coffee and see one on the counter. Being we were in St. Augustine we didn't get the message until Monday that they were ALL sent back. I was L.I.V.I.D!!!! After all the time and patience... and the STAMPS. They said they weighed too much... which pissed me off more BECAUSE we took them up to our post office to get weighed and they were fine. Until they reached Savannah Post Office. Our invitations have a rope-like string tied around them which caused it to need another stamp. I never saw what they looked liked but Mom said they weren't bad [even if the stamps didn't match... UGH!!!] Thankfully the post office had some sort of LOVE stamps to go along with the wedding band stamps. I would have NOT been okay if it were an american flag or a bell. Not cool especially when we weighed them. I'm over it now. They are out. Smile!

Rehearsal: We are dining at a restaurant in the city we're getting married called The Mill House. I've met with the manager a few times and discussed the set up and menu. However Mrs Kandi [Aaron's Mom], My mom & myself will be meeting with him one last time to finalize everything. I'm very excited about this particular night because this is when we will be with our closest friends and family members.

Tuxes/Dress Fitting: June 23rd I had my first dress fitting. [Go HERE to see my dress]
I've been in love with my dress since I first found her at one glance on THIS day. She's breath taking. However she is about 3 inches too long [all dresses usually are on me]. I knew we'd need alterations. When the seamstress brought the gown up and bustled me as it should look I about fell out. I didn't think I could love this gown more than I did that very moment better yet, today. I am oh so, crazy, head over heel in love with it when it is on me. I'm also having her sew in my something blue and something old into my gown.
They both have so much meaning to me. They must be worn very close.
That same day [evening] Aaron and myself along with other groomsmen & ushers went to get fitted for their tuxes. It was a bit overwhelming having 10 people around waiting but dinner & cocktails afterwards made up for it.

Favors: Okay, so for YEARS I've always had this particular favor picked out and written down on my must have list. When we got engaged other options came forward therefore we decided on having two favors. My one [must have] favor has been marked off the list. Even though I was half way with a certain part of it I thought I had to many other projects to be dealing with these. I felt they were going to cause a panic attack in my future. [After the wedding, I will share what they were (on the FAVOR post)]. Our other favor is still in line and right on track. [Funny EXTREME BLONDE moment to tell after the wedding... I was devastated.]

Wedding Night: We finally found where we are staying the night of. Thank goodness because I was beginning to panic a bit. Now... we just have to figure out our transportation to our over night stay.

Things I've checked off our list to pay for:
-Aaron's ring.
I bought it from Kays Jelwelers.
It's made of tungsten which makes me nervous because you can't cut it off. However, with his labor of workit's what everyone suggested to me. I love his man hands♥ I had it engraved with  "Forever Yours, J".  And It will be ready for pick up on July 21st.
Triton Tungsten Carbide Band for Him

- Honeymoon.
Our honeymoon was booked many months ago however only half was put down.
Remember THIS post about me surprising him by the Penthouse Suite? Okay, well I've
been making payments to finish that up. As of last week, our penthouse is paid for. Hallelujah!

9 Bridesmaids - Check
9 Groomsmen - Check
3 Ushers -  Check
My Daddy - Check
My Dad [Step Dad] - Check
Aaron's Daddy - Check
My Mom - ...
Aaron's Mom - ...
My Step Mom - Check
Pianist - Check
Soloist - ...
Each of our Vendors - Check
Hostess Gifts [for the Showers] - Check
And we have decided NOT to buy gifts for each other. Our Wedding day will be enough.
However we are doing something very different and special between the two that costs nothing. Just a little thought and brings us back to when we first started dating 10 years ago.

That's where we stand...

Next on the todo list:
Music - [Still Struggling with our first dance song]
Ceremony Program
Finish my bouquet
work on the table numbers

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony... Not Guilty?

My blood is pumping and I have goose bumps all over my body....
Seriously... not guilty? I think I'm gonna get sick.
How can Casey NOT be guilty? Even her parents didn't believe her. 32 days without saying a word that your daughter is missing... and she is let free? What is wrong with this world? Who are the idiot people who set her free?
...And I'm supposed to believe in the Justice system? Wow!

Dear killers of the world,

Sure. Go Kill. Take someones life. Murder your child. We will let you off the hook.

    Sincerely, The State of Florida

Read More HERE

Friday, July 1, 2011

[26] Birthday♥


reasons why this life is so happy

Twenty six years ago God blessed everyone in this life.
He brought me into this world. [Haha!] Happy Birthday to me!

We are headed out for a weekend getaway!
St. Augustine here we come! My parents are already down there
so we are looking forward to spending some quality time with them and
sitting on the beach soaking up the sun rays! Chloe & Austin [niece & nephew]
are with them.

Last night I came home to dinner cooked and ready to be served.
Mr Wonderful was showered and patiently waiting for my arrival.
He's so amazing!

Not only was dinner ready but he had the table [completely] set for two and for the first time, we used a lot of our NEW pot/pans, silverware, pyrex tupperware, and glasses we were gifted at my shower this past Sunday. It was nice! He even had a movie picked out.
NO wedding. NO cell phone. No one else, just us!

LOVED my evaluation [at work], which lead me to
getting a raise. Whoop Whoop!

My wedding invitations were mailed out t.o.d.a.y! Yippie!

Wednesday [June 29th] I spent a little time with my niece Ashlyn.
This is the first year my two oldest nieces didn't have a "family" birthday party.
They both had sleep overs with friends. I finally got to spoil Ashlyn a little by
taking her for ice cream and getting her a mani and pedi! She loved it.

Yesterday I made the very last payment on our honeymoon.
It's [been booked] paid for! Yay! Now if it could get here already.
We are so ready.

For ten years & four months I've been head over heals crazy in love
with my mr. wonderful, my everything. He's the best thing about me.
And I'm marrying him in sixty four days. Which is two months and two days.
In other words eight weeks.

Tuesday, June 28th we welcomed a new addition to our family.
My cousin Johnny & his wife Kaylee had their first baby,
Shane McCrosson Hernandez
5lbs 4 oz 19 Inches
True Story:
Kaylee is [awesome] full blooded Irish and its always been BIG in her family.
So, not only did they have the nurse write down the sex of the baby the day they were able to find out but they went to where their first date was [An Irish Pub] to have dinner and open the paper TOGETHER. They agreed on not telling anyone his name until he was born. Shane means John in Irish. McCrosson is Kaylee's Maiden name.
Isn't that just great? The two of them a.l.w.a.y.s do amazing things and keep everything so intimate between each other.

I got all [40] thank you notes finished and mailed out by Wednesday [29th].
I'm pretty impressed with myself. I'm bragging, yes!

I have great bloggers friends who love me even if I am the worlds worst at
responding back to comments. [Oh by the way, [please know that I'm reading your posts. Usually I comment, however my computer won't ever let me. It just boots me out. But I'm reading. I promise.]

LOVED how my bestie, Holly posted an early birthday wish on my FB wall yesterday and it lead to a pile of people [Over 25] wishing me a wonderful birthday. Wonder what they are thinking today. Kinda scary how things travel so fast. Yikes!
I love The Bachelorette episode on Monday. [Sorry I didn't post about it.]
I was glad to see Ashley's lack of common sense come around to 'F You Bentley'.
Way to go Ash. Very surprised to see Mickey go home.

SUPER pumped about meeting our soon to be [and PROBABLY LAST] nephew.
Aaron's sister is on her last month with her pregnancy. They finally decided
on a name... Ryder. She is due August 1st however I believe she will go early.

Received an early birthday present from my in laws on Wednesday.
A monogrammed beach bag. Hold up... that turns in to bag which turns into
a chair cover and it even came with a clip on cup holder. How great?
Along with a beautiful butterfly necklace & cash mula!

What would a girl do without her best friends?
I have so much love and support from my girl friends. God blessed truly blessed me.

Speaking of friends. I had an amazing dinner date [last week] with two of my
favorite ladies, Danielle & Kristie. Nothing like a good belly laugh [x 2].

... and of course my blog friends. I love y'all too.
Future goal: make it to a blog meet up!

My Mom.
Geez, the woman it amazing.

... and the rest of my family.

[have I reached 26 yet?]

We finally agreed on a first dance song.

Life, love, & friendship!!!