Tuesday, July 31, 2012

when random ideas turn into the BEST ideas.

First day: Easy going. Care free. Relaxing.

Who would have ever thought getting together for four days with the girls you were best friends with in elementary/middle school would be such an awesome idea? You're thinking, scary, right? Well it was. Not really.  For me, I knew it was going to be pretty great. I think we started planning this about a year prior to now, I heard so many of these girls say, "I knew we were planning it but I didn't really think it would work out. I thought everyone would be all in & then back out last minute."  I was in from the start.
What was it like?
It was seriously, the best weekend.
 And I'd be lying if I said I was ready to come home. I could have stayed a day or even two more days.
We all clicked. We all picked right back up where we left as if days never left.
We ALL lost our voices. HA! Wrong. Just me. Mrs. Talker over here {pointing fingers at myself} started loosing her voice on day 3 & by night 3, day 4 it was gone.
No, No, No... I didn't go wild the first time leaving my husband. No, we didn't party to hard. Basically, I talked my voice gone. 
Yes, it's true && because you are thinking, WEIRDO like my husband did, the day we all arrived home, I received a text from Keenan {Sara} stating HER voice was on it's way out. SO HA!!!
The weekend was legit.
Early Thursday morning, I met Kacie in ALL seven of our once upon a time hometown at the Kroger Parking lot. We decided to do some grocery shopping before heading  to Fernandina. I may or may not have looked very odd in red jean cut-off shorts picking up milk at 9am in the morning. Yeah - it was definitely weird, even I said it.
After our smooth drive to Florida & a stop of the liquor store we finally landed at the Hamm Beach House. It was the cutest thing. First thought?
 "Love the Shutters. Ahhhh, they match my toes!!!" && when we got inside, I fell in love even more. There was no time to dote... we needed to be headed out the door. 
Next Stop.... the airport.
{Soak'N wet} waiting for Kim's plane to arrive.
Epic Fail.
Sadly I sent it to some random person a text when trying to send it to Kim
with the words,
"We are waiting for you..."
I knew it was wrong when I got, "Who is this"
Yeah, let's hope someones girlfriend didn't get that? Whoops
As we were killing time, Kacie sees this...
& those were my words e.x.a.c.t.l.y! Seriously, this guy is awesome.
Kacie & I tried to figure out the best possible way how we can tell our husbands of Davids wonderful idea without making them look bad && that's when my phone rang...
I remember thinking her voice doesn't sound like Kimberly.
Wait... what does Kimberly's voice sound like?
She told us she was on her way to the luggage claim.
So we head that way. But she wasn't. Where is she? Where are we?
 Is David really sending flowers? I wonder what kind?
^ kidding^
There I was standing in the middle of the airport, listening to her say
come back... && I spotted this adorable little tiny lady wearing purple
at the top of the escalator. Butterflies increased & I screamed..
I'm sure Kacie's face turned beat red.
Kimberly reaches our level &&
I remember her first words being, "This is W.E.I.R.D".
We managed to find the car in the insane JAX airport parking lot. I knnooooow Kimberly was thinking "What the Hell have I got myself into..." as we walk 3 miles out to our car.
&& because Leanne's flight wasn't until 4pm we had time to kill.
After an hour wasted of getting lost, getting flicked off by a random man && woman, we finally found a restaurant to have lunch.
Buffalo Wild Wings here we come!
There we were... catching up on ALL the RH
happenings going back 13 years. We never stopped talking.
A lot of mouth drops. A lot of belly laughs. A lot of OHMIGOSH's.
&& I know the table behind us thought we were craZy with hearing some of our
topics - it was awesome.
4 O'clock arrives && because there were three of us &&
after experiencing paying $8 for parking  {my mistake, I parked in long term, why am I driving again?} for a woppN' 20 minutes we decided Kacie should go get Leanne as Kim & I held the car. 
Wasn't that a bright Idea. Can I just say that Jax airport is SO very confusing. 
I mean, not only did I turn down a one way street but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get back to the front of the airport. Once again, Kimberly has to have thought, "WTF. I'm riding with her, why?"
 I see Leanne. She hasn't changed. Matter of fact, she hasn't changed hardly ANY since middle school. Smiling from afar,  ever so happy to be here!
&& I was more than ever so happy to see her face. Ekkk!
We head back to the house, unloaded & headed out to the beach.
It was to late for bathing suits {thank god} so we just took a walk...
Ohh but wait,  I missed a big moment.
When Leanne gets out of the car at the house, the neighbor calls her my
name... only he calls her "Kim".
The freakN' flowers arrived. This man is standing up on his porch && immediately Kimberly knows what's up. She blushes.
That fast? Wow! David is good!

Apparently, it's normal for her to receive flowers on a vacation basis.

If riding the golf cart didn't bring ya back to being a kid again
then I don't know what could. We rode the golf carts ALWAYS.

Terrible picture of myself but it's the moment that counts.
The first time I actually get to really sit && talk with Leanne.
I was so so happy.

I remember the walk being wet & amazing.
It was if we took turns walking in twos. Kim & Kacie talked as Leanne & I
caught up --

 Leanne is a Nanny? Wow! Tell me more. Okay, maybe you shouldn't.
It isn't as "cool" as Fran on The Nanny.  Twins? a Four year old? Whatttt?

Without even knowing it, we'd switch.
Kim & I were talking jobs, parents & everything else that fell in between...
Kacie & Leanne, Me & Kacie, Leanne & Kim - it was pretty awesome.

Shark tooth anyone?

Before you knew it was it close to dark -
We didn't take long to get ready for dinner even though we all needed
to be re freshened, it was 9:00 when we walked out the door...

I tell ya... the talking never stopped.
I can't express it enough.

Dinner was at The Surf...

&& yes, that isn't the best picture but it was the only one I had of the four of us.  Ya can't always count on phone pictures.

&& our night ended up with more conversation about
yaddi yaddy ya! This is when we caught Lea up on the conversations we had
back at Buffalos -- && once again,

WHAT? Whhhhat? & Whhhhhatttt?
when hearing all the lastest gossip {&& old gossip} on
people who we all used to hand around.
3:30am was our bedtime && we had to force ourselves!
First day = long & more than perfection.

The morning was sunshine & summertime.

Kim slept in {she needed it terribly} && Leanne and Kacie
drug me out to the beach for "a walk". Leanne runs 5 miles a day && Kacie also runs & goes to the gym daily. Me? We eat out daily.

My goodness... this out of shape chica
about died. Not only did I look like a fool in boxer shorts w/ cupcakes on them but I was looking like a fool sweating to death. It may or may not have been
an easy thing for them, but walking through sand for THIS girl...
it was a workout.

wait.... are we on vacay?

Next Stop, Starbucks.
This is when I looked like a complete fool {because I'm not used to Starbucks}
when asking what size I wanted. Ohhhh... the fear of freezing up, && I did.

&& then it was beach time.

Suncreen, Catch Phrase && Cold Beer

Rule: NO pictures allowed.
w/ an exception of a few of these.

After a while, Mallory & Sara arrived! Yay!!!
I remember running to them the moment I saw them walking up, as if I was on Baywatch or something. Only it was my imagination because the Baywatch Bod isn't happening on this lady.

I can't explain the excitement for these two
to arrive && when they did....

Conversation never stopped!

It was immediate fun & our friendships all picked back up.
A lot of laughs, I love or Remember When... 's, A lot of Ohhh craaap...'s.
&& a lot of I was bad. / We were bad.


Day 2: Coming soon....&& this is when it gets interesting.

Monday, July 30, 2012

birthdays, movies & silly string...

what a wonderful weekend it was.
I actually got to enjoy time at home, it's been a while.

Friday night = Poker & Girls Night

My FIL always hosts a poker night for his brothers & Aaron
to all get together every few months. Even though Aaron didn't come home
with extra in his pocket, he still enjoyed the moments of being with family.

Mean while, I had a date with my friend Brycelyn. She's expecting
very soon so it's been in the conversations that we get together to have play time
before Baby B arrives mid-august.
We went to see Magic Man - Wow! My goodness. I'll be honest to say that I wasn't
all excited about it as most other woman were, but Whoa... My goodness, those men
can d.a.n.c.e! I think I blushed the entire time. It was pretty good!
&& then we had dinner to catch up at a Mexican restaurant across the street.
Besides getting lost {I know, it's just across the street} & a drunken lady falling over on me, it was a wonderful evening. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Saturday was Ryder's first birthday & party.
What an adorable little man he is with is curly ringlet fro!

Ryder was SO cute. He wasn't really sure about the M&M's on
his cake, matter of fact he kept throwing them off but he was in a great
mood the whole party. Ryder opened his favorite gift first so he didn't really
get to see what other fun stuff he received.
Great party!

Aaron & I went to see Batman that evening.
I thought it was good but I felt Batman got hurt to much. He's Batman?!?
He isn't supposed to fail this much, right?
Overall, it was very good. Even the yummy popcorn.

&& I will say it was hard to sit through the movie when seeing
moments of "smoke/fog" flashing up... thinking about those who lost their
lives in Colorado. Insert sad face.

We spend the rest of the night lounging around, chil-axing.
It was nice.

{That moment when your wife finds a can of silly string as she'scleaning out the draws && surprises you with it as you open the front door?}

&& Sunday was my favorite day. I was home ALL day.
Well, we did have lunch at Jalapenos {how is this girl supposed to diet?}
which was nice but other than that....

Cooked breakfast before the Hubs woke && then immediately started cleaning my house. I did base boards & all the yuck stuff.
&& then I spend the entire day watching the Olympics && packing for a yard
sale this weekend. I have more crap than anything I know but not after Saturday.

Great relaxing weekend!

Oh && thank you ALL for all the wonderful comments on le blog
& instagram on the gender reveal party. It was much success.
Come back tomorrow for the first recap on my trip/reunion to Fernandina Beach
with my Middle School girlfriends.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gender Reveal Party: It's a ....

So the Gender Reveal Party for Mrs. Momma to-be Caitlin
over at a country nest  turned out perfect!
Cait beat me to the "reveal on the blog" so I had her guest post over here today && let her tell you how it all went down.  It took me months to create the look I had imagined filled many odds & ins and must-haves. Besides the Balloon-Fail, everything went perfect & smooth.

I had butterflies in my tummy starting that Monday prior too.
I'm always excited to hear the gender of ones baby however this was different. I guess being I was building up so much excitement for months of planning, I was far beyond excited.

Here's a little conversation right before finding out between Caitlin & myself.

After writing the results are in, she waited....
I about died! && I wanted her to wait until the party? No way!

That's when she sent me a picture of the ultra sound!

&& then minutes before everyone I arrived I took a picture of this
area where everyone needed to mark their vote
Team Clayton or Team Chloe...

Facebook voted for Clayton like c.r.a.z.y♥
Okay, So... are ya ready?

Here's Cait...

Ok, ok, I give you permission to hate me for making you all wait so long to find out!
I think 100% of the votes were Team CHLOE!

Our guests were almost split down the middle between Team Blue and Team Pink.
Everyone participated and some had left before we were able to snap the photo!

The decor was to die for! So, so, so super cute..
Jess did a FABULOUS job. Over the top all the way!

Since our gender scan appointment and gender reveal party were scheduled just 3 hours apart, Jess had to come up with something clever besides the normal cutting of a cake, biting into baked cupcakes, etc.

My amazing friend, come up with THIS genius idea:

A "C" pinata!

Hand-made all the way.

{Isn't she adorable?}
She filled it with regular (uncooked) peanuts.

When she found out the gender, she painted ONE single peanut and placed it inside & gave it a good shake.

The three Grandmothers were responsible for the actual "reveal" part.

My Mom was blindfolded and given the paddle to take the first swings!

Take 1 = FAIL

Mom swung a little high and knocked the pinata to the floor!

So with some good, tall manly help we got it hung back up and ready for another lick! 
{I L.O.V.E how all the grandparents are freaking out, so excited-ly looking
at all the peanuts on the floor....}
 Y'all, if this was not the funniest thing ever! I was laughing so hard, I was crying.
Everytime Mom took a swing, she would throw off the blindfold and scream "WHAT IS IT?!?!?!?" all while scanning the floor frantically looking for the one painted peanut!

 No luck? Jess hid that bad boy pretty good!

{Cait, you watched me put it in there... I just set it on top? HAHA!}

It was finally spotted!

Take a second && REALLY look at everyones expression.
Is this NOT amazing?

Lots of excitement, laughing, and hugging going on!

Then out come the ultrasound images..

Baby Chloe definitely wasn't shy.
She made her Daddy blush  already with her pose above ;)

Baby Chloe is loved by SO many already!
It was an incredible day.
We couldn't thank Jess enough for planning, hosting, and going the extra mile for us!



Caitlin, you are VERY welcome! Thank you for letting me host this
amazing celebration for you & Cliff.
Cait out did herself. She {& Cliff} made me this amazing basket with billions of
little things that will definitely come in use && multiple gift certificates that I love!
Thank YOU.

A little peanut is on HER way...

That's right, Miss Chloe Young will be arriving here in December!
I'm tickled pink!

 Remember, I based everything off of the invitation

Caitlin's Dad said to me after I congratulated him, "What does the elephants have to do with everything?" I laughed because of course he didn't see the invitation, typical man. I responded with, " Well it all goes back to the invitation. 'A little peanut is on the way..." Elephants... Peanuts...Pinata?"  I thought it was cute. Poor thing probably thought I was a weirdo for randomly bringing Elephants into this. Haha. I thought it was cute!

 But with all that comes setting up &&  I could not have done it without momma. My momma that is. A HUGE thanks to her for helping me ALL day set up for this ever so happy celebration && also preparing all the food.  She is where I get all this partying throwing from. I don't know where I'd be without her.

Speaking of food: Thank you ALL for your wonderful ideas on what to do. I ended up going with Italian. But no Pizza.
I served Chicken Alfredo, Baked Spaghetti & Baked Ziti -
Cucumber Tomato Salad {something Cait somewhat craves since pregnant}
&& garlic bread sticks.

As Caitlin said the Pinata was handmade.
I think I'll do a separate post on that one later - it was a huge turn out!
I was all excited about it && when it fell, as explained with the first hit I kind of freaked out. I thought, "Crap, this isn't going to work out" but it
did && it was by far awesome! The room was filled with the most anticipation you can imagine && kept everyone waiting.
By the time the pink peanut came out - everyone exploded.
So bad that I didn't even get to snap the ONE picture I wanted.
However, It's in my memory. It was absolutely awesome!

&& Caitlin also was correct - it was absolutely HILARIOUS!
Her Mom could not have been a better candidate for this. She was priceless!
My heart was racing with happiness!

Ending with two of MY favorite pictures...

If that doesn't show excitement, then I don't know what does!
&& my #1 photo is...

Once the gender was out && I went and got the ultra sounds out of the draw. When handing Cliff a ultrasound he immediately passed everyone && took it to his Dad. It was pretty awesome. Proud Daddy he was!

The party was perfect. I could not have asked for anything better
to come about. Next stop, Baby shower!

No, No, No...
I'll probably leave that to her other ladies however I'm
ready to start shopping!

Monday, July 23, 2012

The BEST weekend E.V.E.R!!!

As you've read, I had a weekend away with
SEVEN woman whom I grew up with yet we have all moved away &&
made our own lives. We figured it up, it's been 13 years since we've all been together.

I explained here how it all happened && let me just say
it could have went either good or shaky.

Good is an understatement. I'm not sure if there is a word that really describes how fabulous && wonderful this weekend went. All seven {should have been eight} of us picked right back up.
I haven't laughed so hard in so long - seriously... wait until to hear all about it.
I was not ready to come home. I could have stayed another day, maybe two...
I cried dropping the last girls off at the airport.

That being said, we've already picked our destination for next year --- Yes! We plan to
make this an annual trip, hell yes!!!!

So much to even write about && can I say as much as I dislike breaking up
posts, I will definitely have to do so. && I promise it will be coming soon however they will take some time to work on. I promised the girls to "picmonkey" all photos!
There are many.

Until then... I'll be preparing posts about my girls trip &&&
the ever so wonderful Gender Reveal Party for the fabulous Caitlin & Cliff. That too, was a really really happy day/night that I never quit smiling for.
If you did not see the gender on instagram then you will either have to wait until the post OR.... maybe go see Cait to find out early!

&& of course visiting everyone Else's blogs since I've been a huge slacker.
Life is so busy at times. Forgive me.

Xo - Jess

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In every womans life, there is a girl she left behind

Forgive me for my lack of blogging.
This life of mine has been tied up && busy doesn't describe it.

For the past few weeks I've been prep-ing for a baby shower, a gender reveal party
&& a weekend trip with my middle school girl friends that is ALL happening NOW.
Saturday was the baby shower which turned into a complete success. {Blog post hopefully next week} The Gender Reveal is pretty much ready for TOMORROW - I can not wait!
&& Thursday morning starts my weekend with girls I haven't seen in y.e.a.r.s!
On top of all that, I've been keeping my nieces for the past two weekends - Wow!
It's been really awesome however it's definitely birth control. && I say that in a really awesome way! Oh how I love being an Aunt, I'm not ready to be 24/7 on call! :)
So my apologies for not stopping by all of your blogs && visiting, I've barely had time to
sit to write anything on this ole blog of mine.
On to Thursday...

It's kind of like the movie, Now & Then -
or that's what I think of it anyway...

"In every womans life, there is a girl she left behind"
-Now & Then
Ever think of what your old girlfriends are up to now?
Maybe you are friends with some of them or keep up with them on FB
or Twitter but have you ever thought of planning a weekend get away?

Yeah? Well me too!
Months && Months ago, probably almost a year ago
I got this crazy idea in my mind && thought the girls would think I was NUTTSO if I mentioned us all meeting up.

One thing led to another - I FB everyone {together} &&
here we are ... only three days shy of spending  FOUR days together at the beach
in Florida.

I go WAY back with this group of girls.
I grew up with these girls, we were so young - wild && carefree!

Weekend after weekend of slumber parties && shaving cream fights.
Calling boys or even hours of prank calling...
It's gonna be so.much.fun to play catch up!

Kacie & Sarah still live in Richmond Hill as I moved after my 8th grade
year {2000} to the country side of the county. We are the only Georgians!
Kacie and I have been friends since we were three and four years old. We lived across the
street from one another - she took me deep sea fishing. We have that friendship that you can go months or even years without a good play date & then reconnect as if no time was ever wasted.

&& Sarah and I see each other every year at the annual Seafood Festival but we don't really get to "catch up". It's more of like a run & hug.. stare at you/stare at me with the biggest smile on you face kinda thing. I smile thinking of her because...
Gosh, there are just memories that I want to talk about. {I'm cheesing from ear to ear}

Mallory now lives in Charleston, SC && I can't wait to see what brought
her there and what she's doing now. I haven't seen or come close to seeing Mallory
in several years. We chat on FB but it's not the same.

Kim who I've gone the longest without seeing {13 years} && I'm SO excited to see -
I actually keep up with her on FB a good bit so I know what's shes doing or where she's at but still.. there is SO much to catch up on. Kim is flying from Texas, in which she moved there the summer going into 8th grade, maybe even a few weeks after 8th grade started.
We were really close back in the day.

Leanne, oh my lea-lea! Leanne came to RH in 6th grade {she's the sweetest army brat ever with the coolest family}, we became friends immediately! She & I left the same time{summer going to 9th grade}. Leanne moved to Louisiana however since then, she's moved back to her home state of Wisconsin where her family is now && this past September {reason she missed my wedding, so sad but understood} she went back to college for more education & a different degree - in Alabama. I'm picking her up Thursday evening from the JAX airport! Ekkk!
Leanne & I were so close && have seen each other on a handful of trips to GA & LA
here and there. It's been about... 5 years since I've seen her if not longer.
I don't think I've ever cried so hard on that last day with her... seriously.
I think it should have been in a movie. I did not want her to go - I'm sad thinking of it.

Sara - Ohhhh Keenan {her last name} & I have had some memories.
She was my sidekick who I have the most hilarious memories with. We were BAD.
She was my daredevil friend - we all stayed at Keenan's house EVERY.WEEKEND.
We played hard & had many adventures. I see her here & there but haven't played catch up in years. Keenan visits RH often but lives in Tennessee, where all her family lives.
We go way back. I can NOT wait to bring up some stories with this girl.
I think we all may or may not piss our pants with some of the memories I have tucked away. I egged my first & last house with this girl...
Yes... I know, so so so so so so bad! {I'm hiding my face}

Delia - We definitely keep up on FB however it's been years since I've seen her.
Delia & I became friends in the later years of Middle School. After my parents split -
I moved into another neighborhood in which brought me to meeting Delia.
I can't wait to play catch up!  Oh wait... Delia lives in RH also. I think?
I know she is a Georgian also && if not in RH, she's close to it.

&& I'm sure all of these ladies have many many more memories
and things to "remember when..." and to say the word excited - it's an understatement!
It's gonna be kick ass to be around them all && spend four days with them.
I haven't looked this forward to something since the week of our wedding!

I'll be on my way to Amelia Island around 8:15am on Thursday morning...
until then I'll be packing && preparing for the GR party that I'm stoked about!
Can't wait to share all the details.

Peace out. Happy Tuesday.