Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HELP: First Dance Songs


As I've explained several weeks ago we are back to square one on our first dance song choice!
I've also explained how music plays a pretty big role with Aaron and myself.
It's how he relates his emotions to me. Well we had all of our music picked out, written down and ready to submit to our DJ and he decides our first dance song choice wasn't the one.

The words and vibe of a song has to be perfect.
Well we've racked our brains and had several YOUTUBE dates after date. We've been down our iTunes
song list and yes there are beautiful songs we can choose but we haven't found THE song. We have a million songs that bring us back to many occassions or spots in our relationship but I want a song to define this special day.  My brain has searched itself out. I can't think anymore. I've googled. I've been on wedding websites. We've read and listened to the list our DJ printed for us. Now, I'm trying to hear other people out.

If you have a favorite song, artist, band, or even cover band... please help a sista out!
I need your help. What did you dance too? Or what did a friend of yours dance to?
Or do you wish you would've dance to? Or if you haven't made it there yet, what song makes your weak at in the knees. Thats exactly what we are working for. A song that gives us butterflies and words that are so perfect.

I love you for listening!

For Now.

Just a sneak peak....

 'Around the Clock Shower'
It was perfect. I can't wait to share details of my day and more pictures.
For now, you can love on my bridesmaids♥

Friday, June 24, 2011

Breaking the Ice [One Day Late]

Perfectly imperfect Jenn

Thanks to Aly, she not only inspired me to follow along
with Jenn's Breaking the Ice but she now has me screaming
You're my boy BLUE... You're my boy....

1) Tell one thing not many people know about you.
I am an extremley exciting person. Okay, so that sounds just bad.
I'm not saying I'm amazing. What I'm saying is I get very excited for everything.
Excitment is one of my personality traits.
Along with my A.D.D. & my A.D.H.D [& I love my A.D.D & A.D.H.D], I come across overwhelming to people who don't know me sometimes. You may have just bought a house or just got engaged or just found out your are having a baby and I will just as excited for you [seriously, hand down] as if I were experiencing it for myself. I'll probably ask you questions like "How did he propose?" etc. when I don't know you that well and I truely REALLY want to know. I love happy times. And when I'm experiencing something new or happy myself, my excitment comes out everywhere. This is just who I am.
[I chose this answer because this year inparticular I've run into people judging me for my excitement and not knowing how to take it. That insults me. So I've had to learn that my excitment can be overwhelming and maybe annoying (to that sour, I hate my life person(s)). But also understand that it is who I am. I can't help I am a happy person and I rather dwell on happy times when sit and talk why life DOES suck at times]

2) If you HAD to change your first name, what would you change it to?
Geez, I don't know. As a child, I always wanted my name to be Rebecca.
But, if I had to change it now, I'd change it to Rainie. That's what everyone called my grandmother. It's short for Loraine.   Or maybe I should change it to Ann for humor.
First Name = Ann
[In two months] Last Name = Drew

3) What are your 3 favorite songs of the moment?
Blake Shelton - Honeybee
Lady AnnaBellum - Just a Kiss
Lady AnnaBellum - When you got a good thing

4) List 3 goals on your life's to-do list:
Celebrate 50 years of Marriage with Aaron
Make mini Jessicas & mini Aarons
Host Thanksgiving dinner [My Family Style]
Click HERE to see what I mean.

5) What is one of your favorite quotes!
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart. -Helen Keller

6) Fill in the blank: If I had an extra 10 dollars to spend . . I would buy __________?
...my toes a makeover. Well $10 is just a paint job. But that works too.

7) What’s your birth date?
July 1, 1985

8) Do you have a hidden talent and if so what is it?
I can fold my tongue completely backwards and keep it there AND also pick my nose with my tongue. Niiiiice. That's as good as it gets.

9) What do you think of when you hear the word blue?
Well, besides Aly getting Blue from OLD SCHOOL in my head, I would probably say my Something Blue for the wedding. :)

10) Finish this thought: I need . . . 
to get off my blog at work. Oh and DO WORK.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Bacherolette - What a Waste!

Once again sorry I am behind. Not only was I behind on blog posts but also on my shows.
I didn't get to watch Monday nights episode until last night! Before I get into my favorites, I have lots to say about Ashley.

Her insecurity did not bother me so much last year, but golly... girl get with it.
The whole ' do these guys really want to be here' thing is driving me insane. If they didn't then they would have walked out like the one who you are dotting over...
She's ticking me off how she's eliminating men because she feels they might not be ready rather based on her emotions. Example: Ben C. & the guy who announced he was finally ready to date after this late wife. She isn't going to find the real thing.
If I hear Bentley's name one more time... Well I know I'm going to due to the preview of next week. I'm sick of him already. Did I miss something? I knew from beginning he was a Casanova, but really? What exactly was it she fell for? I know us women have a thing for going for the bad boys and when Michelle called her and told her about him, maybe that was a go getter thing, I don't know. Am I the ONLY one who wished Chris Harrison would show her what he said about her? She is making herself out to be in idiot. She's going to screw it all up next week. Honestly, I hope some men walk out on here. I really do. Bentley left you sweetie. Think back to Emily, she didn't leave Brad for her daughter who she I'm sure missed very much. Geez, get with it. I'm starting to think this season is a waste.
What was she thinking when she had the men fight? I mean really? You have 11 men dotting over you, fighting for your love and you are going to put them in a rink, to physically fight... and then live together? I get the whole "I wanna MAN" vibe, but fighting? Why not build something? or an obstacle course? I've NEVER been a fan on fighting. I think it lowers a man [under one exception, unless he is defending himself, family, or someone]. I was SO mad when I was watching this. I was really really upset for Ames. Aaron isn't a fan of Ames. He thinks he's a bit feminine so he knew it was going to be him. I felt SO very bad for Ames. Even though she felt pretty bad, I was still so upset with her. I really loved Ames' come back when she asked what the doctors said and his rules, "They said I was in Love." That got me
I was SO pissed off, like seriously... when she dismissed Ben C. from the two man date.
Seriously, if you are going to let a man go just.like.that because of another mans words...
you are not ready for commitment. No way. She did NOT even ask or give Ben C a chance.
Personally, it would have been a complete turn off if a guy tried to tell me about one of the other men.  I am a big girl, I can make my own decisions. I could see the madness in Ben C.'s face. Of course, I did not blame him. However, I did stop and think maybe the TV producers didn't show us everything as they did Michelle from last season. But still... they way she dismissed him, not cool. I was chewing her out behind the screen. I really like William on their first date, REALLY. But no, as he described himself at dinner, he is just a boy. Not a man and not ready for this. Yuck! I was surprised Ashley was able to make that decision by herself. Thumbs up for sending him home!

VERY confused on why she sent Nick home. Maybe I missed something again. I personally like Nick. Maybe she didn't have any chemistry with him but then again I don't recall there ever being a lot of time with him. I wanted smiley to go. I think he is adorable, but he seems a bit goofy to me. I had a feeling he would be chosen to stay.

My favorite guys

Ben F.
Ohh Laa laa...
He didn't catch my eye right off, however... He's my favorite.
Total package♥I think the problem with a lot of these couples not making it once they get into the real world of dating & relationships is not knowing everyday is not all peaches & cream. You have your boring days, your over the top fun days, casual days and I'm so in love with you days. It happens, it's life. The dates these people go on are not your everyday, dinner and a movie dates. So, I believe that's why they don't work. Love [& Life with Love] is not a fairytale movie [or reality show

That being said, I loved Ben F. & Ashley's date. It was real, casual, lots of communication and it seemed fun. I loved how he wasn't over the top all over her. I'm just not that way. I thought them really wanting to kiss in front of the temple  but couldn't was pretty sexy.  That want to, can't have thing is always good for beginnings.


There's still something about him. His personality out shines anything else for me. No offense to him, but there are some really HOTT men this year.
Sometimes JP can seem too much, but in reality I think he just really has feelings for Ashley.I love how he can already read her and seems concerned for her thoughts and emotions.

Next fella isn't a favorite, but he definitely stood out last night!
It's more of a respect thing for me.
[for now...]
This guy has not really stood out to me until last night. What I hate more is [for example] the guy [don't know his name] who cried after being cut the very first rose ceremony. Due, why are you crying? You said two words to her and now you're saying "I think she could have been my wife". You just met her. Ugh.
-What I loved about Constantine was he said his TRUE thoughts [which I've never heard before in any other person Well... maybe vampire lady from last season]. Some where a long the lines of; Yes I like you. I'm totally digging you but I don't know if I love you or think you will be my wife because we haven't had that much time together. I look forward to seeing more of him. Maybe I could really get to like him but right now I just like the fact that he isn't fooling her.


Over all, I had mixed emotions about Mondays show.
I will say, if I hadn't seen Ashley on last years show I would just really not have
hopes for her. But I do. I hope she gets over this Bentley thing and doesn't ruin it next week. It shows a lot of tears [expected] and honestly, I hope Bentley tells her flat out.
She is on THE BACHELORETTE. SO many woman want her position and she's stuck on a two week crush. She really needs to just get over her insecurities and let go and L.O.V.E. I mean that IS what she is here for. I kind of feel she may be a waste of this years show.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

... first time a bride is nervous. [today]

75 days to go...
For the most part everything is .... done. There are no more decisions. We just have to get it ready and prepared and finish making everything on my 2.5 page things to finish list.
Seeing I only had 75 days to go, I can say that today was the FIRST day my tummy was filled with butterflies. Is that good or bad?

 My Bridal Bash
[... was perfect]
June 4th - 12am
-a day for my maids & moms to gather around and work on wedding projects. Discuss the wedding day and wedding details.

Mom made us matching shirts & really out worked herself in order to make this day perfect for me. She had each of us a little bridesmaid dress cookie with our initials on them, they were adorable. She served a beautiful array of delicious appetizers and had tables set up where we all could interact with each other. She is so amazing. As the ladies arrived, my excitement grew beyond. I can't imagine how ill be on the big day. I was able to show them everything that had been in the making for the past few months; centerpieces, favors, arrangements, the guest book, and other small details. My favorite thing to share was our reception dinner table 'look'. All the girls fell in love which of course brought me to cloud nine. We ate then started on my table centerpieces. After that we worked on other small petty things that needed to be put together or tucked away in the "reception" / "ceremony" boxes. Time flew by but I can say I was able to sit back and soak in the moment of wedding galore. They even talked me into trying on my Maggie Sotterro. The day was perfect.

[each of these were hand made by Mama]

[just a few of the bridesmaids cookies]

[Mama, Me, Mrs Kandi, & Grammye]

Me & Dani - my maid of honor

My sister, Kim & also my Matron of Honor, Myself & Dani

Me & my Mama♥
Thank you so much Mama! :) Love you to the moon & back♥

What's been happening lately:

DIY PROJECTS:  are coming along. In the past month or two I've been working very hard on the small details of the wedding. The little things that most of my guests will not understand but when I look back it will have so much meaning to me. Most of everything I've picked out or created has a story to tell. It resembles something between Aaron and myself or defines us in some way or another. I wish I could share however you'll have to wait 73 days (+ some).  The Officiant: We met with our officiant back in May.
Dr. Joe Holloway, he is a preacher & also a teacher from our high school. Aaron and I didn't really know what to expect but maybe discuss vows and how the day will work out.
Little did we know, we'd be counseld. I knew Aaron was gonna give it to me as we sat in the car that night, however he felt the same way as I did. Very happy and really enjoyed the counseling session. Invitations: Were ordered, printed, & as soon as I got them in my hands I started addressing the envelopes. They are done. Waiting to be stamped and mailed out on July 1st. I'm very happy with the way they turned out. For not having a lot of high spirts with them in the beginning, I couldn't be happier. I will share them in a few weeks! Music: is finally ready. Even our first dance song! Yay! Favors: Remember we are doing two favors. I've probably put most thought & work into our music song choices and our favors. However, I'm VERY excited about these two things.

Upcoming Events:

Thursday: First Dress fitting/alterations. Remember back around THIS time, I did a whole lot of talking about getting rid of my armpit tit fat... okay, well was completely GONE when I tried it on at the bridal bash.Yay! My wedding weight loss goal was to loose 18 pounds. Happy to announce I'm 17 down and still have two months to go. Yay!
Sunday: My first shower; Around the Clock Shower. Bridget [Soon to be Sister in Law] & Lexy [Aaron's Cousin] are the hostess'. I'm pretty excited to see Aaron's family & family friends, and what time of the day everyone was given. Exciting!

... and last but NOT least.
Due to my lack of blog posts, I did not get to share my joy and happiness of Mrs Caitlin's Wedding [A Journey from Miss to Mrs]. Some of you may know her, she's a hometown friend who just experienced her fairytale wedding. June 10th she married her soul mate, Cliff. They had a beauitful rustic themed wedding. If you know Caitlin & read her blog, you will know she is very much a southern lady with a southern soul. 
 Here are just a few moments I was able to capture.

Mr & Mrs Cliff Young♥

Okay, so my camera isn't the best.
First Dance Song!

Grooms Cakes

Wedding Cake

I hate my arm in this picture.

Before leaving for the night...
Loved the streamers, very cute idea!

Off to honeymoon in ....
[They had no clue where they were going until .. Well I don't know really.. haha!]

... and of course, this is my & my love♥
Take THREE.....
He's trying very hard not to blink.

Well, that's all folks!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Road Trip...

.... So no blog post.
I didn't have the energy. Sorry. Aaron and I are on the road today. Yes, unexpected road trip to New York. As much as I wish I could say it was for pleasure, it's not. They called the family in due to my grand fathers illness. So, sixteen hours away from our destination. This should be fun. However, [i feel guilty saying this] I am a bit excited to see my family & also my Daddy & my stepmom, Diane. :) I am also looking forward to NEW YORK Pizza. Oh.my.goodness!!!! My tummy is growling now.
Say a prayer for our safe trip there and back. I'm a bit nervous. We are small town drivers headed for the big apple. Yikes.  Wish us luck. Let's hope we don't kill each other before we get there.  Until then, so long friends!

Monday, June 13, 2011

She's ALIVE!!!

Forgive me, for I have not forgotten about everyone or my blog! I am alive & doing very well.
This lady has been oh.so.busy. It's crazy. I have so much to catch up on. Life has been amazing but whew... it's been on the go. The wedding has taken a toll on my spare time. However, I'm not complaining. I'm still enjoying everything as time ticks by. Crazy, huh? Come back Wednesday for an update on life, love, & wedding planning. But for now, It's back to ... w-o-r-k!

Wednesdays Post will consist of:

Wedding: Bridal Bash & where i'm at in planning.
Life: Family, Friends, and my Lover. [He's amazing]
Other: Marriages of two people I love.

Prayer is always good.
I ask if everyone who reads this to say a small prayer to my Grandpa & my family.
Yes, the one who I've been praying for since January. Seven heart attacks, Mersa Staff Infection, Bleeding of the Brain, Kidney Failure... he's conquered it ALL since January 4th. He's been released from the hospital, not able to enter a nursing home because "he wasn't sick enough", entered an assistant living home and started doing very well.  However, his organs are now starting to fail & give up. He is on life support and it's not looking good.  Mama's always said, you get better before you get worse. Well, that better part... yeah, well it has came and left. He's at his worst now. Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just a few of my favorite teachers in life.... My Siblings!

"To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time."

Kim, Brian & myself

They are my ♥
Kim - She's laid back. She reminds me a lot of my grand mother.
 A care taker. Frugal. The woman can go into a grocery with $50 and come out with what I call a months worth of groceries. She's an amazing cook, loves to bake. Her heart is soft, yet so big. She's a Mother to four, a Wife, and an awesome sister. Kim is a best friend.

Brian - Oh brother. Loves attention, very hyper. Hilarious yet sometimes over board. [in a good way] Loves to make you smile. Will play a joke on you in a second. Takes things one step TOO FAR. Can make you feel comfortable in an awkward position. Sports fanatic... seriously. Can tell you anything you need to know about Football or Baseball.Being competitive gets him in trouble.  A Family man. A Husband, a Daddy to three, and a one of a kind brother. Amazing person to have in your life.

Life wouldn't be life without them!