Thursday, September 30, 2010

Instantly makes my heart flutter!!!!

I love this time of the year!!!
From NOW, until about Janurary 2nd
 [Haha, I love New Years]

Fall is my FAVORITE season!
It makes me feel so in love. It really does. I love the cool crispy air! I love campfires. I love the colors. I love Pumpkins. I love Boots, Scarves, Coats, & Hats.  I love the leaves on the ground.  I love scarecrows & Harvest. I love fall decor.
I love the fields where the crops grow.
There is something about this time of year that just makes me so happy.
I get SO excited to feel this way. There's no stopping it. Anyone else feel me?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!

I'm SUPA excited about this.
Aaron and myself are going to a pumpkin patch to pick MORE pumpkins!
I'm a pumpkin-holic every year, and this year I've been more crafty than other years.
I want to really do it up in the yard! 

I want my yard to look like a MUCH smaller version of this picture below!

&& Last but definitely NOT least...
Our favorite place to go during this season is Helen Georgia!
This is actually where we fell completely in love in 2001.
We were hoping to go there last year but we took a trip to JacksonVille Florida to watch the Lighting of the Christmas Tree at the JacksonVille Landings.

 Although, that was a weekend full of beauty & fun... it's still not Helen!
HOPEFULLY, if things fall into place like they should, Aaron & myself will be taking a weekend trip back to Helen! If you've never been, you should definitely go! It's beauitful!

Alright, well... I think I summed it up!
Everything I love about Fall is RIGHT HERE!
What do YOU love about fall?

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My HEART for Pumpkins!

I'm back and ready to roll! So, this weekend was my class reunion! It was WONDERFUL! We had about 45-50 people, which... wasn't what we wanted! But coming from a class of 117 that isn't too bad! The party was beautiful && everyone had a good time. Why no pictures??? My Camera is GONE! No where to be found! Frown!!! I know, my heart is broken! I had a ton of awesome pictures! We looked at a lot of old pictures that I had gathered from random people, watched the DVD that our class made the year we graduated filled with interviews, and shout outs. THat was a lot of fun! We had a sit down dinner which was fabulous, but a little stressful on my part. I did the food, with Mama's help! We danced the night away & a few of us ended the night with a cake fight! :D It  was a lot of fun! If anyone has pictures, I'll steal them and be sure to share them with you all! :D

So, it's Fall... My FAVORITE season!!! This week  I've been feeling the pumpkins! Every year, I always have a million pumpkins, all different shapes & sizes ALL over my house! I love them!!! THis year, I'm doing something different. I had a little inspiration from Megan over at In this Wonderful Life. She blogged about different varitey of pumpkins. Check it out HERE!

This is the picture that stole my heart...
&& gave me inspiration!!!
Google Image
My Fireplace at the moment only has 5 pumpkins
but I do plan to get my two large pumpkins like this photo&& a few more to fill the inside up!
Only black doesn't match my living room!
So, I went to my FAVORITE Store, Hobby Lobby & bought all shades of browns, golds, and even glitter!
To look something like these....

Google Image

I am SUPER excited && look forward to sharing my final project!
How about you? Are you doing anything Crafty in your home to spunk it up for Fall Weather?


Friday, September 24, 2010

I only paid shipping cost!!! CHECK.IT.OUT

Yay! Aaron's Invitations came in yesterday! A few days ago I was talking about his birthday coming up! 10/10/10

&& Matching Envelopes!!!

I want to give a BIIIIG thanks to my good friend, also my hometown friend, Caitlin over at A Journey from Miss to Mrs.  Caitlin is planning her beauitful, rustic themed wedding for next June! She seems to find amazing deals that come in handy!!! Was it a week ago??? I don't know, but she posted some awesome deals from, just click HERE to see! If you hurry, I'm sure you can still join in on the fun!!!

I've ordered quite a few things & also shared with other friends! I'm a HUGH stationary fan, so I have all my invitations I need for the year & a few christmas [small, fun] gifts already! The BEST thing is... it's FREE!!! You only pay the cost to ship it! Unless you upgrade. In my case, I did! I got the matching envelopes to go along with the invitations!

Now for the damage....
ONLY $6.84!!!!

They have more than invitations!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

it's been waaaaay too long!

Heeeeyy! Yes, its like 8 o'clock, I think and I'm blogging! NOT normal! But I'm sitting in the pedicure seat soaking my feet! My Love finally forced me to get a pedicure! They are my favorite & for weeks now he's been telling me to go! Earlier, I was at the house, painting the banner & making a picture board for Saturday & the bottom of my foot got caught on my pants! I joked as if it was my skin! Probably was! He handed me cash & said go! Me, thinking nooo waayyy I have so much to do, I quickly said, yeah right! He demanded that I went & said he'd finish the banner! Isn't he just wonderful?
Thought I might share! I'm headed out now, he's started! Time to relax!

Where I come from, we ride Mules....

Good Morning Friends!
I'm dragging this morning! Boo! My mind doesn't seem to shut off when I have a lot going on, so I didn't sleep last night! On the brighter side,  if you read my post from yesterday you learned that I've been a slacker girlfriend! Yesterday, when I got home, I decicated all my time to my man. Yes, I had a million things I could have been doing... but nothing is more important than him!
I walked in the door, put the groceries up, changed clothes, and headed out the door!
We didn't have anything planned, so we hoped on the Mule.
I can see you face right now...

You're thinking.. Wow, She really does live in an outside world!
What the crap, where does she live where they ride mules around!
No Silly... If you are picturing me and my man riding on the back of this guy....

[I'm laughing]
You're Wrong!!!!
Where I come from... Well, where I come from people do have mules,
but when I say we went riding on the mule, I mean this...

Mine & Aarons Mule looks JUST.LIKE.THIS.
No Hair. No Name. No Legs.
Just tires that run through mudd & sand!

Anyway, we rode it around. Through the trials & on the dirt roads. It was great!
It was MUCH needed time together doing silly, itty bitty stuff!
Came home, I cooked a good dinner & bundled up to watch a movie I don't know the name of, but was interesting! It was so nice! We both enjoyed it!
We forget to set aside the hectic life events for moments that matter most.

I get off today at 1:00pm YIPPY!
I have a lot of run arounds to do, so hopefully I can get it all done!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I won!!!!

I won my THIRD blog award!
I'm SO excited! a BIIIIG Thanks to Lori over at

Lori is a single mom to a handsome young boy!
She blogs about the things that interest her & life experiences.
Lori waits patiently, [it will come] for her happily ever after!
Make sure you visit her, she has some inspiring quotes to read!

There are rules for winning this award.
I'm supposed to give it to 15 new followers
unfortunately, I won't be able to do it today.
I will definitely do it sometime this week! :D

That was so sweet & kind of you to nominatee me!

HouseWife/Girlfriend SLACKER!!!!!

Oh have I been a HORRIBLE Housewifegirlfriend. I'm just like my Mother, the old fashion woman from the 50's who dotes over her man and has dinner laid out & ready to be cooked when walking in from work, or washing laundry daily so I don't have a massive pile, Ironing his work uniforms & making sure he has everything he needs for the next morning, keeping the Groceries stocked in the pantry, keeping up with the flower beads outside, and so for....

Of course I have lazy days. Of course, there are "PIZZA" nights. Of course there are days I don't touch a piece of Laundry. But, I have NOT been doing any of it... I've been so busy, and because of my LOVE for parties, hosting, & getting creative I  have neglected all of it, and I have neglected the ONE person that deserves to be doted over. As much as I do for him, this man does twice the work for me. You don't even have a clue. He wines & dines me all the time. He's been SO wonderful. Seriously, for the month of September Aaron has kept up with the Laundry [because I've let it GOOOOOO] I have been cooking... Okay some, but I have a REAL big issue with cleaning my kitchen and NOT leaving pots or pan in the sink, Well... I have been. I've been letting them soak in hot water with soap just so I can relax for two seconds before falling asleep. Not okay! On the nights I get home late, due to preparing, or making the crafts, or shopping for the "list" or setting up... Dinner has been on the table, ready to be served. Isn't he amazing? I do have to tell a funny little story... Okay he used to help ALL THE TIME with laundry, because that is the one thing I really hated doing, [although I hate being back up more] until he got fired for ruining TWO of my black dresses by washing them with towels [ on two different occassions]  Not okay... So, Anyway... I come home last night from decorating for my Class get together & [dinner is cooked and ready & Laundry is done] He says.. " J, I'm pretty sure I ruined your panties, but don't get mad... I didn't know they would wrap around four other pieces of clothing, so I had to cut them. It was crazy, & I don't know how to stop them from doing that." I just BUSTED out laughing. I was tired, really tired, and hungry, and here he is cooking dinner, straighting up the house, turning laundry, and worried about my pair of panties! He's wonderful. Plus, PantiesVS a black dress... Nothing to get upset over. It was cute! :D Here I am worried that I'm not doing my job, and he's worried about cutting my panties.

This post is a whole lot of NOTHING, and probably boring... but I always feel better when I write things down or even talk about it. I've been apologizing to him, & leaving sweet notes around the house and sending him sweet, fun cards thanking him, but still.... My Mama always taught me. Don't do or give more than you have not given your home first. Meaning, I stay late working on projects to satisfy everyone else, and I have not satisfied my life at home first. Bad girl! 
On the bright side, I'm SUPER excited about seeing OLD high school friends. I know it hasn't been that long, but we were a very close class. I still keep up with a LOT of the people I graduated with. Even the ones I didn't hang out with, I need make sure to stop in for a hello every now & then.  Coming from a small town, we only had 117 graduate in our class, which happened to be the biggest class yet [at that time] for our school. We don't have everyone coming, not even half, but we have a variety and a decent amount. I'm super ready, and i'm SUPER ready for it to be over because my life will go back to normal. I don't like not being on top of everything. It drives me bonkers. I don't like having control of my house. That's never happened before... It bothers be really bad. && I really don't like me not putting him first, because he always has been and he hasn't been for the month of September... His birthday is coming up 10/10/10... Maybe I'll do something extra special for him! :D We will see!

Thanks for listening. If you aren't, I understand. It was kinda pointless! :D HAPPY HUMP DAY Friends!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Suggestions for a GOOD Vaccum Cleaner?

Ohhhh, I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open this morning. I had a REALLY tough time getting out of bed! I'm so ready for September to pass by! As much as I loooove to host and give parties, I'm exhausted! They are so much fun & I really enjoy it, but I'm so tired! Last weekend, you know I had my MIL birthday party. GREAT fun, but I haven't recovered. This weekend, was pretty busy. Friday night, I kept my two nieces, Emily & Chloe. [I have pictures, but haven't downloaded them yet] We had a great time. Emily is one and sleeps through the night. Not Friday night! She stayed awake from 1:00am-3:00am starring at me. Occassionally she should laugh, ALMOST fall asleep, then be wide awake! I was up early making waffles, watching Hannah MOntana, & playing "Let's brush Aunt Jessica's Hair" by 7:00am. Saturday, after my sister picked the girls up, I wanted so badly to take a nap, BUT there were more important things that needed to be done liiiiiike Clean the house??? I had to attend my nephew's birthday party at 4pm that afternoon & at 6:30pm I had a cookout with my old Co-Workers from the Spa. That was great. Aaron and I didn't get home until 1am. Got up Sunday, Made Mr. Wonderful ♥Breakfast in Bed♥, and off to the building to decorate for our cousin's Baby Shower. [I'll post pictures this afternoon??? Maybe???] It was a wonderful turn out! But, by 5:30pm I was in my pj's & watching NFL football cozied up on the couch! Mr. Wonderful rubbed my feet & finished up the last bit of laundry while I passed out. Here I am Monday MOrning.... yauning like CrAzY! Struggling... and get to get myself prepared for ONE.LAST.WEEKEND. of hosting. A Class Reunion.!!!! No, I haven't been out for 10 years, but we were always a very close class so we are having one before our 10 year mark. I'd like to say more of a Class "get together". I'm actually looking forward to it. After that, my weekends... well they aren't slowing down, but I don't have to be in charge. Seriously, I'm e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d!

So, now that I am done complaining, What I AM looking forward to, is decorating my house for the fall! I ♥ pumpkins! Anyone else justt as excited as I am??? 
Also, Mr. Wonderful told me to price some Vaccum cleaners!  Yayyyy!Any suggestions??? I'm SUPER excited! Now, I don't have to keep using my mothers. What a pain it has been to tug hers back & forth. We are both big vaccum freaks... I feel my house is clean when I vaccum, even when it is NOT.

Now, on to more important things... making NEW friends!


Happy Monday Everyone!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday to my wonderful MIL!

My Pink Cadillac

[The Table were set up to look like Records...
 The Popcorn was for the Movie we made of her Life]

Each table had a different color, Singer, & Song


Everyone ate...

[Look Familiar?]

& Watched the Movie!
[No Pictures]

.... Then the party started!!!!!
Starting with Musical Chairs....

& Danced!

My Parents FINALLY made it over!

Grammye, Aunt Angel, Mrs. Kandi, Bridget, & Myself

Me & my dad dancing to our song, The Twist

She opened presents & cut the Cake....

Then EVERYONE broke loose

The Dj started with ALL the Grease songs...
& that's when it happened. That's when Aaron and I put on a show.
He even crawled on the floor for me, as I shoved him back with my foot!
 It was awesome!

Ya betta shape up, Cuz I need a man...
Hoo, Hoo, Hoo Honey...

It's Grease Lightning-ing-ing...

[Yes, we made the guitars too]

&& The Famous Soul Line...

&& The night ended with the Pink Cadillac

The End!!!!

ALL the props were handmade by:
Aaron's sister, Bridget
His grandmother, Grammye
& Myself!
We had SO much fun & it couldn't have turned out any better!