Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wedding RE-CAP Garter / Bouquet Toss

The Story before the Garter Removal.
From the beginning, I knew I wasn't going to rock my stilettos during the
entire wedding ceremony & reception. Why? Because as you can see my Groom is only like 3 inches taller than me {I love you baby} & even though I wear them on a daily basis... I didn't want to be the same height as him on our wedding day.Therefore I bought shoes just to take pictures with & mainly for the garter removal. So, that being said - I did have slippers to wear but they were removed immediately after the ceremony.

When our Dj - Chris announced it was time to remove the garter & toss the bouquet
something made me take a quick look at my feet because really... I was having so much fun at this point, I really didn't care about my sparkly shoes...
Thank goodness I did.

Not only are my feet beyond disgusting but so is my gown.
Proof of a good time! :)
I hit in the corner until my cousin Rachel brought my shoes.

You must press play to get the affect of
the garter removal. One of my favorite song choices...
plus you understand my facial expressions better.

Why Camo? - I chose this because in our time together
Aaron and I have had the honor of catching MANY garters & bouquets
{i think everyone always threw them to us... shhh don't tell}
He still has all his WHITE garters. I wanted something fun and interesting.
Something for the man to caught it to remember Aaron by.
And yes, I only had one. I didn't have one to keep for myself.

True Story: I also told Aaron about a week prior to the wedding that when it came to removing my garter do.not.act.scared. Nothing bothers me worst than to see a man reach his arms up a dress without lifting the dress up... Show some leg already. He didn't really have a choice... I kind of took charge of throwing my leg up.



{absolutely LOVE this picture of my husband. he looks so handsome {sexy}
to me! :)

... I'm thinking to myself..
'finally I get to not be the wildcat who desperately fights for the


My Aunt Sue {recently recovering from a horrible divorce}
caught the bouquet. No... I don't really think she wants to get married anytime soon...
but it's still awesome!

On a scale from 1 to 10 -
rate her excitement!

Attached to my bouquet was a special something
I wrote for the lucky lady...

To the lady who caught my bouquet,
I wish you extraordinary happiness when you day comes to shine as a bride.
May all your hopes and dreams become reality, just as mine have today. If there are any words of wisdom to give to you, it would be to "always love more". Be patient, for your day will come - however long it takes, it's worth waiting for.
Thank you for being a part of my very dream come true.
Your Bride,
Mrs. Jessica Drew

So to the two lucky catchers-
Chuckie {my cousin} & Aunt Sue {My Aunt}
... I couldn't get my hands on the picture where Chuckie is blindfolded & putting the
garter on Aunt Sue's arm instead of her leg. I'll have to upload it later from my home computer and attach it to the random reception post.

Stayed tuned -
Next week is nothing but wedding posts.
Fun.Exciting.Down & Dirty
you do NOT want to miss out.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

heavens to betsy, it's good to be back.

since i left you on thanksgiving
so much has happened.
thanksgiving day-
woke up to a husband missing...
happy first thanksgiving married hunny - sent through a text
BIGGEST day for hunting.
this day is when I usually start rocking out to my Christmas music.
thanks to JB I've been secretly listening to him when the hubs is not around.
not this day... it was blaring so hard that when my brother called to wish us a
 Happy Turkey Day, I wished him a Merry Christmas instead. Opps!
before preparing my thanksgiving dishes, I thought I'd tell the hubby what
I'm thankful for.
so I wrote this and taped it to the front door for when he came home he'd see.
Aaron always gets lucky with a nice deer on this day, however not this year.
sorry babe.

we arrived at my uncle & aunts house at about 12:30 - most of my family were there.
we drank too much wine.
speaking for myself.
only like 5 glasses.
my aunt Amy and I were on a roll.
{full thanksgiving recap later}
i made our families traditional celery/olive/pickle dish...

both of these were demolished before dinner was ready. :) 
and my favorite -  

{how about my pretty willow house dish... LOVE IT} 
after dinner with my family, we headed back to our home town for
another feast with Aaron's family.

we were home & watching football by 8pm.


we were both back up at 5:00am
he was headed out the door to go hunting, while I was meeting my parents.
i left my hubby for the weekend & tagged along with Mom & Aaron {my dad} to Charleston for the weekend along with my steph sister, her hubby, & step brother.
First time to Charleston... LOVED it.
It reminds me so much of Savannah, would love to go back.
we shopped, shopped, and shopped.
we went to St. James Park on Saturday where they have a drive through Christmas light show. If you are close or even a few hours away from Charleston, you must do this.
it's $12 a car and totally worth seeing.
we got out at Santa's village & roasted marsh mellows & ate smores - a lot for children to do & see.{Rock Climbing, Train Rides, Carasols, etc.}
did I mention it was only the ladies.
Me. Momma. My step sister, Jennifer.
We walked around and walked through the trails to see more lights.
seriously, you need to go.

another first timer for me, was shopping at Kohl's.
We went there twice. Once Saturday & once at a different Kohl's before we left on Sunday.
We also made a trip to Best Buy on Friday night -
where I bought my hubby's big Christmas present...

I'm super proud.
however, i can not hide this - or should I say I didn't hide this very well.
a Christmas present delivered a month early.
remember in our second month of marriage when everything broke in our house?
okay well since then, we've been using his parents back porch T.V - 
Not only did his mouth drop when my dad asked him for a hand to carry this bigN out of the motor home, but he also about crapped his pants when he saw the 8 bags of stuff also trampling into our house.
Let's just say, Our Christmas list went from 36 people down to only having to buy for 2.
Yes - I'm good.
Now for my favorite part. Wrapping.
Sunday  was spent with Aaron & unpacking.
It's always nice to get away, but wonderful to come home.
he was very happy to see me. ") {i'm blushing}
is it rude to admit when hearing him say "my weekend was lonely."
mind you he hunted all weekend but them came home to quiet.
i love it when he misses me.
we ended our weekend with dinner in the living room {pizza} & football.
it was great until ....
about 9:00 - my body took a turn for the worst.
I started to feel extremely sick.
minutes later - i was on the worst date of my life with our guest bathroom.
remember this day when me & the hubs were both out with the flu?
well it was deja vu' all over again for me - minus the body ache.
I stayed home from work yesterday - yuck.
let's just say Aaron was at the 24-hr gas station up the road from our house  Monday morning at 5am getting me gingerale - this body could not hold anything down.

 Here I am today -
back to ME - back to Jessica, feeling wonderful!
Thank you Lord!

 Oh - How could I forget, I did complete my fireplace Sunday evening also
Now - if we can just go get our Christmas Tree {Tonight maybe?}

... final picture.
Happy Tuesday Bloggers! :)

{please give a warm prayer for step-brother Chris, as he & my parents drive to Emory this evening for his first round of Chemo tomorrow morning.}

Oh. one more thing.
I had an anonymous blogger ask me to do a link up to share our engagement rings - she & her {soon to be} fiance' are ring shopping and she wants some ideas. So go ahead an prepare your posts, I hope to do this sometime this week.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy First Thanksgiving Day to all the newly-weds & babies born this year!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Living in Yellow, link up.

i linked up with Erin, from Living in Yellow, with
25 facts about yourself.
this was extremely hard, but here it goes.
i take long hour [sometimes two] baths everyday, never showers, of course unless I am not home. I refill my bath tub up three times with hot water & bubbles & my wine glass. it's the only time i actually s.t.o.p during the day.
i have no fear of a dance floor.
i am that person that never leaves & by the end of the night her face is apple red.
i would love to take ball room dance lessons at some point in my life.
this is me doing the 'bernie' for the first time - at a wedding this October. 


as much as i will not admit it to my husband...
i'm the biggest sore loser when playing against him.
i get high off of hosting parties.
something about the details brings joy to my heart.
{expensive hobby}
i talk a lot.
too much sometimes.
i talk faster than the normal.
i am very comfortable in my own skin.
i have my moments where i wanna wear baggy t-shirts to hide my
bloated- i ate too much- gained 10 lbs {opps}... but i like my body and what
god has given me. that being said... if i ever got any kind of change to my body, i would
have them suck out my boobs & inject it in my butt.
i have a weird love for airports & flying.
something about tugging my luggage around & waiting on a flights
excites me. makes me feel like i'm somebody... big. {ha}

i want to learn how to sew... really bad.
on my 24th birthday {2 years ago},  my mother bought me a sewing machine
and i've yet to learn. in fact, the box was never opened until my aunt came down for the wedding. i refuse to get rid of it.
my mom is my backbone.
my day is not the same if i don't stop in for morning coffee...
let alone talk to her.

my dream is to stay at home with our children & be a PTO mom.
i pout when i don't get my way.
it's just something i do unintentionally. it usually gets Aaron every time.
we have a little girls name picked out {& have for years}
that's if we are blessed with a little girl.
allison rainie drew.
allison because 'alli' was the only  girl name Aaron liked many years ago
when randomly discussing names. Ali Drew didn't work for me so I added allison.
rainie because it's what everyone called my grandmother - she was the rock of the family.
the best part about that name is it's Aaron's initials. That was not planned.

aaron is ahead on 'baby time' more than i am. i'm not ready.
but i'd be lying if i told you i don't picture how sexy he'd be as a daddy
... everyday.

i always read the last chapter first before i begin a book. 
i read magazines starting from the back.
i have two tatoos.
i'm so unorganized, yet the most organized person you will ever meet.
unorganized = items or clothes behind the cabinets/closet doors of stuffing clothes in drawers because they can not be seen {worlds worst} is my weakest & it drives me crazy. yet i document everything & start planning for events in our lives months before the day. i have binders & folders that keep me organized.
that being said, i've already started planning our 1st year anniversary.
on my sweet sixteenth birthday party, I {& two other friends} performed a coyote ugly dance in front of my 40-ish high school friends. we used a slip N slide as my bar top & actual took tea pitchers as they did in the movie to pour water on us, we even had spotlights on us. it was a moment in my life i will never forget and often go back to it.

i am addicted to hobby lobby, love, & social media.
a physic once told me i was going to have twin boys.
... and a lot of other things that [so far] as come true.
... nervous.
i granny bowl - always
enough said. 
twenty one.
i never get on the computer at home.
... i should be fired.
twenty two.i-laugh-really-loud.
twenty three.
i believe in taking pictures of everything & every event.
twenty four.
I could watch Sandra Bulloch movies & never get bored.
i think she is amazing all around.
i never tell your secrets.

Share your world, {On Wednesday}

1. If you could be on any TV show {reality or not}, what show would you be on?

I'm sure you all could figure this one out if you follow my blog often...
The Ellen DeGeneres Show. LOVE HER. She has clean hilarious humor! :)

2. What is the best thing you have ever bought from a yard/garage sale?
- Does an Auction count? Only a few weeks back did I find this weird {awesome} piece of furniture at our hometown auction... for only $25!!! "Why do you want this...?" asked my hubby. Uhhh, duh... to organize my craft stuff. It's awesome & holds EVERYTHING.

3. Do you still have friends whom you went to high school with?
I DO, I have several. I will say that I have some friends that I've grown much closer to AFTER high school than I was while we were in high school. Then, I have people that I never thought I'd loose contact with... sadly we have. It happens. I also have friends that I've remained a relationship with since grade school & down... {which was before I met Aaron}. I do my very best to keep contact with anyone I've ever developed a friendship with even if life brings us apart. Friendships mean so much to me.
All of these girls are friendships from high school {except}
three girls... because they are my sisters.♥

4. Do you have any scars? If so, share the stories behind them.
I don't really have a 'cool scar stories', but I have several scars.
I have a scar on the side of my foot due to stepping in hot ashes {that I didn't realize they were still hot}, burned straight through my shoe. I have a small scar on the side of my leg where my knee is due to a nail sticking out of this ride on tractor... as a kid. I have a scar right below my nose & above my lip where my sister and I used to collect toys & such at night {when we shared a room} and when it was bed time we would turn the lights off and throw them at each other... smart right? Not really. It WAS fun until she decided to throw a match box car at me and it hit my lip and completely busted it. Blood was everywhere. She then talked me into telling my mom it was a glass figurine that fell off the shelf above my bed. And then I have a few small ones where I have no idea came from.
5. If you had to eat one thing/meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
{compliments of Marcy @ Marcy's Mazing Moments}
El donte' pasta with butter & Parmesan cheese.

6. What's your most embarrassing moment?
{also compliments of Marcy @ Marcy's Mazing Moments}
I'll keep this short.
First time cruiser with my husband {boyfriend then}... with his parents - packed an item that is only used with your better half & never shared with your in-laws, or anyone else. - got on the ship hours before it was time to sail - Aaron's name was called over the entire intercom, we had NO clue why... parents walked with us to the front desk - made us take it out of luggage because it was questioned to be dangerous {hahahahaha} without the parents but of course they asked . Let's just say when we ported at the other countries, the lady who checked our sign & sail {ID} cards, smiled at him insanely every time.
Best part {worst part them}, he had no clue I packed it.
What can I say???? Lets just say we've NEVER brought anything like that nor even the smallest thing like nail clippers again.
Enough said.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

... Wedding Re-cap

= Fail.
I lied yesterday when I said I was going to post
more of the wedding. Sorry but like yesterdays post, I don't want to throw it together and
so I am not. Clearly I'm taking to long to share my special day... I see a few ladies who have completely passed me. Sorry.
But please don't give up on me yet. I only have two more posts I want to really
take my time and then several pictures over-loads.

Today, I would like to give-back to each of you.
Every week I love learning so much about all of my readers/followers
by choosing questions to post on Share Your World, Thursday.
{which reminds me, tomorrow I will be posting this weeks instead of on Thanksgiving, so join in. It's extremely interesting with help from Marcy.}
So - have add it. Ask me anything you want. Be random, daring, brave, spontaneous, personal, whatever you want. Ask away. Ask more than one of you chose.
What is it you would like to know more of?

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Best Day Ever! - Toast{s} & Cake Cutting

this song was chosen because it goes way back... & because it's upbeat.
I wanted the cutting of the cake to be fun.
many many years ago, this was the song everyone
thought of us when they heard it.
After everyone began eating, Aaron and I were almost finished...
My Maid of Honor, Danielle & Aaron's Dad, Paul
stood up and both made a toast.


The Cake
{Press play as you listen to the song choice played while we cut our cake}

One of my favorite pictues

The Cake was something I orignally didn't have to much care about.
Infact I was okay without having one... I know right?
But really, it was a fun moment & I loved all {28} pictures they captured.
These were only a few I was able to grab from my FB.

Come back tomorrow for more fun.
Garter & Bouquet Toss.