Monday, March 29, 2010

A Sleepless Weekend

Our weekend was wonderful as always.  It came and it left. It was so fast I think my body forgot to sleep. Starting friday, I clocked out at 6 o'clock sharp. Ventured over to Mill Creek to watched  Chloe & John Aaron play some ball. Unfortunatley they both lost. But... You should have seen them. They were too stinkin cute in their uniforms. I came home to find out we wereskipping out on doing house work. [UGH!] Aaron hasn't been feeling great with all the pollen, so instead we watched "The Wedding Planner" on TV. [It's a Classic]
Saturday morning I had to work. :( Aaron turkey hunted with Michael Chavis [They were close, but No turkey] and then later he Fished by the ponds with Joe Howell. After getting off, I had to run some errands and then hurry home to prepare the food for the Birthday Bash that night. Which was a great turn out. A lot of friends came to celebrate. Sunday! Ohhh... rough start. [Thanks to the FAMOUS Long Island Iced Tea] But I did make it over to cut Aunt Teresa & Richards Hair. As much as I planned to focus on house work, I got very little accomplished, due exhaustion. Instead I sat down to relax along w/ my love and Joe and watched two awesome movies. Law Aibing Citizen & Blind Sided. They are the kind that's worth watching twice.  I stayed nervous throughout Law Abiding Citizen and Cried the whole way through Blind Sided. Aaron picks on my movie emotions. This world needs more people like Leigh Ann Louey. Sandra Bullock [Ultimate Favorite] was amazing. This world also needs FULL justice serviced, as Clyde Shelton [Gerard Butler] tried to prove. Letting a murderer go free after serving five year is NOT okay. If you haven't seen either movies, do watch. In fact, they were so awesome, I got NO sleep last night. I believe it was 11 o'clock when we hit the sack, and I woke up at 1 AM. I couldn't stop thinking about if I were Leigh Ann Louey. If I came across her situation, what would I do. And I kept imagining how awful it would be to go through was Clydy Shelton went through. They were very touching.

Sara Spurlin, Me, & Kristie Chavis
Me, Tiffany Boutwell, & Sara Spurlin

Friday, March 26, 2010

.. the man I wanna be.

So, from the first moment I walked in the door, my nerves were shot. I don't really know why because I had a really boring day. Aaron, of course was the one I took my moodiness out on. Originally, we planned to knock out some house work tonight, but that didn't happen. SO we decided to just watch a movie.  Before jumping in the shower, he walks to the computer and says, "I wanna play a song for you." -  After pushing play, he jumps in the shower as I listen to, "The man I wanna be" by Chris Young. He's so amazing. He's knows how to rack my nerves, but I'm so in love with him.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It's Hump Day &amp, and it's been a long, slow, drawn out day. I can't help but keep smerking over me shaving Aaron's head last night. Yes, that's right, Shaved. He always asks me to shave his head when the temperature raises outside. Last night he asked me after we got done with supper, and my first instinct, [is always the same]was to say No! Aaron doesn't have the right shaped head for that kind of hair cut. And I told him that. I simply said, "your forehead is too high, and it will draw our your pointy ears." He never knew I thought his ears were pointy until that comment. So, he asked me again. "Plllease can you shave my head?" Within a split second, I replied,  "Okay! Let's shave your head." I don't know what got into me. But, if he wants his head shaved, then he should be able to have it shaved. So ... Ta Da!  "Baaaaaaahahahah, Honey you look like a kid. You look 12." Aaron already gets mistaken for his age. People already think I'm robbing the cradle when we go out, but now... oh boy. People are gonna think I'm the actual babysitter!
Today, is also Mama's Birthday! We are going with them to celebrate at Hooters tonight. :) Daytona Wings sound delicious right now.  It's been such a dreadful week.  We are definitely looking forward to the weekend. Maybe thinking about going to the movies and dinner, but I'm starting to convince myself it would be a better idea to just work on the house. Right?  Neither of us can wait any longer than we have too. Unfortunately I have to work Saturday until 2. My girlfriend Krisitie's Birthday is Saturday.. We are having a small celebration at Mama J's house to celebrate. Michael, her husband, and Jeremy, Michaels brother, and a friend Brittany's birthday all fall around the same time. So, we are celebrating together. Grilling out, playing horse shoes, and cornhole... Oh, my kind of fun! Sunday, WHo knows? I know I'm cutting Aunt Teresa & Richards hair that morning, but who knows after. I've been thinking about getting some people together for sunday flag football. Sound fun, right? I thought so too. We will more than likely be working on the hizz-ouse!

Monday, March 22, 2010

"Babe, I think we need Vitamins?"

This weekend was WONDERFUL.  I've been so busy using my time studying for my State Insurance exam[that I passed.. yay me!], I haven't been able to do anything on the house. Aaron's been pulling all the staples up, mudding the walls, sanding the walls, and taking screws & nails out of everything... I haven't done a darn thing. So, Saturday I got up bright and early to started unpacking my house. Boy, will I be glad when I don't have to move for a while. I think I collect more junk every time I move. That's not good. I got a good bit done. I then had to stop to do Chelsea's [My Cousin] hair for her Junior Prom. How exciting, right? After getting done with making her beauitmus, I swung by the grocery store to grab the ingredients to cook my dip for that night. [Daddy & Diane came in town]. Apparently my family thinks i'm only good for bringing Rolls or Drinks but I thought, "no, I always bring just the rolls." I don't think my family trusts me. hahaha.[Kidding Kerri]  I have to admit, in their defense, I have branched out and actually started to like to cook and bake. ANYWAYS - sidetrack! I came home to find my handsome Aaron in the bed... Asleep! The allergies are killing him, therefore, they are killing me too. Oh you know, when men have a cold, they have pneumonia. I think he needs vitatmins. So, I made my dip, {which was amazing} and got my love out of the bed, in the shower, and off to Brian and Kerri's. We had a great time, as always. It was too cute, Austin had Aaron on the XBOX [which he loves], while Addy and Ashlyn were making him lunch with their little plastic food. Needless to say, Aaron was estatic. It melts my heart. He's come a long way with the little girls. :) We ate dinner, and enjoyed watching some funny movie with Robin Williams and John Travolta.
Sunday, I slept in! awww, Until Aaron woke me up after turkey hunting [yes, he killed a turkey] and boy was I cranky... I was still soooo tired. Aaron made Breakfast, So that made me un-grumpy. I changed my clothes, brushed my teeth, threw my hair up and I made my way to the new house. I got my kitchen cabinets painted, and my bathroom cabinets started. My wonderful Sister -in-law, Bridget, came over to help. She started on my hallway doors. :) It's slowly coming along. Today is monday, I had to work. Aaron took that day off, due to Turkey Season [Yes, he killed a turkey] but he also managed to get some stuff done around the house. He took all of the furniture we have no use for, to the liberty auction, and went to lowes to stock up.
Tonight, we are having date night. Thank goodness. Although we are always together, doing anything and everything, I feel we haven't had time for ourselves. And when we do, we fall asleep at 9 oclock. We've been so pooped lately. I'm not sure what's going on. I told Aaron we needed Vitamins, I got a dull reaction.
Date night it is. We are going to watch, "The Stepfather" that my mom recommended, and I'm cooking Chicken Faijia Nachos! Doesn't it sound delicious? You know it does! Tootles!
Aaron's First Turkey of the Year!

Calling for a "Backround Check!"

Aaron's Childhood-

Aaron was born and raised in a small southern town called Ellabell.  Aaron's Grandparents, Pattye and Roy Redmon owned a campground called, "Rambling Creek". Year's later, the campground turned into a beauitful community for Aaron's family. This is were his mom, Kandi met his dad, Paul. Aaron is the youngest of two. He has a sister named Bridget, who is older by fourteen months. Kandi says Aaron was a big surprise and unexpected. Aaron wasn't your average young boy. Yes, he played baseball, he got dirty, and he loved his dog "Oreo" very much, but Aaron spent most of his time by the ponds of rambling creek, fishing. The average kid would get board after thirty mintues of not catching anything and give up. Not him. When he was 10 years old, he sat by the pond behind his grandparents house for eight hours waiting for the 10lbs bass that is mounted on his wall [in his man room]. Aaron would rather fish, than anything else. Aaron was known to fall asleep in the middle of the yard when he got tired & Oreo would curl right up next to him. He has always had a love for the outdoors. Kandi did a wonderful job of decorationg his bedroom in a "under the sea" theme, because that was who he was. Aaron also had the collection of "The National Geographic" cassette tapes. He would sit for hours at a time to learn about all the different wildlife and nature. Some of his favorite activities as a child were playing with Army men, legos, and playing with the plastic animals or creatures of the sea.

Jessica's Childhood-

Jessica was born and raised in the same county, only on the other side, Richmond Hill, Georiga. Jessica's parents are origanally for Long Island, New York. Due to her father, Brian Arendes Sr., joined in the Military, they made their journey down to Fort Stewart, Georgia in 1976. Jessica is the youngest of three. There is eight years between her and her brother Brian, and five years between her and her sister, Kim. Ellen Walker, her mom, says she was quite a surprise. Although it's hard to imagine, Jessica was quite the "tomboy" as a child. Climbing trees, making mud cakes, building forts, or catching brim in the lagoon behind her childhood home. However, she was known to have a dainty side. From the day she could comprehend television, Jessica fell in love with Disney Movies. "The Little Mermaid" was her favorite. She was infatuated with the different fairy tales. Jessica had every doll, every game, every piece of clothing that supported "The Little Mermaid". Like Aaron's, Jessica's bedroom was decorated "Under the Sea". She used to pretend she was Ariel. With her bright red hair, and blue eyes... she waited for her prince charming to arrive. Playing house was her favorite. Cooking, Cleaning, playing mommy, changing diapers, all of the above. She always used her imagination. Jessica Looked up to her mom everyday, and still does. She's a big inspiration in Jessica's life. 

How the Couple met-

Years after Jessica's parents split. Ellen met a wonderful man from Pooler, named Aaron Walker. They decided to get married and build on his property in the small town of Ellabell. Life in the country was a bit odd for Jess. She was devastated about the move. August of 2000, Jessica started school at Bryan County High School. A freshman scared to death. After a few rocky months, she finaly met the guy she had heard everyone talk about.
Jessica- "I had always heard the name "Aaron Drew." My girlfriend who lived across the street from me, was always on AOL. At the time I didn't have it. Everyday after school, I'd go to her house and she'd be talking to "topshot58". I'd ask her who that was, and she would say. "That's Aaron Drew." I wanted to know who this kid was. Our school softball team was holding a dance at a park down the street from my house. Standing in the parking lot after the dance was over, this white Ford truck pulls up. I noticed my friend, Justin Barnes, was in the passenger seat. As I talked to him through the window, I asked the other two guys in the truck what their names were. The kid in the middle said, "I'm Buddah." and the driver said, "Aaron Drew". I still remember exactly was he was wearing. I replied back, "Oh you're the guy I've been hearing about." At the time, he was very shy... he grinned and looked away. I went home that night, and told my friend Brandi that he would be my next boyfriend. Two weeks later we went on our first date. The BCHS basketball game." [01/31/01]
At ages 15 & 16 years old... their long, hard journey began.

Jess & Aaron have learned so much from each other. They've experienced a worldwind of changes, participated in different trips to see new places, and have met many of their friends along the way.

*Helen Georiga - Jess's parents took them in 2002- Granting Aaron telling Jessica "i love you" after two weeks of "going out"... this is when they first fell in love.

*Cancun, Mexico 2004 - Jessica's Senior trip. One week together for the first time. Night & Day. They bumped a lot of heads... ALOT. Aaron experienced his first bathroom dilemma. He tried to cover it up by running the faucet, but After REAL mexican food. You can't hide it. That being said, they ate a lot of Subway and Outback. THere's no place like home.
THe couple also met, famous rapper, "Lil John" at Fat Tuedays.

One of the many dance clubs, Coco Bongo was their favorite. It had a waterfalls [that had woman dancers inside them] located on either side of the stage, and it was three stories high.

*Snow Skiiing at Snowshoe, West Virgina 2004 - THey went with Aaron's family. The family has been snow skiing since Aaron was a baby. Therefore, Jessica was stuck on the bunny slopes, until they so kindly tricked her onto what she thought was a green level [the easiest] but really was the blue level [next level up] Remind you, she hadn't even learned how to stop & when she did ski, her ski poles were pointed to each side of her. Two mintues down the slope, Jess experienced her first black out. She woke up to Paul screaming, " What's my name?" & " How many fingers and I holding up?"
                                              Photo taken the day of Black Out

*Cruise to the Bahamas 2006 & 2008 - On the Island of Freeport, Aaron tried live Conk {Gross}. Mintues later Jessica tried it... only cooked and with other vegetables.

*The Grand Cayman Islands 2009 - They learn history about the small island. Also visited a turtle farm. Jess and Aaron ate turtle for the first time. [Good taste, Nasty to look at] They also swam with Sting Rays. After about 10 mintues of GIANT sting rays uncontrollably swimming around, Jess was out of the water. The instructor informed them to keep their feet in the sand, but everytime a StringRay would reach Jessica, she'd ball up in the Fedal Position and scream.
Aaron was not okay with this.
Taken right before the Sting Rays swim up.

*Jamaica 2009- They rode a 800 ft chair lift and saw the different landscapes of Jamaica. Breath-taking. They about pottied their pants when riding in the taxi.
"A combination of driving on the left side of the road and running stop signs is WAAAAAY uncool."


*Jacksonville, Florida 2009 - a weekend getaway they took with their friends, Heather and Brett. They watched the lighting of the Christmas tree, that held 300,000 christmas lights, and  the following night they watched the gorgeous Boat parade.

 *Elijay, Georgia 2010 - Kandi, Paul, Aaron, Jessica, Bridget, Patrick, Reid, Teddy [dog], Wolf [dog], and Jackson [dog] all packed up in a 12 passenger van to spent the weekend in a cabin surrounded by snow. This is were Aaron and Jessica made their famous "snow catfish" & "Snow Jackson"

Through the years of growing up and learning who they were as teenagers and growing together as young adults, their times together were adventurous & happy, but at times... their relationship drifted apart. Due to their faith and them believing in themselves and who they were as a couple, they have managed to overcome all the doubts and good-byes.  Their love is strong and devoted. Aaron and Jessica look forward to many year togethers!

As of today, their life is very simple and sweet. Nothing about it is complex.

Our Studio Apartment & Jackson

For the past year and a half, they've lived in what used to be the [Drew] family "playhouse", and what is now their home. A studio apartment that is located outide Paul and Kandi's house. It's been great, but they are upgrading into something a bit bigger. After working hours, they spend their time making small changes to what used to be Aaron's great grandfathers house, and what now they call their home. They are excited and can't wait to have enough space for all their belongings. Jessica is jumping for joy about having a dishwasher. "Four years, I've been washing and drying dishes by hand. It gets old." She is also pumped about having a bath tub. "It's nice to know I don't have to go to moms to enjoy my two hour bubble baths." On the other hand, Aaron is looking forward to his "man room". Defined as: Where all his guns, mounted animals, and fish will be held. He is also stoked about having their livingroom carpeted. He likes to lay down and take naps.

Even though they have steady lives, they still manage to make time for everything else. They frequently hang out with their friends. They try to attend all the family outtings & birthday parties, and family suppers. They enjoy keeping up with the T.V show "LOST", and on top of all they make time for themselves.
"Life is great, we are enjoying everyday together." -Jess