Wednesday, November 14, 2012

a weekend sleepover

Since it's hunting season && Punkle (Punk + Uncle) Aaron is busy doing his thing, I decided I needed company while he was out & about. Our first sleepover in the new house were my two of my nieces- Chloe & Emily Grace. They kept me company the entire weekend which means I had a total blast!
We made funny faces & fun food while breaking in the kitchen floor with play-dough, went to visit Grandma & Papa, indulged in Chinese food, did 'bump-bump-bump' ALL the way down the stairs... again and again and again, made chocolate chip pancakes, shopped, played headbanz &&....

learned Jalapenos is a Spanish word. The J is pronounced with the sound of  Haa, not Ja-la-peen-os before fillnig our bellys with chips, salsa &&

{instagram photo - jessicalyndrew}

These two sisters love each other SO much.
They are extremely close.
Emily Grace gets her way ALWAYS if Chloe is around.

{instagram photo - jessicalyndrew}

It was a great weekend.
The girls had more fun than they imagined & Aunt Jessica
was pooped come Sunday. Total blast!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yeah so, we bought a house!

On October 24th we signed our way back in to debt!

Aaron and I are so happy. We are so excited with this next Chapter. We are completely in love with this new home of ours.
That being said, we have a lot of work to be done.

So... Here are a few moments captured of THE day we sat in the attorneys office with five other people at this long business table - we felt like big people. It was awesome!

Immediately after, we headed to Lowe's to purchase our washer & dryer {SO FUN} & also our refrigerator {even MORE exciting}, then quickly headed home to load up & move out && into this beauty....

I'm smitten

first step in the doorway without permission.

It was a happy day for us.
We did not stay the night this night however I made it mandatory
we moved our bedroom & must haves to stay on night two.

but before we did...
Momma made a demand that he HAD to carry me threw
the threshold - "... it's good luck."

Coming soon....

... the move in.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Feeling a little....

Yep. You gotta it.

This couldn't explain more of what I feel like today.

It's Thursday. It's 'wear you big clothes day'...
Oh wait, my big clothes still make me fell this way.

Aaron is gone out of town for a hunting trip.
Yes. I just announced this on my blog... for the world to see.

So help me Lord,  If you come into my home unannounced, RUINING my Lifetime down-time, to hurt me or steal from me, I have no problem blowing your head off with  several bullets and then torturing you until you die.

Do you see what feeling like a popped can of crescent rolls does to me...
makes me evil.

Anyway. Aaron is gone. And I think it's a great time to
start on my brand new tread mill. Maybe I won't look like a fluffy marshmallow
when he comes home... {sigh}

This is a horrible feeling. It's the worst ever.
I'll tell you right here. Right now. No secrets today Erin. I have my pants unzipped. All the way down... folded in to make it look like my shits together. 
They are unbuttoned. I won't take my jacket off.
I repeat. I will NOT take off my jacket.

Seriously. This is a complete waste of a cute outfit. What's cuter than a bunch of dough trying to breathe?
Maybe I don't look cute today but I totally have on a cute outfit that is unacceptably worn incorrectly. I feel horrible.

This sucks. I need to go home. I won't say it's worse than having the flu -
but it's pretty bad. Totally 100% not okay to feel this uncomfortable.

Help? Anybody? Somebody....