Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Guest List

[via google]

Our Guest List
...has been completed and finalized!

BIG weight off of our backs. We've cut, added, cut, added ....
Prior to being engaged I thought of my wedding day... A LOT. Everyday, a million times a day. After I started planning, the meaning of my wedding day became more heartfelt rather than a painted picture. Meaning I've learned to look at things in a completely different prospective. Make sense?

Basically, it's really sunk in heavy that this day is about US.
Who cares what anyone else thinks about anything...
Me & My Groom and all our loved ones there together.
From the Past and most of all, Our Present!

When I look back in my Wedding Albums, maybe I will have a few
Oh we we're really good friends at this time in our lives, but what I hope we say is
Look, our friendships have come so far.
Aaron and I both come from two large families. His dad is the youngest of 14.
My Mom is one of Nine. They all have children and some of those children have had children.
Aaron's Parents have lived in our small town their entire lives. 90% of Aaron's friends parents are Paul & Kandi's [My In Laws] Best Friends. Aaron and I both have a wide range of friends, which describes our Bridal Party [21].

No doubt were we going to have a big wedding.
However, when sitting down and deciding who... it became tough.
Really tough. After 4 different cuts/adds... We have our final count!

Children [16 & Under] -34

= 341 Total.

Most all the Bridal magazines, books, & Bridal shows I have read or been too says, You should expect 75% of your guest list to attend.
341 x .75 = 256

We have been planning to sit 300 people at our Reception.
We're very happy with 252!
Let's hope everyone RSVPs & no one rudely comes unexpected.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wedding Friday :: Need YOUR help :: 1980's Candy

One of our favors for our wedding, is we plan to have a candy buffet. I don't want to do the "traditional" color of your wedding candy, so Aaron and I were discussing that we would have candy from the 1980's. The time frame when we were growing up.
I've already ordered our favorite must haves!!! It was really fun to be taken back. I was and still am a candy whore! I love candy. It's terrible. Aaron... not so much!

So, What I want to know is YOUR favorite candy or the Candy you LOVED as a child!
I did this same thing on FACEBOOK. Since I can't share with you the candy we've chosen already, I will share some of the candies that my FB friends have said...
Some, in which are the candies we have bought. [yay]

Pop Rocks
Fun Dip
Ring Pops
Charleston Chews
Sugar Daddys
Bottle Caps
Large Chewy Sweet Tarts
The Candy Dots on a paper
Wax bottles w/ the juice in it

Go ahead - Add some more...
We are NOT finished purchasing so We need YOUR help!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

American Idol

Now that there isn't SO many people, I will start my opinions!

American Idol 2011
I really like the Judges this year.
I miss Simon.
Sometimes I think they judges are too nice.
There is a lot of talent this year.

My Favorites

I love her voice. [PERIOD] I describe it as [sexy].
Not sure if she will take on the title, however I think she is awesome.
I get excited knowing she's up next every Wednesday night!
VERY good performance last night.


LOVE her. Personality & Voice.
I think she picks mysterious songs choices sometimes.
She can really sing, but holds back.
I can see her taking the title home.
She did good last night. But I thought she could have chosen a better song.


He too, has a wonderful personality with great talent.
I love him & his voice. Not sure if I'd buy his CD, only because I'm not sure exactly
what genre he'd be singing.?.?.?
He did GREAT last night.


I like him. He has a good country voice.
His stage "movements" irritate me.
I do not understand why he chose last nights song. VERY odd song choice! Could have hurt him a little

The Others
- I feel he sings winey songs. Not that I don't like him.
-He just doesn't stand out to me.
-Wasn't the biggest fan of last night performance.

-Some days I like him. Some days I don't.
-I forget about him most of the time.
LAST NIGHT - I thought it was a good song choice for him.
about him. Thught he did well last night.

I want him to go home tonight. End of Story!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

William & Kate

Did anyone else watch this last night?
We sure did.

I haven't ever really followed their story, however I loved this movie about them. It was really great. They are really a beautiful, everyday couple.

A lOVE story is always nice to watch.

Here's the movie trailer:

& a sneak peak:

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Confession

I confess...
that I have been eating like a 300 pound man this past week.

I confess...
that I want to confess something BIG but I can not. Not just yet.

I confess...
I hit my neighbor friend with a doorknob... tied to a string... in the head when I was a young girl.
What can I say... She threw a basketball at me. [how evil was I?]
[I will kill my child if he/she ever does this act of manner to someone]

I confess...
that Aaron has only heard me [fluff] once in our lifetime together.
That's because he squeezed me so tight... He flipped out and was proud of me.

I confess...
I've been the worse housewife lately. Seriously...

I confess...
i love my new job.
It's getting easier to explain to people that I am a consultant for Pure Romance!

I confess...
that I believe in psychics.
[Don't think I've ever posted my experience before, have I?]


Weekend Plans

Ladies night out in Savannah tonight! :) THe hubby to be is fishing!
Work for a few hours tomorrow, then helping my bestie prepare
for her dance recital!
Sunday - Helping with the Dance Recital & then Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, & The Band Perry concert with a group of amazing friends!

Busy weekend!
Wishing everyone lots of FUN!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Things To Do

April 13, 2011
143 days to go

Invitations: Boy oh boy... I am just not mastering the whole invitation thing. After all the searching to find the perfect invites and no luck, I'm pushing this behind. I need to just settle on one. Blah Blah Blah.

Select Bridesmaids Dresses: I've done this. However, I have the want to change them. I have a new vision. I don't think this is a good idea... You will see why later. {The After Wedding Posts}

Favors: I've started my favors. We're doing two different things being I couldn't make my mind up between the two. One is more of a favor than the other. I'm trying to get creative with one and hand making the other. Time consuming. I'm having a blast. What were your favors?

Picking Music: We finally know the song we are dancing to as Husband & Wife. Out of ALL the songs we have, we picked a new one. I'm excited. There are other songs I do know I'm using & others that have yet to be decided. I'd love to hear what your First Dance song was? & You Father/Daughter Dance was?

The Venue: We need to schedule another visit to see out venue, The Belle House. ONE} They are upgrading certain areas. TWO} We need to map out everything. {Any Suggestions; What to think about}

Hair Trial: Appointment, Monday May 12th. {Any Suggestions}

Officiant: Meet with him and discuss further details. Yes, we have officially booked out officiant. I started to sweat a little. However, I finally got a hold of the person we originally wanted; A Teacher from our High School who knows us & our high school relationship well.

Rehearsal: We have booked our Rehearsal dinner @ a local restaurant called The Mill House.  We just have to meet with them sometime here soon to choose a menu. This place has a hugh variety of dishes. In the city of Statesboro, we are getting married, there aren't many options to choose from. We were completely fine with coming back to our hometown and having a low key dinner out by the ponds. Aaron's parents didn't really want to do that due to the distance between the towns. We understood. The Mill House will be perfect.

Click here to see My Wedding Dress!

What I'm looking forward to:

{of course everything}


The Bridal Bash

Hosted by: My Amazing Mother

 All of my Maids & My Mom, Aaron's MOm, & Aaron's Grandmother will be at my parents house working on wedding projects together.
They all get to see what this beautiful day will be about.
I am crazy excited to show the ladies everything.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guess My Wedding Dress....

Well, I've already splurged on the designer; Maggie Sottero
so now it comes down "THE" one dress?
Who will I be lucky enough to wear;
Austin, Calista, Ambrosia, Avril, Montana, Pasadena,
Savannah, Gisele, Sabrina, Saratoga

Maggie Sottero

Large View of the Austin Bridal Gown

Maggie Sottero

Large View of the Calista Bridal Gown

Maggie Sottero

Large View of the Ambrosia Bridal Gown

Maggie Sottero

Large View of the Avril Bridal Gown

Maggie Sottero

Large View of the Montana Bridal Gown

Maggie Sottero

Large View of the Pasadena Bridal Gown

Maggie Sottero

Large View of the Savannah Bridal Gown

Maggie Sottero
Large View of the Giselle Bridal Gown

Maggie Sottero
Large View of the Sabrina Bridal Gown

Maggie Sottero
Large View of the Saratoga Bridal Gown

Who is gonna guess her right?
Feels like....

I wanna to go home and crawl back into bed.

[note: never google 'poop'. take my word.]

Monday, April 11, 2011

Inspiring Bloggers

I LOVE what Aly & Molly are doing here!
VERY inspiring!
"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."
Grab the Button & Check it out!
Meet Aly
Meet Molly

Friday, April 8, 2011

Todays Journal

I'm seriously struggling with....
Myself? Other people? Or am I lost & confused. Defintiely lost & confused.
 That's how I feel anyway.
I'm so happy with life right now and everything in it. I have so much going for me. I have the most incredible man GOD could have ever blessed me with, who I'm getting married to in less than five months.
I have so much love & support from my family, as always. I'm surrounded by the best group of friends a woman can ask for. Daily life is extremely happy and everything... well I would like to say everything, but 99.0% of things are going better than I could ever ask for.

As I sit here and think to myself, I ask Who am I?
My answer: I'm a nice person. I love people. I love to make people happy. I strive to make people happy.
I never meet a stranger. Can't stand to see someone "left out". Include everyone as much as possible.
I have a hugh heart. I know this. I am a nice person.

Why... Why am I getting the brunt end of everything? I always have.
I  seriously feel bitterness and anger coming out in me... I've never been a bitter person.
People [some who know me very well, some who don't know me from a hole in the wall] keep starting jibber jabber or voicing their opinions about me that are throwing me for a loop. Thats where the confusion comes in. Why are people talking about me? I'm not even saying like... {Oh, I'm 12 and she is talking about me, can you believe it} It's more of...
Why is my name coming out of your mouth. I am here, in my own world having nothing to do with you...
why is it ME out of all people you pick to voice your opinion about.
To this person in particular - The last time I was around [it], [it] was sitting by itself all lonesome while everyone was being entertained and I made a point to include [it]. That was two years ago, so why am I even being mentioned? Why are you saying negative things about me? Why am I a concern? And I'm supposed to pay $75 for you to attend my wedding? Negative. You should be ashamed of yourself. And when you wonder why you didn't recieve an invite, be sure to do a self check.
Recently, I had a mysterious visitor in my professional job asking to speak to me outside.
Wants to ask me if I've been ugly about [it] on facebook. Seriously?
I have more to say about this but am going to withhold ALL of my personal feelings.
however [it] informed me [it] reads my blog...
Wow. [it] takes the time to read my personal blog and has the couth to come to my job
ask me something that [it] doesn't even know where it came from...
We don't even talk or communicate on a daily basis.
Quote: Someone told my someone that you were being ugly... I couldn't check it, so I figured I could
stop by your work beings I see your car everyday. Whaaatt?
Oh, can I see your ring? It's beautiful.
It... If you are reading now. Do us a favor and leave my blog. Get a grip.
If [it's] sister or childish buddies have something to say... Get off my blog. You should really take a look at yourself. I think you are your gang are nuttso. Never come to my job again. Ever.
This is my career. You have my blood steaming with... pissy-ness!
You are not welcomed here or there or anywhere around me.
The person who knows me... very very very well.
Why are you reading? I know you are. Why am I not important enough after 10 years to
fight through itty bitty stuff. Why am I not important enough to even comment back after reading my
You will always mean so much to me letter? Why do I waste time being sad and feeling lost while you hold your pride high. Why are you reading?
You always used to say, Jess everyone always picks you to tear apart. [laugh] I don't get it.
Well... welcome to the world of TEAM Jessica A____.
Why am I spending my happy time with a high burden? Because you are the piece missing.
Why am I letting you get the best of me? Because you mean that much to me.
Why are you reading?


Seriously, I know I {shouldn't let petty, issues get to me}. But that is who I am.
I care.
I know GOD doesn't give you anything you can't handle.
 The devil is winning this one. I'm struggling. But I will get strong.
I know I have other wonderful things in my life that I should be focused on.
You win.
I know time heals all wounds.
I've always been impatient.
I know everyone is going to respond with, Forget those people, Jess you are great, Don't let it bother you, write them off, or something really nice & uplifting.
Sometimes it feels good to feel pity. Venting is only natural.
I know I'm a nice person and have a big heart.
It's your loss. Or is it mine?

I'm going to make a vow right now to myself and free myself from
this bullpoop. I've let this linger too long.
Thank you for listening.
Thank you for hearing me.
Thank you for leaving my blog and never coming back. But you can't. Apparently I'm addicting.

Happy FlippN Friday!

Oh & if I hear...

Her Blog...
Oh your blog...
The blog...

I will seriously, flip out. If you have issues with my blog in some way, Go ahead and laugh at yourself. Why would you follow or read if you have the slightest grief againist me?
 Thank you.

♥ jess

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Family Love

Sunday, March 27, 2011
We took family pictures with Aaron's siblings
my siblings to prepare for Mother's Day.
Aaron & his sister, Bridget are anti picture takers.
Aaron has no choice because he is marrying ME, the picture-holic.

We originally planned to have pictures taken outside on Rambling Creek, where we all live,
however a storm blew in by the time this photo shoot was taken. We were able to take a quick, hurry...
sit on the ground picture riiiight before it started to pour. We went back to the house to snap a few
so the day didn't go to waste.

This is my nephew, Reid Avery.
Is he not  a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e?
"Show me your belly..."

Aaron, myself, Bridget, Patrick, & Reid
[The quick, hurry.... sit down on the ground and get a picture before
the storm blows in picture.]

Reid not sure what's going on....

The W_____ Family
 + one on the way

Aunt Jess & Uncle Aaron
& Reid

Brotherly, Sisterly LOVE

The End

The photo shoot with my siblings and seven little ones will
be on a later post. Too many pictures, not enough time.

Go HERE to view our
Jon & Kate +8 style picture

[Excuse Aaron, He lost 20 lbs since the Biggest Loser competition & has NO...
NO clothes that fit him. So forgive him for looking... baggy]

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Honeymoon is BOOKED♥

After A.L.L our honeymoon wannabes and changing our minds tremendously...
We've booked our honeymoon. Boy I tell ya, I am supa excited and ready for this get a way. We probably talk about our honeymoon twice a week. Only 4 months & 27 days to go. Holy BaGEEZus!

September 3, 2011 - The happiest day of our lives spent with all our favorite people, our wedding day!
September 4th, 2011 - Brunch with our families and out of town guests. And WHEN we feel like it, we will be on our way to Tampa, Florida. Spend the evening in Tampa in order to wake up and walk on board on September 5, 2011.
That's right. On board as in a ship. As in the Carnival Inspiration.
I've mentioned before, cruising wasn't our first or second or third choice when it came down to picking a honeymoon. Yes, I think cruising is the best way to go when it comes to vacations. However, We've been on five together. We were hoping to do some thing a little different. After all the searching and let downs, we decided that cruising was our best option & most affordable.

Why we chose Carnival?
We always go on Carnival Cruise Lines. We get special service. It's called the FUN SHIP and we always have a great time.

Usually we pick where we want to go and then a date for a vacation. However, it being our "honeymoon" we knew we'd have to leave on the 4th or the 5th. We REALLY wanted a day to chillax and recooperate. So, the 5th it was. The only Carnival Cruise that was leaving on the 5th was the Inspiration [which we've never been on, thank goodness] and departing from Tampa, Florida making our destination Grand Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico. We've been to both of these places, boo. It quite alright. It's a five day cruise; Monday - Saturday...

After getting off the ship. It's up in the air. Are we ready to head home? Maybe we want more alone time? [Hubba-Hubba]
We will either take our time driving home OR stay another night in Tampa, Florida!
The Carnival Inspiration Ship
We are staying in V18 on the Verandah Deck. Exciting because it's one of the highest upper decks.
Did that make sense? Hope so.

Our Room?
This is exciting for me...
When discussing our room, we were up in the air about it.
Most of the time we aren't in our room a lot. Only to sleep and refresh.
We decided that a basic room was fine.
Or so he thought. When showing Aaron our room, he saw this...
However, what he doesn't know is we will be staying in the Penthouse Suite.
I am soooo excited about this...
I never can surprise him. He usually gets to the surprises before me.
Com'on... It's our H.O.N.E.Y.M.O.O.N

The Pool[s]
Can I get a Miami Vice please?
Oh I am so ready for this.

Does that not look A-MAZING?
Uh Huh! It does.

Does that not look scary?
Uh Huh! [

& then you always have an "adult" pool.

Putt Putt?
We'll definitely do this. He thinks he is the super hero of all super heroes
when it comes to Putt-Putt.

The Casino!
Yes please!!!!
Roulette is our favorite of all favorites!
Aaron is pretty good. I like to pretend I'm a big shot and sit with
$50 of one dollars chips sitting our every other hand just so I can stay at the table long enough to matter. Uh Huh... that's me!
True story: Our last Cruise, June 2009 - We went to Jamaica. August 2009 I got a check in the mail for $109 saying I didn't collect my winnings from the casino. Who doesn't know they win?
Those darn Miami Vices, I tell ya!

Yes please!
Aarons favorite part of taking a cruise... Formal Dinner.
My favorite because I like being buttered up. [literally]
Yes sir... You can butter my bread! Thank You!
Yes Sir... You can place my linen in my lap. Thank You!
Excuse me Sir, Aaron has food on his mouth, could you wipe it for him? Thank you! [kidding]
We signed up for the late dinner, which is at 8pm.
We've never done the early dining, so I don't really know the difference.
I do know, late dining gives you more time to spend on the island & more time to come back and relax and get ready.

The Islands

Grand Cayman Islands & Cozumel, Mexico...

Cozumel, Mexico
We've never really done excursions when in Mexico.
Mainly we hit Carlos & Charlies and sip on the sweet stuff! [Daiquiri's]
But we can do that any other time.
Let's have some fun baybay!

Our Top Excursion Choices
*Clear Kayak & Snorkel Chankanaab National Park - [looks awesome]
*Beach Buggy & Snorkel at Punta Sur [seems very fun]
*Amazing Secret River - [this seems a bit spooky, but once in a lifetime kinda thing]
*Adventure Park Zip Line & Snorkel [ favorite]
We will FO SHO have to make a visit to the tiki bar.
Yes please!!

Grand Cayman Islands
We had a BLAST the last time we were here.
It's a very small, veerrry small island. So, I'm not sure there is a whole lot of choices.
We visited the turtle farm, which was pretty neat-to & we swam with Sting Rays.
NOT my cup of tea. I freaked out so bad when I saw the five foot monster sting ray swimming straight for me. I jumped on this random man behind me as he was
doing the "family" thing with his wife and two small children. Literally, I was performing the fetal position around this woman's husband. Thankfully, they understood. Aaron was so embarrassed. And he thought I was gonna feed them squid? Um, no thank you. I took my fancy hiney to the boat. Not my thing.
Not to mention they were wild. Yes, wild in the middle of the ocean. No thank you!
I am not Steve Irwin. In fact, if I were to compare myself to someone it would definitely be Vince Vaughn on Couples Retreat when the "shark attacked". That was me. Only with a Sting Ray.
True Story.
Sting Rays are very popular in the Cayman Islands. 
Therefore, our excursion choices are slim to none.
Deep Sea fishing. [We both would enjoy]
Swimming with the Dolphins. [We've done this before]
Snorkel on Star Fish Beach. [this sounds neat-to, however Sting Rays are involved]
The Beach.
Looks like Deep Sea Fishing & the Beach it is.
Maybe there is a surprise waiting for us on the islands.
Whelp! That concludes our Honeymoon.
Maybe I should say...
That's all I know about our honeymoon plans, because that's FO SHO not the end of it!
We are tickled to death & ready to... ... ...
[ & you thought I was gonna say TMI]

Monday, April 4, 2011

Standing Ovation for Darius Rucker!

Did anyone else give Darius a standing ovation in there living room, as I did last night?

via google

I'm 200% TEAM kids & adults with special needs.
I've always had a heart for special needs children & adults.
Best thing I did in high school was work with a few children from the special ED class. It changed my life and brought great happiness to my everday living. Since then, I've become apart of SOGA. Special Olympics of Georgia. It's been an extraordinary experience. My heart is full of love to help anyone with special needs. They do more for me, than I do for them♥

via google
The ACM's were on last night. It was great watching, as always. However, I never cry.
I cried last night. HUGH tears were dropping as the seconds past by. My heart was racing 90 to nothing, and I was wearing the biggest smile on my face. After this performance....

via google
I found myself of my couch, cheering this Country Singer and his talented special needs adults who sang behind him. I was clapping so hard, crying joyfully, and standing proud...
so happy and touched by this amazing performance. I could watch this over and over again. BEST part of my weekend!

I loved him as a Hootie & the Blowfish band member.
I love him as a country singer.
I love this man even more after this performance.
I have tears dropping as I type this.
He touched me tremendously♥


This weekend was really great!
It was busy. It was fun. It was busy.

Friday- Work til 6pm. Had my second party as a Pure Romance Consultant.
Saw my first boobie. Focus Jessica... Focus. Sold $406 in product to only five ladies.
Once again, I'm proud of myself. Finishing late, I stopped by a friends house on the way home...Where my man was playing poker with the fellas. Not to bust in on the men, but to say good bye to my very good friend, Cj. We've been friends for years, close friends. He is moving to Dallas in two days. I'm completely broken hearted by this, however I know this change is good for him. We've been through a lot together and I will surly miss him.
I really hate good byes. I don't like people leaving my life. It's never easy for me.

Saturday- Work again. Pooh on that. We were supposed to be camping this weekend.
Our annual camping trip. Last Years Camping Trip. However, everyone agreed to cancel and switch it to another weekend. That being said, I never never have plans. My weekends are always booked. Went home, found out my amazing fisherman finace' won the bass tournament he & his friend Michael were in. Yay! Due to him being up at 4am to start the tournament, Aaron was pooped. As I watched a little TV enjoying my time, Aaron fell asleep there next to me. I woke him up after three hours because I was restless and needed to explore. We got an invite to play some tennis at the courts a few miles from our house. My tennis skills came back. Ending the night with a visit to the Waffle House with my bestie Kristie & her hubby Michael! They are always fun to be around.

Sunday- Happy 27th Birthday to Michael Chavis.
Aaron killed his first turkey of the year, yay!
Beach day with my ladies, Danni & Heather. We go way back.
Drinking a few daquiris on the beach, eating boiled peanuts, & catching up on our everyday lives... Yesterday was a beautiful day.
Ended my night in my LOVE's arms, watching the ACM awards!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Day at the Beach

 a few photos from today...

a BEACH day with a couple of my favorite woman!

It was beautiful out. Breezy, Hott but not scourching, and fun!

Danielle, Heather, & myself

Tybee Island

Me and Danni soaking up the rays...
[too much. my forehead is a lobster tail]