Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Mr. Wonderful

Ten years ago today, My Journey with Aaron started!The best years of my life!!!
♥Happy Anniversary Babe♥

He is the perfect Friend, the perfect companion! 
He is my Soulmate...
 My Lifetime Love!
He is my greatest joy and my biggest inspiration! 
He's Amazing.
God knew what he was doing when we brought us together ten years ago!

Baby, I can't WAIT to be your wife♥

Friday, January 28, 2011

Baby Talk! [Yikes!]

First Time Baby Talk!!??!!
- Let me start off by saying Aaron has some family members in town! We met with everyone last night & had a Low Country Boil to catch up. His cousin, Ashley brought her two little girls!
We have one of those mini blow up jump things... Geez, I don't know what they are called. Anyway, I saw Aaron walking toward it as his cousin Garrett's little girl Mady was in there jumping around, playing basketball... I asked him why he was grinning? He responded with, " I'm gonna go in there and just lay down." Garrett and Aaron were both wearing black t-shirts! When he went in there... I heard "Daddy watch me!" Instantly, I smiled from ear to ear and got butterflies!
No, I am not ready for children, however it was really cool to hear it! Especially now that we are engaged. I don't know why that makes a difference, but it made it more real, I guess I don't know really.
Aaron looked right at me and smiled!
Sounded weird, didn't it? - He grinned again, and started playing with her!

[We are now back at our house]
Aaron is going camping/fishing with the guys this Saturday night, therefore he has been getting all this fishing stuff together for the past couple of nights. As he had it spread out on the floor, dealing with all that... I started on my Thank You Cards on the Cricut Machine. We were having a wonderful conversation talking about anything and everything. Randomly he said,
"It was pretty strange to hear Mady call me Daddy!"
"It was, but I think she thought you were Garrett..."
"Yeah, I know... It was just weird."
"I'd like to get pregnant & have a kid by next year."
"Ha! Seriously....?"
"Yeah, I think it's time..."
"Honey... Well.... [Speechless]"
"Well, I'd like to at least be married for a year or maybe even start trying LATE next year.... But actually popping a baby out next year... kinda freaks me out."
"Well if not next year, definitely the year after!"

-This seems so crazy to me! I always thought I'd be way ready before him. I mean geez, look how long it took to get him to pop the question. I thought it would be a few years before him ever saying that. AND a year ago, I was saying "If we were married, I'd be ready to have a baby"... However now that we are engaged and ready to wed, KNOWING we're getting married in 7 months and the next step is baby.... I don't think I'm 110% ready. NOT that it would be the end of my world, because it would not by no means!
Aaron just blew my mind out of the ball park last night!

He's ready to be called Daddy! That actually is pretty awesome!
The picture below melts my heart to pieces....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

[The Good, Bad, & Ugly]


The Good: I've started my "cutting back on food / eating very healthy"
The Bad: I'm starving
The Ugly: I gained a pound. What the crap?

The Good: We have a 99.9% chance of being completely debt free this year.
The Bad: We won't be going "all out" for our honeymoon!
The Ugly: We aren't going to St. Lucia! [Frown] Maybe before we have children???

The Good: Aaron got a raise at work & his own personal work truck!
The Bad: He is now qualified to be on call.
The Ugly: First time on call, he had to go in 8 differnent times!

The Good: American Idol is Back... Yay!
The Bad: I love the new judges, but not sure if they get the drift yet.
The Ugly: Because someone can carry a tune, doesn't mean they are Hollywood Qualified! Coming from someone who knows nothing about voices/singing!

The Good: My First Bridal Show is Sunday!
The Bad: Just got the news, Mom is flying out to New York tomorrow & will be back Tuesday!
The Ugly: My Grandpa has had three heart attacks in three weeks. It's awful!

The Good: I cook a meal every night!
The Bad: I get home at 6:40pm & directly start dinner!
The Ugly: I so tired by the time I clean up & get a shower...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - One MONTH engagement

I've been in Engaged for ONE month today♥
 We have done SO much so far
 & I am having the best time with everything!

Venue - Booked
Color Scheme - Picked
Musician - Booked
Caterer - Booked
Dress - Bought & paid for
Veil - Bought & paid for
Had a few dates with Florists... ugh! [Next!]
I've picked my Maids Dresses
I've picked my Tuxes [I've had those picked forever]
Our Bridal Party has been chosen
Special Music - Most of it is picked out!
Engagement Pictures - Check!
Save the Dates.... JUST ORDERED THEM!
We went with Magnets!
I ended up choosing a picture that included water, yet you could see both our faces! I really wanted to use the paddle with the date on it, however... We couldn't keep from cracking up! This picture is one of my favorites...
The saying on the card is our Wedding Tagline!
If there is any words that describes our relationship/journey...
They Loved with a Love that was more than a Love
that saying couldn't be more perfect!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SAVE THE DATE Options...

Sorry, but I just couldn't wait until tomorrow....
[Wednesday Wedding -Tomorrow marks ONE MONTH engagement]
I just received all the copyrights to our engagement pictures!
We love them all!
Thankfully, we got them back sooner than expected. Now I can order our Save the Dates... which really, my checklist said I needed to do that yesterday! Apparently seven months isn't very long to "save the date".
Hopefully I will have them picked, ordered and on there way to my house so I can send them out as soon as they get in!

[Hysterically Laughing]

He had me laughing so hard... I love him for letting me do this to him♥

Whatcha think?
Tell me the truth!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

222 Days

The Biggest Loser
So I'm riding in the Smurfette early last week as I'm on the way to work. I was listening to my morning ritual talk show, Kidd Kraddick in the Morning... Anyhow, the topic getting married came up. Of course all ears tune in. Yaddi Yaddi Ya Blah Blah Blah... We all know that every woman always looses weight for her wedding. Then she gains is back after the honeymoon wears off.... Skkkkkirt! Loose Weight? Geez, I haven't even thought of it. Of COURSE I could use the extra pounds off this crazy, apple looking body of mine... Okay, maybe like 10-15lbs. However, I haven't thought of it. I have 222 days as we speak... right now. That is SEVEN months, ONE week, and THREE days! Yikes!

Tomorrow is the BIG day. I'm not going to kill myself or even say I'm "dieting". Matter of fact, I hate that term. When you diet... Let me rephrase. When I diet... I starve myself and do abnormal things, and then I go back to the same old habits and gain it back. So... I am trying to change. About two years ago, I lost 30 lbs. I was into a size 3/4. I don't have to back that size again, however I'd love to fist comfortably back in my 5's.  I need exercise. I know if I exercise, I will drop it off fast. Motivation??? Ha! I'm getting married, enough said!  I refuse to have the extra 12 lbs that I have let myself put on, on my wedding day. Also... There is nothing worse than armpit tit fat hanging over your blouse!
Yes, I said it &&& I ain't gonna lie... I have it. Yucky!

So... I start tomorrow.
I bought a journal. 2 years ago, I wrote down everything I ate. Even if it was a teaspoon of Ketchup.
I ate 1200 calories [300 for Breakfast/400 for Lunch/500 for Dinner] [Tip: You can NOT eat 200 for breakfast and 500 for lunch... doesn't work like that] and the first month dropped 15lbs. I don't know how I did that... I can't do that anymore. I've tried. However, If I could loose 2lbs a least every two weeks... Which I know I can do 2lbs isn't bad, then I will be happy. I have four weeks until our engagement party... So, that means I have to shed half of that weight. Totally do-able!
I started bringing my lunch to work last week [after that talk show]. Smart Ones is my choice. They are delish + very reasonable calories! Today I ate Fettucini Alfredo for only 240 calories. I added 5 saltine crackers to filled in emptiness a tad more for only 60 calories. Which equals 300 calories!

Tomorrow I'm starting my workout!
I signed up for Jillian Huffs workout system and order this DVD. If I like it, I will go and order the rest!
It's going DOWN!
I'm excited and ready for it. Weight Loss HERE I come!

Last but NOT least....
Saturday, My Groom & I are entering the BIGGEST LOSER contest at our hometown fitness gym!
Starting Saturday - We have 12 weeks to loose body fat. We will be divided into groups of... I don't have a clue and it's accounted for each group. So which ever team TOGETHER looses the most body fat... wins!
Anywho, I'm excited. Whether my team wins or looses, I'm gonna push myself. Little contests like these are the best things for me. It keeps me on track... I do NOT wanna weigh in though. Yikes!  That's why I'm starting NOW!

Weight Loss Goal by August 3, 2011 - Loose 18lbs!
If I can't do it by then... [which is totally unexceptable] then...
Well... I should be ashamed! I gotta look good for my hubby to be! :) && for myself! ;)
If you would like to join in on this fun... link up and share what you have been doing!
I will have Mr. Linky every Monday and I will keep everyone updated on how it's going! :)
Join in & Link Up!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blogger Help?

Hi everyone! I need some guidance...

Does anyone know someone who designs back rounds for blogs?
 I usually use Becca from Jump N Jax designs, however she is very busy until March. I need
a blog makeover! Please let me know if there is anyone in mind!
Thank you!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

American Idol 2011

American Idol!

I loved last nights show! I thought Steven Tyler & J-Lo were awesome!
I'm more excited than I was prior to last nights show!
However, I miss Ellen! I love her!

My favorite performance....

The Asian guy,  Michael Jackson Wanna Be who sang Miley Cyrus!
Wow... He made me bust out laughing!
The girl who did the Opp I didn't it again...Broadway like...
Cry like a baby, down on her knees begged for a ticket to hollywood!

They were great! Looking forward to next week!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Dress Shopping

Me & 7 of my Maids!
Missing Two!

Me & My Mom

Me & my sister, Kim!

My Morning started at about 8am on Saturday, January 15th!
I got up, jumped in the shower, through comfy clothes on, started coffee and plopped down on the couch for some relaxation. I was so excited to see what this day had to offer!
Of course, to get in the dress shopping mode, I turned on Say YES to the Dress!
Before I knew it, My girlfriend Rachel was here!
I had planned on curling my hair... however I took advantage of the couch too long!
After gettting ready and the rest of the ladies showing up & my mom.. We headed out the door!

We went to Davids Bridal! Through the weeks, I had been searching for dresses I did like online.
I wasn't finding anything that caught my eye in this shop, however it's a bigger store and we all could fit!
They were packed!
I'm a manicane shopper. Doesn't matter what I'm shopping for, I see it and instantly know whether it's a hit or miss! Searching through the bags... Not my thing! I had a certain budget that I do not want to exceed.
I told the girls, Do not even show it to me, if it exceeds that price range!

So, my consultant comes and she's a little overwhelmed at how many people are with me!
I had 7 girls and my Mom! However, we started trying on immediately!
Dress One [First Photo] - Loved the middle part. The dress was okay! Okay... is not good enough!
The rest of the dresses weren't a hit!
Some of the things I remember saying:
Beautiful Dress... It's to boring!
I love this... But the bottom isn't enough!
There isn't enough bling.
LOVE the dress, however I don't feel like everyone says I'm supposed to feel!
Let me try that Veil....
Oh... This is a must have! [The Veil]
I like it a lot, however I can see Aaron's expression right now. No Way!
Can I get some jewelry, maybe I need jewelry!
It's not gaudy enough!
HAHAHAHA - I feel like an 80 year old curtain! 
... This is ... There isn't enough dress!

After a while, I started to get depressed. Not really, but maybe discouraged was a better choice of word!
I'm usually the type to see what I like and Wa-LA! I NEVER take 13 dresses to say no, and still... No dress!

Okay, I think I'm done! I've tried on enough for the day! As I' taking my bra off... My girlfriend Holly says...
Jess, just one more! Try this one on, please?
Okay... I try in on, and LOVED it! The ladies and my moms face liked it too!
It was beautiful!
I may have a keeper! How much is it? ------ Oh, yes! It's under budget, it's definitely the dress!
My sister comes to me and says: Jess, let Melissa [The Consultant] write it down. I think you should
go to Bridal Mart [Another Store that had a specific dress that I printed out] and try that dress on that you loved, X it off the list and then come back and buy this one. That way you won't have a "what if".
Okay, I agreed!
I think the consultant was a little bummed! She was very nice to me, however everyone didn't like her too much! Apparently she was an eye roller! I told her, I'll be back!
Okay, so we packed up... and headed to Bridal Mart!

We all walked in and went crazy! They had SO much more to ofter! Immediately the girls were...
Jess, look at this one. Jessica How about this one? Jess...
I walked straight to this dress... ON A MANICAN, and said, I want this one.  They all came over to me and melted with me as we stood in front of it. The owner found me and said I was allowed up to 5 in a room.
So, I randomly pointed out dresses that the ladies wanted me to try...
She took me in the dressing room and as she was tying up the corset in the back, my legs felt weak. I could NOT wait to see it and wanted to see everyones face!
Okay, so I walk out and all 8 mouths drop to the floor! I felt gentle tears in my eyes... walked around, stood on the pedestal and teared up more!
My words: I'm pretty sure, this is my dress! Yep! It is!
Everyone was at Awe & so was I! I walked around the room, of course it's WAY too long.. but it was the prettiest thing I have ever seen in my life. I felt as if I didn't need jewelry or a veil. It was perfect! It was me!
It had everything... EVERYTHING, I wanted! So I stood there loving ,while everyone else took pictures!
I remember the owner saying: You were the easier sale I've ever had! :)
So, we go into the room to take it back off... I was beyond excited! How much is this dress?
Skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirt!!!! $____!
My heart dropped! I was SO upset! I gave her the bra back and walked out to the ladies and my sister said it... The price. Apparently I had it written all over my face! We did NOT even look at any price tag when we walked in. Okay, so it wasn't horribly over budget [Thank Goodness for the sale - $600 OFF] However, It was waaay over what I wanted to pay. I have a hard time thinking that I will wearing something for 8 hours that is that expensive. Yes, I know it's my wedding dress! I just had my mind COMPLETELY set on that first original price! I walked out the store, by myself.. and shed just a few small tears. I didn't care what my Mom said, I couldn't let myself have that. No way! After a few minutes, my sister, Mom and Candice came outside to talk to me. Okay... So yeah, they talked me into it! Of course!
We bought it, right then... right there!
I called yesterday and she said it would be here earlier than expected!

Everyone says I'm not allowed to show! I don't see what the big secret is. A picture of me in it today, compared to my wedding day will be completely different. However, I will tell you my designer!

That's it! That's my first and only wedding dress shopping experience!

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Sneak Peak of our Engagement pictures!

Engagement pictures were taken on Rambling Creek!
Aaron's entire family [including us] live here...
On this beautiful Southern Plantation!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekend Festivies

Tomorrow, for the FIRST time in my life, I will put on a white dress!
I am crazy excited! My first appointment is at 11:30am.
Since I was young enough to remember, this day was always & IS a very important day!
Proms, Homecomings, Etc... Never was it okay to think of wearing a white dress! 
I know... I'm weird! 
What I'm really excited about is all my special ladies will be there for support &
witness this first experience with me.
Yes, I said ALL of them. It's funny because I've been a fan of Yes Say to the Dress
for a while now. My thought to large groups of people going with the Bride was always, NEVER!
Well, Never say Never!
My ladies are so excited for me. I asked each lady to be a maid for a reason.
Not just to buy a dress and stand next to me and look pretty! I want them to be apart of everything I go through. However, I do not expect them to come, nor do I expect them to be apart of everything that happens from now until September 3rd. But, if they want to be with me or if they can be with me... then of course they are welcomed to come! The world has not stopped because I am engaged, I know this!
I know I said you would meet them some time this week, but I've been rather busy.
 Hopefully next week I can introduce my Maids! There are nine! Three sisters & six friends!
My Mother is a goddess to me! Behind Aaron, she's my best friend.
This woman is everything to me. She will be apart of wedding dress shopping as well. Of course!
Most of us will be riding together in a 12 passenger van. We'll be picking one up on the way and one friend of mine lives in Savannah, therefore she will be meeting us there!
I am so excited and can't wait. I know all of it will seem REAL once that first dress goes on!

Tomorrow is a exciting day for my Groom too!
The Atlanta Falcons will be playing Green Bay tomorrow night!
These two teams for fighting to stay in the playoffs! It's been a LONG time since Atlanta
has made it this far! Aaron is super happy!
He & his family are very big Falcons fans! We are going over our friend, Paul's house
to watch the game. Paul & his wife, Amanda are big Green Bay fans! It should be interesting!
Matt Ryan Quarterback Matt Ryan #2 of the Atlanta Falcons drops back to throw a pass against the St. Louis Rams at Georgia Dome on December 28, 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia.  The Falcons defeated the Rams 31-27.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Matt Ryan


Enough said.
I'm really looking forward to Sunday!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What we have so far....

Facts about The Arendes/Drew Wedding

Date: September 3, 2011 - Yes, we changed it!

Colors: Robin Egg Blue & Gold [Shiny] & a small dash of watermelon pink will be here and there!
Brown is not considered a color on this day, because all shades of brown will be around!

Bridal Party - Within a week of engagement, I made Bridesmaid cards for all NINE of my special
ladies. Yes, Nine! I hand made each one differently, asking to be apart of our day. On the back,
I told each girl why I chose her.

My Maids will be introduced late this week!

Our Venue: The Belle House
Front View

 Back View

Now for a few pictures I took of the inside [which aren't the best]
however, inside is what melted my heart with one step in the door!

The doorway to the left goes to the ladies room & the bridal room, where me & my maids will
get ready!

This is the right side of the dining area :
The Windows closest to you on the right, is where our band will set up
[IF we find the "right" band that plays everything]

This is the left side of the dining area. Those double doors is the kitchen,
Our Caterer will set up over there.

Upstairs is just a medium-large room.
Nothing will be up there, unless we don't have a band & decide on a DJ.
He will  be up there.

upstairs looking down on the dining room.

Ideas/Decor: Never in a million dreams I've had, did I ever think I'd pull the rustic look
into my reception. Aaron is more rustic than I am. I've always LOVED that look, but never thought it was me. Well, this wedding isn't just about me. It's about my soon to be hubby too. I'm actually very excited about making it both him & myself. I wouldn't call myself a country girl... however, I am from the south and I do live in the country. I have many ideas that are not set in stone. But certainly have my heart set on.
Here are some;

Whatever we decide to do, because as of now, I have
a Hugh variety of clippings in my organizer...
The reception will be elegant & classy.. with a splash of rustic here and there!

 Wedding Cake:
Okay so... call me insane [my mother does] But, I'm not a hugh cake fan. Matter of fact, I don't think I've ever eaten a piece of cakeat any wedding I have attended, which is a lot. I don't have much going on in my mind for the brides cake.  However, I'm very excited & have been about Aaron's cake. For about 1.5 years, I've had this vision and told him about it 1.5 years ago. We are in the process of making it happen now. I can't share until the big day! Yay! Hopefully it works out!

Next Saturday, we are going with my parents to listen to a band. We are southern folks. So, we like to dance and we like great entertainment! I'm a dance floor queen, & Aaron usually gets there after a few drinks. However, we know we won't be on the dance floor too much, but we definitely think it is important for our guests to have a great time. Hopefully, we can get a band that plays anything from 50's, 70's, 80's, 90's, Country, Pop, Rock, and all the great songs in between. If we can not. I'm alright with a Dj.

Wedding Dress:
I don't have my heart set on anything. When I was in high school, my Mom taught me not to set your heart on a certain dress, outfit, or hair style [updo], because you may or may not be able to get that. So, I'm up for anything. Something that looks good on you, may not look the same on me.
I'm short waisted. I have boobs & hips... not a very long waist. So I'd like to find something that makes me appear longer. However, my fiance' isn't a big/tall guy [i love you honey]...
 I do not want to appear bigger than him either!
This Saturday is my first appointment! I can NOT wait. I've never put on a solid white dress, because I've waited for this day... It can't come fast enough!
I want to try on every type of dress, however here are some likes:

Website: Yes, it has been made, however it's not ready to be seen! Maybe a few more days!

That too, is in the working!
It was a tie between Jamaica or St. Lucia!
We've been to Jamaica and our chances are high to go there again in our life time.
At least, more than we would go to ST. Lucia...
So... St. Lucia it is!

Our Travel Agent got all the information for us!
We are in love with this place. Grande St. Lucian Sandals Resort is where
we will be for a full week. From Sunday to Sunday!
We are So, verrrry excited for this trip!