Wednesday, March 30, 2011

True Story.

Since I've been blogging, I've seen a great amount of inspiration & life.
I've met amazing people. Realized & have been educated about babies & pregnancy.
I've laughed, gotten angry, became sad...I've cried like a baby.
I've learned that my bad days are someone else's worst days of their lives.
I've been inspired by wedding & your every day living. Watching life through others eyes, is pretty incredible. Especially when there is a catch to the story, there usually always is.
I've been taught by all of you [strangers] that life can not be taken for granted!
Life is special everyday.

People ask why I blog.
Me? It's a documentary. Well, that's what it started off as.
Now? It's the book of life. Blogging has been an inspiration and has become a big part of me and how I feel or what I think. Sometimes, what I believe.
Thank you!
You have no idea what you do for me & how much you've touched my soul.

Aaron and I have been together for a little over 10 years. We've had a lot of struggles a long the way
in which describes our long term dating. Our struggles made our relationship. I would say we are pretty strong, however we have many years ahead of us. I know there will be many potholes awaiting. Many bridges to cross. Keyword: Together.
What I thought was tough in my relationship, is no where near as tough as what I'm about to start following
as of April 4, 2011.

True Story.

The Journey Begins April 4th

This couple is a hugh inspiration in my eyes.
Her words are written below...

Marriages are worth fighting for

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Aaron & Jessica plus 8!

My favorite people in the whole world...
wrapped in my arms!

John Aaron, Chloe, Angel, Reid, Addyson, Emily Grace, Ashlyn, & Austin

Are they not the sweetest boys & girls you've ever seen?
They are my
Lucky to say, we have one more on the way!

Being an Aunt is truly the funnest & most rewarding thing I've ever been blessed with. These children make me smile every time I see each one of their faces.  

Monday, March 28, 2011

Marry Me MOnday: Megan [LOVED her story]

Hey y'all! I am SO grateful and honored that Jessica asked me to be here today!! 
My name is Megan and I blog over at Mackey Madness. I have been married to my amazing husband for almost 6 months. I'm not going to pretend to know a lot about having a perfect marriage, but we have managed to grow, have fun, argue, and learn during our short time as husband and wife. 
We met back in August 2009 and things got serious VERY quickly. We were "officially" dating by October and we got engaged in March 2010. 5 months. Crazy fast, right? I would never have thought I would get engaged so fast, but we fell in love and couldn't wait to get married. I have had so many people ask me, "How did you know?" Well, honestly, you just know. I used to hate when people would tell me that. I wanted real reasons. Now, I see how true it is. We just knew. ; )
Besides that feeling that I got about my wonderful man, I wanted to share a few reasons why I knew he was the one for me. Justin is a gentleman...through and through. He opens car doors for me, doors to places, and does all the "manly" tasks. Even now, 6 months after marriage, he still opens my door every single time. I'm not saying that I wouldn't have married him if he didn't, but do you know how special that makes me feel every time? I feel like a princess, like a woman!!
He also is adventurous, active, and up for anything. Through our time together, he has always been up to the challenge when I want to do something. He has: carved pumpkins with me, gone mud riding with me, taken me fishing, hung out with JUST my girls and I, taken care of babies, baked cupcakes/cookies with me, gone on walks with me at any time, driven me wherever I suddenly wanted to go, and so much more.
Baking cupcakes for Halloween. 

Mud riding.
Justin is a hardworking man and LOVES his job. It melts my heart when he comes home with his eyes glowing as he talks about what he did at work. I love to see that passion in him.  He also knows how to have fun and act like a fool. He always makes me laugh and we have fun together all the time...whether we are out and about or sitting at home. He's a big time family man and his daddy is his best friend.

I hate to be cheesy when I say this (not really...I love cheesiness), but I hope that EVERY single one of y'all, male or female, finds their soul mate like I did. Someone to love you at every moment and to treat you right, all while having some fun. Life is too short to be miserable in a relationship...I learned that the hard way!

Thanks so much for having me, Jessica! I really enjoyed it!! : )


Are they not the cutest couple ever?
LOVED their story!
Thank you so much Megan!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Turkey Season, Fun.

Opening Day of
Turkey Season

The things we do for love♥
That's right. I'm sitting underneath a tree with my hubby to be....
waiting on this bird!

I'm not much of a hunter. Actually, when I was a kid [BIGGEST Disney fanatic of all time] and I watched Bambi for the first time, I thought... Who could kill an animal? I hated Bambi for that reason.
Who knew I'd end up marrying hunting-holic!

I pray for my sake, we don't see a turkey.
I pray for Aaron's sake he kills one. Yet I also pray for his & my sake I don't freak out!
Aaron is so excited about opening day. Earlier this week I walked in our living room to find him
sitting there, fully clothed in his camo, head mask and all... sitting on his butt pad by.him.self.
I thought poor thang! Until he made me do the same. I didn't cooperate very well.

[Butt Pad]

I must admit. I went turkey hunting with him ONE time last year...
and I have to say, it was more exciting than I thought. NOTHING like deer hunting.
I'm too hyperactive for deer hunting.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mama always taught me.....

...  to be the better person.
Sometimes, I wish I could speak my mind and just say what I feel.
If I could only say certain things, but I don't...

"I just smile, and say God bless." -Miranda Lambert  


I am in a terrrrrrific mood today, thanks to THIS post [Thanks Aly's Dad].

I promise to share my Spring Blog Swap gift, which is pretty amazing!
I hoped to take pictures of everything last night, however we had dinner with the family, celebrating Mama's Birthday.
Lindsey @ Lovin' My Life was my partner and she hit home. You'll understand why I have to take time with my photos once you see what she bought me! :)
THanks Lindsey!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Straight from the Heart

Happy Birthday to the greatest woman God ever created!
The woman to tucked me in every night. The woman who worked to make mends meet when me, my Brother & Sister were younger. The woman I used to cuddle up to as a little girl on her late nights coming home from work, watching I Love Lucy & Nic at Nite. The woman who I once thought was the best singer in the whole world... I remember being around 9 years old, singing in the car to Faith Hill, It Matters to Me! Mama was a rock star in my eyes. The woman who would rub my back when I wasn't feeling good, or dried my tears and hold me so tight when I had my first heart break. She helped me right my first three page letter to that crazy boy, she felt my heart breaking! She's the woman whose always believed in me and given me great confindence. The woman I have coffee with every morning. The mornings we have to miss out, just doesn't seem right. She is my biggest fan, my greatest role model. I know I can always count on her. She shares my dreams and hopes for everything I want in life.
I hope when we start our family, I am only half of what she is to me.
 Half the mother & friend she has been to me, Brian & Kim.
Mama, I love you so much. I can never give back what you've done for me!
As a little girl, I always told you,
"Mama, I wanna be just like you when I grow up...."

.... and I still say, "I wanna be just like you when I grow up..."
You're truly an amazing person and a hugh part of who I am today!
[Which is pretty awesome] ha!

Hope you have the happiest birthday ever!
XOXO, Your baby girl♥

My Song to you, the one we will be dancing with on the day you give me away to the man of my dreams!
The words are so perfect!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: A whole lotta everything!

164 days to go

People in General, "How is the Wedding Planning coming along?"

Me, "I love it.. It's been so smooth."

Okay, well I'll admit. I couldn't ask for a better three months of wedding planning. From the night we got engaged until now it really has been a lot of fun. Yes, there is a BUT. But, there are a few things that are starting to race through my mind. Time is ticking... I've only been engaged for three months. I remember saying, "Oh, we've got 9 months, we're good." Now... I caught myself saying, "Five months... Oh Laud!"
I am a very unorganized person. UNLESS it's something I put my true mind and soul in. In this case, I'm completely 150% organized. I've got it going on... I do! Well... Time is passing in a hurry and I can NOT make my mind up about certain things.

As Noah says on The Notebook to Allie, "When I see something I like... I gotta... I  love it"
Okay, in my case it's different. But yes, when I see something that I fall completely in love with, there is no turning back. I want it. I get it. Someway, somehow.
Well... It's not so easy when it comes to invitations & honeymooning.
Also, I've always been a quick decision maker. Mama always taught me to follow my heart. I do 99.9% of the time. I know what my heart wants. I know if something is what I'm looking for within five minutes of judging it. Make Sense?

Let me start with everything [WE] have decided on:

Venue: The Belle House [In LOVE with it] Ceremony & Reception
Color Scheme: Robin Egg Blue, Shiny Gold, and a small dash of watermelon pink.
However, it's now changed to more than a small dash of pink... Vintage Pink.  Not watermelon anymore & it's not really a small dash either. 
I still only consider my colors as Robin Egg Blue & Gold, however... pink seems to be a color as well.
Caterer: Rj's Steakhouse & Menu / Sit down dinner
Bridesmaid Dresses -Bari Jay : Style 103 : Color - Mocha
Flowers - Local Florist [Not doing a lot of flowers]
Music: Band Dj -However changed my Dj. Found The perfect Dj  at this past Bridal Show. I'm all about entertainment. Knew I wanted them just 5 minutes into the conversation!
The Cake: Cake Corner Bakery -Was more exited about introducing the Cake rather than the Cake itself, until I designed it myself, with Mom's help. After tasting Publix cake at the Bridal Show, I wish I would've went with them. But every loves Cake Corner, so it's still all good.
Grooms Cake - We aren't having one. Aaron said he did not want one.
 "it's pointless & I don' get it" says the Groom [Men!]
Ceremony Decor: At first, was thinking.. Plain & Simple. However... The more I looked into our vows & Officant. I realized, this will be the most important part of the day. Very excited about our Decor. Yes, we are completely ready for the Ceremony.
THE Dress:  It's Perfect & at my parents home as we [type]. Maggie Sottero: ********
Do ya know how bad I wanna share this? I'm having the HARDEST time keeping this from everyone. Actually, I haven't done well at all. I don't get why it's a secret? No, I have not shown or described it to my Groom. Pretty sure my Groom wil NOT be able to get me out of this dress the night of our Wedding
... Debating whether to change before we leave. Yes, we are leaving our reception ... like the old days!
The Veil: It's ready to be on my head. [DIY]
Photography: 10 hours, Yay! Images of Georiga - By no means am I dis-ing my photographer. I love them. However, I do wish I would have waited a tad longer to book, because I ran into a beautiful photographer that I "thought" was waay out of my price range, but ended up being in our price range at the bridal show. She shoots a rustic/vintage look. [Aaron and I are paying for our photographer]
Bridesmaids Gifts: Have been working on these since day two of engagment. I love all my maids [9]. They deserve great gifts. [I sure hope I'd love them all, right?] I want them to be everybit of personal. So, I'm 75% done with them...But not quite.
Groomsmens Gifts: Getting Creative with these as well....
I'd say 40% ready. Far from finished.
Thank You Cards: Ready to be written out. These are something I believe in VERY much.
Bridal Accessories: I have my earrings... but there is a catch. I'll share after the wedding. Still need shoes, other jewerly, etc.
Make Up: Last Thrusday, My Bridesmaid Holly & I went for my first make trial.
I definitely looked "fancy" but in a good way... I guess?
Officiant: Missed our meeting with him on the 2/26/11 - Next Meeting 3/26/11
Vows: We are writing our own... to an extent! Very excited about this.
Tuxedos: [Yes, Cumberbun & ALL]
Something Old: Check
 Something New: Check
 Something Borrowed: Check
 Something Blue: Check
Music: Music is a hugh part of me and Aaron. Aaron has never been one to pour his heart out in words. Only in music. He'll say, Hey Jess... I have a song I want you to listen too. Whether it be a love song. An I'm sorry song. A please forgive me. I love you and appreciate you. We have many songs, so I'm having a time to put the perfect ones I want to use for certain parts of the wedding day.
Musician: Pianoist at the Ceremony
Wedding Hair: For a minute there, I thought I'd be asking my personal hair stylist to create somethig crazy. Up for the Ceremony, Down for the Reception. She laughed at me. Knowing me... I'd get my panties in a wad if it weren't right & freak out, as I did my Junior Prom. Only if I weren't so picky. 
99.9999% going for this look...

Reception: Rustic/Vintage
Being we have 30 tables of 10, we have a lot of tables to be decorating.
For the most part, all my tables will look the same. However, each one will have something a little different about them. This is my favorite part and the area I'm most excited about. I can not wait to see our final outcome.

For my issues... [frown]
There are only a few things I can NOT make my mind up about.
Let me just say, Any party or shower I've thrown or hosted, invitations were a "must be cute"!!!!
Not sure if I want to make them. I have other things I want to spend my time on rather than invitations. I found the p.e.r.f.e.c.t invitations, however I do not want to spend $600 on them. When I say perfect, I mean.. holy cow, nothing could be better than these invitations to match everything we're doing. Let me stress that I do NOT want to spend this amount of money on something that a) will hang on a refridgerator for a few weeks b) won't be captured in photographs c) most people do look at invitations, but a lot of people don't care about it. I rather put money elsewhere. I wanna say, My wedding day was perfect. Not: My favorite thing about my wedding day, was my invitations. Because inviations are sent out 6 weeks prior too. Right?
I'm a creative peson, so I feel that our favors should symbolize me & my groom.
However, I can not decide what I want to do. At first I had like 4 things I wanted. Clearly we can't afford to do all four. Plus, people may think we're nutts-o. I've narrowed it down to two. This is something we are paying for also. My parents are paying for so much and I can not just expect them to fork out money galore.
I'm pretty excited about both ideas, however... [I'll leave it at that]
Ugh! We've been from St. Lucia to Jamacia [We've been there] to Key West to Ameila Island, Florida to  Cruising [to who cares where] to Catalina, California to El Dorado Resort -Cancun Mexico to the Virgin Islands, to here to there...
Last place I looked into... Geez, did I fall in L to the O to the V to the E. I just knew I found the place and it was just going to work out for us. The Resort at Paws Up - Montana. We would be staying in one of these....

It's called Glamping
AKA Glamorus Camping
White Water Rafting, Horse Back Riding, Hiking, Hot Air Balloon, Fishing....
Aaron and Jessica ALL OVER.
Yes, these luxury tents have electricity.

Ordered a Bourchue, Called for a Quote
$5,102 [Not including air OR ammenities]
The Resort at Paws Up

I'm getting bummed. Seriously.
Aaron and I do NOT want to spend thousands of dollars because
1) We don't have it to fork out with all the other wedding must haves
2) We are hoping to be 100% debt free by our wedding, if not by Thanksgiving.
Spending thousands of dollars on a honeymoon wouldn't be very smart money wise.

We can cruise, yes. And we would have a blast crusing. I've always said it's the best getaway.
But, I reeeeealllly wanna go somewhere different. We cruise a lot.
 [5 Cruises together & He's been cruising since he was 5 years old]
 I want our honeymoon to be perfect and extraordinary. Like no other. I don't think I'll find that without spending gracious amount of money.
I'm super bummed.

Welp, That's all folks!
That's where I'm at with my planning...
Only FIVE months togo! Starting to feel the crunch time butterflies.
SO SO SO ready to marry my one true love

Monday, March 21, 2011

First taste as a Business Owner = She's a Bad Mam'ma Jamm'ma...

Exhausted? 110%
Friday Night - The hubby to be and I had a date with Bass Pro Shop and Target.
Had intentions of grocery shopping at Walmart, but learned tht Target was just as good for the items we needed. [30 Smart Ones]  Our reasoning for hitting Target was because my dearest, hometown, blog friend Caitlin @ A Journey from Miss to Mrs. had her first wedding shower. Being we got caught in Bass Pro Shop for entirely to long... it lead us little time in Target. Wedding Registry? I realized I can not do this kinda thing. I was running in circles. Caitlins invitation had a recipe card attached to it asking for one of our recipes.
My mind instantly thought, Homemade Chicken Alfredo. I had all intentions of buying everything that went with this recipe. Food, [minus the Chicken and Broccoli] Frying Pan, Cutting Board, Etc. Being I stink at findind items on a registry && we were running out of time before Target closed. I left it with Aaron... Ha!
While I grocery shopped. Caitlin got the most random items, however "well, they were all on her list." [Quote Aaron] She still got the food to go with the recipe, however not a pan or cutting board.

Saturday - I had to work from 10am - 2pm. This was a day that didn't reeeeally have a lot going on, to everything. I went everywhere this day. Got up, showered, got ready. Filled my car up with gas. [my car had been out of gas for three days and had been using Aaron's truck.. I ran out in my driveway. ??? Who does that?] Headed to work. Clocked out. Dollar General. Bi-Lo. Office Max. Now headed to the Shower.
We live in a small town, so I was able to see a lot of people. It was great. Never seen so many woman in my life. I believe she opened gifts 5pm. [It was a Drop In] Left later than expected [I talk too much], headed home to do my cousins hair. [Voted -Most of hair I've ever dealt with] Took me three hours from start to finish. Time- 7:00pm. I've mentioned once before that I joined the Pure Romance Team. I am a consultant and even though I'm new at this... I'm very fimiliar with this company. Very good friend of mine, Karen works for this company and has been trying veeeerrrry hard for YEARS to get me to join. Well, Aaron and I decided it would be a great opportunity to start, so we can [hopefully] be 100% debt free by our wedding day. I had my product but didn't have a clue what I was doing to prepare for my FIRST SHOW that very next day, Sunday. So I put everything in my tubs and headed to Karens house, where she helped organize my showcase and guided me. [Karen is crazy successful at her job. I wanna make HALF of what she makes] Being I've hosted many, many, many shows for her for many, many, many years... I had a really big head start. I have also been shadowing her for weeks now, paying attention to everything. I left her house at 10pm. LONGEST DAY EVER!
Sunday - Was I nervous? Oh yeah. But felt so prepared and on top of things. Got up. Cooked Breakfast. Aaron left for Fishing & I jumped in the bath. Got myself ready and started getting everything together.  I went through all my stuff and practiced in my living room all morning long. Yes, my couch pillows were the best listeners. I set my display table up multiple times and before I knew it, it was that time to throw my clothes on and head for Metter, GA. Yes.. I still felt good, but was nervous at the same time. I left my house earlier, leaving me time to get lost. I texted my sister "I'm gonna need for you to give me a HELL YEAH, You got this, please!" Well she did and then she called me and boosted me up. When arriving I wasn't terribly nervous. Got in, set up and was ready to rock N roll. How'd the party go? Let's just say, I sold $600 of product and accessories! Being I made $240 after taken taxes & shipping out.
She's a Bad Mam'ma Jamm'ma!
MY first show ever. EVER! Definitely gave me confindence and the want for more.
 Holy Moly!
My goal was to sell $100 dollars and book another party. I didn't book a party, however I have a few ladies interested. So, I will be making calls... I will get my party from them.

Aaron worked all weekend as well. We was on call, so he fished in between, but had a veerrrrry busy weekend at Badger. He said they worked him over.
After my party. I went BACK to Karens house so she could show me how to enter everything and re-order. Once again, another late night. Got home around 9pm, around the same time  my Aaron was walking in the door.
We were BOTH exhausted and pooped. We Ate. Took our showers and hit the pillows.

Monday- My body hates me. Tonight will be an EARLY night for the both of us.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Day of Silence [for Japan]

My ♥ breaks for the families in Japan.
I can't even begin to imagine!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patricks Day in Savannah, Georgia!

 Kiss me, I'm Irish...
Are YOU wearing your GREEN?

Have you ever been to Savannah, Georgia on St. Patricks Day?
Ohhh... It's a must at some point in your life.
Everything is GREEN!!!

You gotta be ready to just have a good time.
People come from all over the world! Sad to say, I am stuck in my office today! It stinks!!!
First time EVER. Wait.. I'm lying. I didn't do the parade thing last year, but for a very good reason!
My best friend Danielle, pictured above, never misses a St. Pattys Day. Her entire family [who I call family]
has a certain spot where they set up a tent as party hard. Since we've been Besties, I've always been right there with them. We sit on Bay Street [Main street the parade runs down] and watch, drink, dance, and have a good time.
We do this every year. Last year at this time, Danni was in the hospital due to having a serious case of Merca, Staff Infection. She actually was released on St. Pattys. I sat home with her, and watched the parade on Television.
So, these pictures of us were actually from St. Pattys Day 2009. It was a good one!

Me & Aaron.

I played the Drums a little....

Some of the ladies sporting our G.R.E.E.N

Me & Danni

One of my FAVORITE pictures!

There is nothing greater than hearing the sound of the men playing one of bagpipes.
However, Not Aaron. I actually have this on video, but it wouldn't let me download it.

I sure do miss not being apart of St. Patricks Day 2011.
One of the down falls on being a grown up! :(

However, What I am looking forward to today, is
1] I'm working a half day
2] My Bestie Holly is meeting me for lunch
3] Today is my first make up trial for my BIG DAY! SUPER excited!

Here are a few pictures of what Savannah, Georgia looks like on this fun & exciting day....

We've never really walked ON THE RIVER, like this picture. This is a little TOO much for me!
We stay on Bay Street where it's crowded, but NOT like this. It's so much fun!
However, On a normal day to day... Walking the Savannah River is beautiful!

Best sounds EVER.
Bag Pipes!

You may or may not know someone who is walking in the Army, The Marines, Air Force....
But it's veeeerrry normal to put on your RED lipstick, pick a cutie out, and give kisses on the cheeks.
I love NYPD. Those men are the hottest!
[Yes, NYPD do travel all the way to Savannah just to walk the parade.]

Everyone is GREEN!

You look NORMAL, even dressed like this....

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yay, Brad & Emily♥

Okay okay... SOOOO much to say! I'll start with ...

I could not be happier for Brad and Emily!
 Yay! I haven't danced in my living, sweated under my arms, nor have I had the yucky scary feeling in my tummy as I did last night in.a.very.long.time! Boy, was I going crazy. High & Low moments!
Me & A Journey from Miss to Mrs.,Caitlin were texting like crazy....
It was great!

My Thoughts & Opinion on last nights show

Chantal meeting Brad's family- It went well. She was carefree and happy.
Someone, please tell me there is at least ONE of you out there that when meeting your beau's parents, better yet MOM... You told her how "awesome" she was that night.
I finally realized why I never pulled for her last night. Do I think she fell in love with Brad, yes. But geez, I feel she is a push over. Trying too hard. I love you. You better put the ring on my finger. Just marry me already. blah blah blah. Racking my nerves.
LOVED the map she drew. That was awesome & the letter she wrote to follow was pretty great too. I have to remind myself that she did put her heart out there.
Sharks? Let me just say... I love my man very very very much. Always have. Many of times I would have done a lot to prove my love. However, I will not jump in a pit full of frogs for him. No way, never will. Deep water was Chantals biggest fear, not alone deep water with great whites. Stupid, Brad would have had to send me home.
That being said, It was pretty cool. [ha!]
Overall, I thought their date went really good. But I did notice, he didn't touch or kiss her much.

-Emily meeting Brad's family...
Okay, I was nervous. They really liked Chantal. Emily looked amazing, of course.
Hated seeing the families face when Brad informed them she had a 5 year old. My heart dropped as well as all of their faces. My heart dropped more when the younger brother asked about the "dad". Awkward? But good... They were all broken hearted. I was proud of Emily for saying it so strong. I broke down in serious tears, when Emily was talking along with Brad's mom. I loved how open she was with all of them. Seeing his mom crying over "My favorite part about what Emily said was... She said he was her Angel."
Boo whoo... I was bawling.
Their last date? WTH? Boring and he looked like he didn't want to be there. I was soooo nervous and freaking out at this point. But my gut said the show was just doing that to screw with our mind & hearts. Again, back at the house. Brad's words to Emily were to die for. I wanted her to shut her trap when asking over and over again about being a dad... however, I can't imagine. This is her FIRST time letting a man in Rickis life, let alone going to be a father figure. I could see both sides of the fence here.
When saying goodbye to Emily, I knew she was the one because Brad did not want her to go. Quote Aaron, "He had no problem saying Bye to Chantal."

The FINAL ceremony....
I knew whoever was going to be seen first was the goner. I hate Chantals hair up, however she looked really pretty. LOVED her dress. I was really nervous for her... I was.
Then, Brad speech... she was at awe until.. "This is where it gets hard..." Man, I can't imagine what she felt like because I had to get Aaron to pull the dagger our of my heart.
Seriously. Her tears were so real and I pretty much saw her heart through the black dress burst and die. I hate broken hearts, and though I was TEAM EMILY all the way... I was broken for this girl.
Then Emily... Brad's smile was so real and happy knowing Emily was on her way.
She too, looked great. His words.... Oh my! Gosh, they were awesome. Aaron swears he wasn't, but I'm pretty sure Brad Womack got to Aaron too. His words were incredible.
The Ring... My ol' my. Beautiful. However, I'd pissed that he didn't even have any part in picking it out. I guess that's how it goes? I don't know being this was my first season watching. I couldn't have been more excited and happy with the turn out of the show

Someone, PLEASE show me where Emily is LACKING Emotion?


The After Show...

This is what every ones talking about. I won't lie. I was in shock when hearing Brad say they actually broke up & that March 14th was their actual wedding day but.....
Let's bring Emily out.
Okay... I'm sooooooooooo annoyed with the media & feel like going off on these people.
The entire world was TEAM EMILY. Never did I see... "I want Chantal to win" whatsoever...
Now that the to have admitted they are struggling, She's no good. WTH? He picked the wrong one? Did he really? Chantal is already dating someone else? Which is a crock of crap. She's still in love with Brad [& that's okay] and to her saying "I've found the one". Bull crap sweetie or you wouldn't be crying, begging for answers. That's why you weren't picked because, once again... you are trying too hard and forcing love.
Ya can't force love. It won't work.
 Yes, we all knew Chantal was loving him... so why now that the "fairytale" isn't a fairytale, Emily is trash? A Bitch? Snotty? Oh, I see the real side now? Question for all those crazy people... Do you show your blog friends/In Laws/Your Children's Teachers/Preachers & Pastors/Your Doctors/Neighbors your winy side? Your grumpy side? Your crazy temper tantrums? Your insecurities? Your... whatever it is you have.. because we ALL have something. You probably don't.
Because Brad referred to "Sweet Little Emily" having a different , big deal! We all do and if you say you don't... I'm giggling at you. Let me tell the world... There are two people in my life that get my yucky side. That's my wonderful Man & my mother. Everyone always asks me, "Jessica, why are you always so happy?" "You are always in a great mood." "Do you ever have a bad day?" OF COURSE. Ask those two people.
REAL RELATIONSHIPS have good and bad and difficult times.
As much as I always dreamed of having the fairytale... thought everything was supposed to b e perfect for the longest time [I struggled, but woke up & smelled the coffee].. well, I do have my fairytale & it was the hardest thing I've ever done and it's STILL not over. But we are strong now. I think that's what Ryan was saying to Brad and Emily. It's the struggles that make you strong. I could NOT agree more. You think 50 years of marriage is perfect day in & day out? No way.
I respect Emily NOW more than ever. I like her more and more.
Everyday relationships are not South Africa Picnics or Elephant rides. Who does that? TV!
I.could.not.imagine.watching. my man kissing and touching other woman when I thought... When EMILY thought her and Brad had the only chemistry. Of course it stirs things up, if it didn't... THATS when theire is problems, because it's fake.
The show has only been off air for four months.
Saying, "I want a fresh start. Now that all that is over, I want an everyday, reality relationship."  Is SO smart. After ALL the BACHELOR/Bachelorette Shows, there were only three couples who have made it. THREE. I think they all gave great advice and
I hope and pray for Brad and Emily. I believe she is in love with him, just as he is very much in love with her. No relationship is perfect it's so healthy & normal to struggle.
The people who play perfect life...usually are the ones who are screwed up & very unhappy. Did we NOT see the love between the two when they were watching their proposal? Sparks!

Not wearing the ring?
Okay, I didn't notice it until a friend pointed it out. I was a bit curious. However, they BOTH said they were still engaged at the beginning of the show, so I wasn't freaking out.
Then... Good ol' Brad answered ALL of our worried hearts...
It was being resized.

Only half of me feels the need to apologize for sassy words... 
I do apologize if anyone is offended or disagrees with me.

The Next Bachelorette...

If you read & viewed my post yesterday, You saw all the deleted scenes from the show.
Ashley was all over the place, therefore I had a gut feeling she maybe be the next Bachelorette...
and judging by her reactions to the episode when all the ladies were brought back...
I'm really looking forward to it. We will see.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Cheers to the newly weds

Congratulations to
 Brad Womack & Emily Maynard!

Couldn't be any happier♥
My thoughts and details will be up tomorrow!

Tonight is THE night, Bachelor Fans!


am soooo excited and beyond pumped to watch tonights episode. I am still pulling for Emily, and whether the spoilers or not say it's Chantel, my gut has always thought Brad was diggin Emily way more than Chantel. However, I will add that he has had great connection with Chantel, until Emily told him she was falling in love with him. I'm pretty sure that's what did it. Pretty postive! That's just my theory anyway!

Somehow I ran into this first video below last week. I'm a hugh fan of Ellen Degeneres. Her show is really great. Not sure when, buuuuut Michelle Money was on her show and it's pretty interesting. Maybe the producers of The Bachelor did help Michelle look like a creepy monster. Take a look!

Being I watched that clipping through youtube, I was able to see from the sidebar other deleted scenes from the show. Some are interesting, some are funny!

Brad & Emily

Brad & Chantel O

There wasn't any of Brad & Chantel [One on one] --- BIG sign!
Fun deleted scenes

-This is EXACTLY why Ashley went home. Wow! SHe ruined it for herself. Wow! I'm shocked!
Will Ashley MAYBE be the next Bachelorette? Hmmmm...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Confession... 'Boy oh Boy'


I confess... I am one of those annoying people who put their blog address instead of the address for the specific post. I'm sorry. [ha] It's seems easier, but I promise Mamarazzi  to not do it anymore.

I confess... that my house looks as if a tornado ran through it. American Idol & The Bachelor has been far too important this week.

I confess... I started my own business. One week ago. Nervous? Yes. But it's worth it and we have a plan. Ever heard of Pure Romance? Yes, I am a health & sex educator. I confess I have no problem-o talking about sex.

I confess... I start my morning jammin' to Justin Bieber "Baby" everyday while I'm getting ready for work. I love his music. Okkaaaay... I also confess that he gives me what the Backstreet Boys used to give to me... The twinkle in my tummy. You have to admit.. JB is the cutest thing.
I confess... I'm obessed with The Bachelor. I've actually gathered my friends who are just as crazy about it to meet up on my FB page this monday, so we can discuss Monday nights show. It's sad how bad I'm looking forward to it. Join in. Find me on FB - My Facebook

I confess... I pray e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y that I not get hysterical during my Wedding Ceremony. I'm a hugh cry baby and get joyfully teary when I even think of "Seeing Aaron for the first time" on that day.

I confess... I broke down in tears when riding to work yesterday morning when hearing Sara Evan sing 'A Little Big Stronger" on the radio. I confess I am struggling with a certain person in my life. Which explains my terrible mood yesterday. That was the first time I've cried [because I was sad] since October 2010.

I confess... I've been writing a blog post [Journal Type] since January. Only it's saved as draft.

I confess... that I knew when getting dressed this morning that there was an ink-like marking on my top, however still wore it to work.

I confess... I want to ask parents if they keep the snot stuck to their face when having a cold, because they have no care in the world to wipe it off their childs face. It erks my soul.

That wraps it up!
 Happy Friday Folks!
Good Day & Make Memories this weekend!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Weekend with a ONE year old!

Miss Emily Grace
Friday I clocked out @ 6pm. Headed to my sisters house to pick up my sweet 18 month old niece,
Emily Grace!
She is so precious & has the best personality. We have a lot of fun keeping our nieces & nephews.
However, we've never kept any of them for an entire weekend. That happened this past weekend.
We really had a wonderful time!

Picked Emily up. Danced the way home to isty bisty spider. Uncle Aaron was waiting for us.
Changed the little princess & myself. Out the door we went. Wait... I forgot to mention all the extra stuff we had to bring.
Baby Doll - CHECK
Car Seat- CHECK
Diaper Bag - CHECK
Gold fish - CHECK

We headed out the door to dine at Longhorn Steakhouse. Yum! Emily was about to fall asleep as we drove up so I was a little worried. 30 minute wait... Not bad. We'll wait.
Moment that melted my heart- Emily holding both mine and Aaron's [one] finger walking in! How sweet!
As we waited outside, we had to entertain. 
Let's feed Aunt Jess & Uncle Aaron goldfish... over and over and over again. 
We rocked baby asleep and then played horsey on Aunt Jess' legs & played where's Aaron nose, Aunt Jess' Nose, & Emily Belly Button!
It got windy so we decided to go inside. Emily already had a stuffy nose so we didn't want to make it worse.
Weirdest Moment:  Emily went straight up to a lady who looked a lot like my sister. We are pretty sure she thought this lady was my sister. She climbed in her lap, laughed, and spoke baby talk to her. Then laid her head down. This was precious to the entire party of 12 that was with this lady, who also was "due" in three weeks. She loved it. I'd say we were a little embarrassed. But it was cute. Until their table was called.
Emily was very good and used her good manners while we ate at the table. However, It was her bedtime and she was getting tired. I gave her meds. .... .... .... DROWSY? Yes! She started to get irritated yet was very good. Aaron thought we should leave. No way. It's okay. We will make due. I set her in the highchair, stuffed her jacket around her and used my jacket as a cushion. She and her baby laid right there and went to sleep. Only for a little while. She's too cute not to talk to.
Moment that melted my heart: ONE- She wanted Uncle Aaron to feed her. TWO- [may sound ridiculous] watching Aaron change pour her juice into her cup. Never seen that before. I'll admit, I'm smiling gigantically as I type this. I can see my future in his eyes last night. OUR future. It was great!
FIRST TIMER for Aunt Jessica- using the family changing table. Okay, so I was a little nervous. I wanted to make sure I changed her pants before we got in the truck, because I knew she would be out like a light.  That think did NOT look as if it would hold her. So I propped my leg under it while changed miss Emily. I was a bit nervous, however my attention was taken away as soon as Emily saw the ladies feet under the stall beside us. She started baby talking very loud and pointing. It was hilarious.
She was out like a light the very second we put her in the truck.
Uncle Aaron carried her in...

... just like this.
The next morning this precious angel woke up around 7am. Which was great because I was up already.. I didn't sleep worth darn the entire night.... Seriously, I probably slept three hours. I made the mistake of putting her in the room with us. Em has a cold, so she was very snotting throughout the entire night. I was freaking out. I had to work Saturday from 10am-2pm, so I put her in made with Uncle Aaron while she took a second to reeeallly wake up. He loved it. She kept poking him and then would laugh hysterically. It really melted my heart completely. When Aaron would walk out the room, she'd look at me and hold her hands up and say, "where he goooo?" Big smile!
I fed them breakfast and got her ready for Grandmas house. After clocking off, I went straight there and picked her back up. I'll be honest, I was sooooo tired. We came back to the house and played for a few hours. Chloe, Emily's big sister was staying with Grandma & Papa for the weekend, so she came over for a few hours to play also. Candy Land QUEEN! Emily went down for her nap & then was up ready for the night. Dinner & Play time.
Around 8:30, she was ready for bed... [Please Lord, Let my child be as good as her] Almost asleep and Aaron came in from fishing. She was up for a bit, so they played.

On again... off again!
On again... Off again!

The same morning routine, however I did not have to work. This time, we figured we let her meet Reid. Our nephew from Aaron's sister. They had a ball at Aaron's Moms house, which is next to ours.

Reid pitched a fit when we left. Not because of us... It was all her!

We played more .....

She put the glasses on and said...

and then after her nap we took her to McDonald's & headed home!

So pretty!

The weekend was wonderful & we'd have little Emily over in no time!
She was very happy to see her Mommy & Daddy!
Aunt Jess was exhausted & Uncle Aaron's was for sure made up about babies!
He's reeeeeallly ready for them!