Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Birthday Week

Today officially starts my birthday week!

This is something Aaron never understands but since my birthdate falls three days before a holiday, Independance Day it's only fair that I get to stretch it out.  However, July 4th falls on a Wednesday this year, so I'm pretty sure It's gonna last until the following weekend.

Makes sense, right?

I love celebrating birthdays.
Whether it's mine or yours. I think they are special && no matter
what age you are it should always be celebrated. It's another year of life - what's not to get happy about?!

birthday list?

No list. For the past two years now, I haven't had a birthday list. I just love having people around. Nothing in this world could make me happier than being with the the people
who make me happiest - making memories together.

There is nothing that can fit in my hands that I can or have received as a birthday gift that I can really remember of the top of my head but what makes a birthday the greatest is
what's given to me at heart && that's memories. I can keep them forever and you better believe, I do.

I'm looking forward to the weekend - Aaron hasn't said much of what's going down
but that can swing two ways ----

1) he isn't thinking about it... yet  2) he doesn't think it's a big deal

 I say that as I chuckle with love. He'll put something out of his ACE.
He always does.  Until then, I'll keep reminding him by repeating

"Whose turning 27 this weekend? I AM!"

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fishing in the Deep Blue Sea

This past weekend was the first time in so long
that I did not have anything "planned". Every weekend is always filled with
many to-dos, always somewhere to go - a party to attend, some kind of event.

I've been wanting to give our bedroom a makeover since we received
our beautiful new bed setting back at one of our wedding showers.
Our walls did not match with the look I was going for.
I also wanted to give a new look to our bedroom furniture set - it's old and
I really don't care for the color of the wood.

Well, things changed when a friend of mine, Kacie asked us last minute if we
would like to join her & her hubby on a Saturday fishing trip, catching Cobia.
My immediate thought was, this is on my bucket list - weird I know.

Aaron doesn't do much salt water fishing so he was looking forward to it &&
me? I was more excited about seeing Kacie. She and I have been lifelong friends since we were 3 and 4 years old. It's that kind of friendship where you live in different places and
have different people in your lives, at some point the road split & you ended up away from each other yet you can pick right back up as if no time ever got in the way.
There is no awkwardness - it's really great. This would also be the first time besides small gatherings here and there that Aaron & her husband William would really get to know each other. I was excited.

They live about an hour from us so we were invited to stay the night that Friday night
being we would be getting up at the crack of dawn. It was definitely the crack of dawn.
Aaron wasn't really sure I would make it being it was salt water - salt water is rough and the waves are much choppy-ier. In the past year, {past two cruises we've been on} I've gotten a slight case of motion sickness. I was a little nervous. The last thing I wanted to do was get sick on a boat with people I'm not comfortable around. Williams brother, Marshal & his friend, Will also joined us. && I don't say "not comfortable" in a bad way - I was just around them too, for the first time.

I took a motion sickness pill before bed that night && one in the morning -
it definitely helped. I may have been a little sleepy but I was good to go.....
for the time being.

We took the boat about 20 miles out - into the blue water which was nifty.
it was about an hour - two hour ride out there.

Aaron was catching something exciting {i can't remember what it was}
&& by the time he got it to the surface of the water a Barracuda came up & within
one bite he bite the 20 lb fish in half. Wow! That's intimidating && scary.
It was a big fish to be snapping in one bite.

We came across this one school of fish where there was thousands and thousands
of fish of different kinds. It was awesome to see underwater - the water was so clear.
We were all pretty amazed. Too bad they weren't hungry, they didn't bite anything.

It wasn't the best day of fishing - Will was the only one who caught a Cobia
but Aaron had a pretty good time reeling in many different types of fish he had never seen before. Several sharks were caught && some Spanish fish?! Again, I forget the name -
There was one fish I kept reeling in, we named his kind "Bubba" - he looked like a large trout with old man teeth. It was funny looking.

Will reeling in his Cobia.

Marshall reeling in a shark - he wasn't to happy about that.

"... it's just a shark."

Kacie forgot her motion pill that morning so she wasn't feeling the greatest starting off the day. She eventually got better. By that point I came across my yuck stage.
I never got seasick however there was one moment when I immediately got over heated.
It was rough there for a moment. I iced my body down && took a mini nap in the shade.
Not sure why it hit me out of no where but it did. I also used 50spf sunblock the entire day
but when I laid down to rest, I managed to fry my back. Ouch.

Overall, it was a great day with the Gaines' - first time deep sea fishing for me.
We headed out earlier than usual due to a bad day with no luck. The Gaines were disappointed but Aaron & I were happy. We enjoyed it. We were out of the water around 6:30-7ish && home by 8:30. Aaron and I slept like babies.

Sunday, we spent all day painting our bedroom. We didn't start on the furniture but our walls are completed. We are one step closer to our makeover - ekkkk!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Letters: Dear Future Children

Dear precious babies,

There is something you should know about your Daddy.
Ya see, he is quite the fella - you know this already. Daddy is laid back and reserved,
where I am more hyperactive and the not-so-shy one.  Daddy has to be in his comfort zone in order to let loose and feel comfortable, you probably already know this.

Daddy isn't much of a dancer. If someone asked me today, "Does Aaron Dance?" or "Does he like to dance?" - my answer would "Ummm..."
 He has a secret love for HipHop and R&B music. And you may find him time to time jamming in his alone time. Momma has found him many of times at the computer desk, back when they first got married, downloading music on this iTunes account. The speakers blaring and his shoulders moving... waiting on Momma to get home. Understand that he would stop immediately {moving his shoulders that is} as soon as I'd turn the corner to see him and give me that crooked smile grin that I love so much.

Let's talk about his dancing skills.

One of the best memories I have of  us when were just teenagers is how we prepped for Prom, my Junior Prom & his Senior. I was so excited to be going for the first time together I couldn't stand it. I made Daddy practice dancing with me over and over and over again in his bedroom every night. At first he dreaded it. He was so mad at me for even thinking of such a thing but as always he gave in. And I'm not talking about slow dancing, I'm talking all the line dances {although he tends to forget} and how to shag {kind of}.  Needless to say, we dominated at Prom & Daddy swung me around like he'd been dancing for a long time!   I believe that is where it started.

First Lesson: Be careful whatcha wish for.

You've seen Daddy with his Guy Harvey tall grown up drink - well this is
his medicine for breaking loose and opening up. Sometimes he drinks to much medicine and ... well in that case things get crazy. This is why you should stay away for as long as possible - those tall drinks will put a hurting on ya and make you VERY VERY sick.
Very sick.

Momma loves her some weddings. They always play the best music, I never leave the dance floor. Daddy got sick of sitting out on the side lines at cousin Garrett & Julies wedding many years ago. This is when he made his first appearance to all our friends and family members. As a matter of face, Grandma & Papa actually stayed two hours longer at the reception because they had never seen their future son in-law dance all big and mighty.
Actually, how could I forget - he danced on the metal pole that held up the gigantic tent outside. He was the life of the party. {Until the next morning}

Since then we've attending countless numbers of weddings & parties and it is ME
who starts out on the dance floor {alone} and with time Daddy joins me.
... this is when everyone in our small town really learns Daddy's personality and the man I live with, the man we live with every day, the one who makes our home filled with laughter and unexpected moments. I am promise you that nobody forgets Daddy's wedding story moments . His Michael Jackson moves, Grease Lightening moments and definitely personal/solo dances with your friends Mommies or Grand Mommies, he has backed his toosh up on or Got Low-Got Low-G Low with. Don't forget about the bartenders, yep - them too.

I hope you aren't petrified now that I have opened up a new look for your sweet, loving, quiet, laid back, reserved father.  I think you should definitely go ask him to shake it like a salt shaker - Don't let him fool you, he can do it. If he says no, go turn on Stanky Leg. Maybe he will show you his own version. But first, you may want to grab him a tall glass filled to the top. And in case my pictures are ever ruined just come back to the ol' le blog and
get refreshened.

Ashley & Adam Burton's wedding 2012
{Momma had no clue this was happening}

Kacie & William Gaines wedding 2011

Daddy doing The Stanky Leg at our wedding
notice everyone just seeing a different side of him in the background.

Daddy & Auntie Danielle dropping low at our wedding

Caitlin & Cliff Young's wedding 2011

Grandma Kandi's Surprise 50th birthday -
Daddy started using the decoration  as props... Momma joined in.

Brycelyn & Jeremy Chavis' wedding 2010
He loves Mrs. Kim & Mrs. Becky -

Candice & Daniel's wedding 2009

With all this being said, please understand the importance of finding that special
someone who will makes you happy everyday. Laughter is such a must-have
&& the key to staying truly happy. Daddy is so amazing, there is never ever ever
a dull moment from day to day. I lucked up.

Xo, Momma


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Announcing the GA Blate

Jessica from Stilettos & a fishing pole and we are pleased to announce that the Georgia blate is
REALLY happening - this year on August 18th so go ahead & mark your calendars, do whatcha gotta do & be there!

What is a blate?

We are tickled pink about meeting ALL of you.
We had several bloggers sign up for it, all of 19
so clearly it's gonna be a grand ol' time! Just because you haven't signed up yet doesn't mean you can not attend - it's never too late! However we ask to please let us know ASAP -  The more the merrier ladies! :) && if you for some reason can not attend this blate && have given us your name prior to this post, let us know as well.

So where is this Georgia blate?

Well, after getting all the feed back from everyone
there were more South-Georgians than there were North-Georgians. That being said, we thought
{Home of Paula Deens, The Lady & Sons Restaurant}

was a wonderful City for all of us to have our meet & greet && fun day together. If any of the North-Georgians feel they will have trouble traveling, please let one of us {Lori/Jessica} know so we can work out arrangements. We want you all there!

Together, we are planning
for all of us to soak up our time together && make real life friendships. Be ready to have an awesome experience with your fellow blog sisters!

We ask that you please place the Georgia Blate-Meet Up button on your blog to not only announce and spread the word around but also so every one can get a head start on learning lil'bits about each other before meeting in person.

Please fill free to check back every so often for more informationon this Georgia Blate by clicking this

which you will find on both Lori & Jessica's blogs.
If you have any questions, answers, ideas or suggestions fill free to leave a comment.

We are both SO excited we almost can't stand it.

Lori & Jess

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Let's quit with the dress-up, PL-EASE!

Really? I'm pretty sure Emily loves Role Playing.
I have never ever seen an episode where so many times do the men/woman dress up.
Once again, I thought the group date was cheesy. Very cheesy.

You can't get to know someone over a movie. Ugh!

Did anyone feel bad for Chris but loved his attitude?
I really liked him more after this.

That being said, I thought it showed a lot about Emily's character that she gave Chris
the trophy. I mean, my husband would have mastered the challenge games because all of that is right up his alley, however that isn't what LOVE is all about. Being the strongest meant nothing to her - I really loved it.

Poor fella. He was a good sport.

Apparently next week we get to see more of these animals.


There were two favorite moments of mine last night
that {for the first time since this season} that made my heart flutter:

Moment 1.
My Gracious, Arie is just so {with HIGH respect for my husband}
dreamy. Arie would NOT be my first pick out of the bunch of apples but gosh that man
knows how to kiss && I haven't even kissed him.
I've always loved his body language towards Emily - but Whoa, last night in the Alley,
my gracious. It.was.hott! I see a lot of passion.
If you missed that kiss, go HERE to watch it -goosebumps.
Team ARIE all the way.
Moment 2.
 Jef {with one F} says to Emily "Can I tell you a secret? I'm frickin’ crazy about you." - I loved that. In a 'now that's falling in love' kinda way, I really was happy to hear someone finally tell Emily how they feel without a) telling her how beautiful she is. Beauty is only skin deep && isn't the answer to finding love.
b) trying to win her ♥ with Ricki talk.

As weird as it looks, {and I said this last week too}I feel Emily has the strongest connection with Jef. I would never put them together judging by looks but I think it's becoming more between these two. I like Jef {with one F}.
Let's talk about Ryan's Date.
I'm totally confused or have mixed emotions with him.
He is the only guy I actually feel on the same page as Emily - one minute I like him.
The next... it isn't that I don't but I'm unsure of.

I've learned from Michelle Moneys actions & my "I didn't like her at all" was
a lot of editing and what the producers made the show look like. I've read several times
that girls in general are upset with how the show makes him look.

Well you can't make someone say something && Ryan is cocky.
Or is he confident? {overly confident}

Clearly they didn't edit his Pearl VS Oyster talk when Emily came to pick him
up from the house because the guys were dying inside. One thing that is a total turn off
is someone trying to make themselves 'sound' good. Ugh.

I thought their date was boring. Who wants to go get oysters in jeans?
I'm totally confused by her choice of dates. They are lame. However, I think they have potential to be more but I just don't see adventure in her. That's okay, but it's a little boring for the show.

Now for the moment of awkwardness.

There is nothing worse than trying to tell someone you aren't really into them && they aren't understand or wanting to understand .... && then they want you to explain. I could tell she was terribly uncomfortable.

I will tell you that my hat was off to him for not getting up from the table
as soon as she said she couldn't give him the rose. It showed me he didn't want to leave.
He didn't want it to be over. He was fighting for her to change her mind

I hated that she judged him by his 12 reasons why.
Personally, I feel it's hard to come across a person/man who will pour his heart out on paper. I thought his 12 Reasons were great. I do understand that family wasn't in there - but then again I still thought it was harsh to use that as his 'you didn't get a rose because'
clearly she was mixed about him prior too. Reasons like that ruin it for the next girlfriend.

I thought it was pretty awesome that he sat home & thought to write out what
he thought he needed in a wife. I thought it was romantic in a non-romance kind of way.
I know my husbands loves me to pieces but I know he wouldn't do that.

&& last on Ryan - I guess some people don't like to hear "trophy wife" however he was very right - every man wants his wife to be a trophy, something he is proud of. It doesn't necessarily mean she's perfect & the most beautiful person. Honestly, I would LOVE Aaron to say, this is my "trophy wife". I wouldn't think no harm in it. Every woman wants a trophy husband - if we didn't, we wouldn't dream of  the fairy tale or dote over Chic-Flicks. It's called human nature.

Ryan who was my first choice {until Arie}...
goes home.


&& since I rambled off I'll finish with two small thoughts -

can we PLEASE get her in another color. Granted I like gold, but geez!
How about turquoise - her favorite color.

I hope Doug goes home next. He drives me nuts.

{all photos were taken from google}

Monday, June 18, 2012

First Wedding Anniversary... Any ideas?!

Our FIRST Wedding Anniversary is coming up soon && even though I haven't quit planning (or trying to, to say the least) for the past 6 months in my head, I just can't decide what we should do.

Which is why I'm blogging about it. Maybe you can point directions? Help us out. Remember, we got married September 3rd so it'll be hot weather down here in the South!

Here are the Places that have been in && out of my mind -

St. Augustine - we went there last 4th of July with my family && had a wonderful time, said we'd like to go back.

Epcot Disney World - visiting "Arould the World" at Epcot is something we've wanted to do, myself more than, for a few years now.

Charleston- really anywhere in the Carolinas. I don't know much about the Carolinas - anyone know of a cabin like place or winery we may could visit.

Helen, GA - may sound cheesy but this is where we fell in love. We were on vacation with my parents, ages 16/17 && it was our first time spending the night together && all weekend even though we did NOT sleep together. I still am weird about that with my Dad around - not sure why. But anyways, it's a very special place for us.

Florida - a weekend away on a beach. Any ideas?!

How about GA - anyone know of any weekend get-a-way hunts or cabins anywhere?!

All feedback is appreciated. I'm writing this from my phone so I'm sure it isn't my prettiest post - peace out sistas!

Love ya, mean it -
Xo, Jess

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Georgia Blog Meet Up - are you in?

That's right!!!
It's that time that we have a blogger meet up in GEORGIA! All these blates happening in Ohio, Texas & Hawaii have gotten the best of us && made us envious. So get your peaches ready and sign up!

Lori, from A Crazy Walk on the Safe Side & I are (just starting) to plan a met up sometime in August! We are preparing a button for you to all post on your pages but for now this image will have to go - k? Good!

Lori & myself posted this same image on our Instagram and got a several ladies interested which totally rocks!

Where? Somewhere in he middle of all the ladies who sign up - which is why you need to leave a comment statin you name, blog address & city you live in. This is important! Please be aware that Any blogger is welcomed. If you don't live in GA and want to participate, we would LOVE that - duh!
Our noses are not up in the air asking for only GEorgians to attend!

What? Clearly it will matter where we are at however Lori && I want to really catch up with all of you and also have an awesome time while we are doing it. So, an entire day with fun-filled events- lunch, shopping, being tourist && well.... Sipping on fruity drinks, duh!

Okay, so who is in? Are you?

(please understand this is just an announcement && a heads up, we plan to have all the information together SOON!

Love ya, mean it!
Xo, Jess

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Backwoods Hood Rats"

So time has gone by && we are down to now...
eight guys?

What did everyone think of Monday nights show?

please remember to not spoil anything for me if you know anything or
have read anything - as much as the anticipation gets the best of me, I like to wait to find out who the dream guy is.

Well let me be honest. I'm kind of bored.
Not as bored or aggravated as I was last season with Ben F. but the show is supposed to have kick ass dates. I did LOVE Mondays dates - they were fun & beautiful.
But where is the adventure?

I understand she is a Mom. I understand that life, love & marriage isn't always
flying in helicopters && riding elephants but geez - these acting scenes are killing me.
I get it. She wants a father-figure who will be great with Rickie. 
Of course, but this is about finding love first. Am I wrong? You can't go out there in life
trying to find a father-figure for Rickie before trying to really fall in love.

I'm not saying I disagree with how Emily is going about all of this. I understand her
fear but ... I'm just bored. Usually on Monday nights you can not pull me from the TV.
It's hushing & shhhhh-ing when the commercials go off && I know every detail.
I'm bored.


My two top runners -

Sean - I really like him. I feel he is a family man but so was Brad {who I loved} when everyone in America didn't && still doesn't. I do feel a connection between the two but at this point I see just connections with a few guys.
I did love their date && I think Sean {maybe the one} if not I feel he is in the top two.

Arie - I like him. I love his body language towards Emily && the way he
{excuse my choice of cheesy sappy words} is tender with her. You can tell he cares a lot about her - it's mutual. Yet, I still don't or haven't seen Emily FALL yet.

I don't think Emily is letting her heart go.
I saw something different with her && Brad on his show than I am
with her and these guys. A connection will never make it through a marriage.
There need to a {REALLY hate to say it} but a Country/Ben attraction.
Ben F. was crazy about Courtney - we ALL new it.

Jef {with one F} - I do see Emily striving for more of Jef.
He is the only one I seem to feel she wants more of because he is not giving it to her.
They had a one on one date this week && it went well. But... still nothing so ever powerful. I did not get the butterflies && by this time I have butterflies GALORE.

As for Kalon - thank goodness that creep is gone.
The producers definitely kept him on for ratings. Good for Emily for
standing up for the one thing that matters most && getting a little ghetto on him.
God knows we all have a GHETTO side when shiii turns sour.

While we are on this topic - I think it's lame that she got mad at the boys for
not telling her sooner that Kalon called Rickie baggage. I don't like a taddle-tail && think she just opened up a can of worms for next week. I feel the boys will be ratting each other out left && right && it'll be fussy.

As for Ryan - I read somewhere that an EX of his stated she was very upset with
how the show is making him look. That he is not a self centered guy && he was the sweetest and most sincere person. Hmmmm...

&& since I mentioned Brad Womack {my favorite}
I really did love him & Emily together && as much as I am TEAM EMILY
it bothers me when she diggs a knife into him on the show. It takes two to tango sweet momma && Brad may not be what she thought was was but ya don't have to call him out like that - especially because he isn't there to speak for himself.

Oh wait... check it out
Here is Brad now being interviewed.
{I still love him}

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

VLOG {Epic Fail}

Yep!!! That's right, I humiliated myself && that's pretty hard to do.

Okay. So I rushed home today to prepare for my Vlog.
I had no idea what I was doing being this was my first time.
NEVER is my husband showered and ready to settle down when I get home...
but today? Yeah - he was.
Let's just say I BEGGED him to leave the house, I was really really shy.

I am NOT a shy person anyone can tell you this. But being behind a camera, talking to it...
ONLY YOU - It's a bit intimidating.
I was really feeling dumb.

So. Not only did I lock Aaron in his man room but I also had to turn the TV on.
Seriously, I was dying of embarrassment.
I go through my ENTIRE VLOG ... I show & Tell EVERYTHING.
I turn it over && it stopped RIGHT before I started showing my items.
Before you watch, You should know:

I was so nervous.
Watch out for adnormal weird faces
My video is super dark even though it wasn't before I downloaded it.
Please Excuse the music.
Massive Cleavage due to my horrible posture. {Usually have pretty good posture}
Dont Judge.

&& so I try to pick up where I left off.

&& it's officially an EPIC FAIL.
... Apologies for my ANNOYING ANNOYING hand gestures.
I could NOT quit moving them around. My nerves were killing me!

&& then I tried one more time && this is what happened....

Clearly you can see VLOGING is not my thing. My voice was weird.
My boobs were hanging out every where.
I didn't get to show you hardly anything && I even shared POSITIONS!!!

Maybe I can try again soon && really share some of my favorites.
Until then, Peace ouT! My husband has had enough.

"... But everyone is doing this." excuse is no longer working. He needs my attention!

this little light of mine

she makes everyone around her shine.

Meet Lacey.
One of the cutest little girls in my life. She brings smiles to my face daily
but more than that she brings great joy to my heart.

Aaron & I spent the weekend with Lacey & Rachel - her mom, also my best friend. We had a blast. So many little moments that brought pure laughter to our faces.
She has an outstanding personality && manners like I've never seen before.

Lacey gives me kid fever.  We love her so much!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gender Reveal Bash {in the making}

Once upon a time there was this girl who used to blog
pretty regularly & now...

We want her back!

 Caitlin over at A Country Nest & I live in the same hometown, went to high school together && entered the blog world around the same time.
We new each other, because everyone in our town knows each other, we spoke occasionally - however blogging brought us together, to a different place.
As of today, I'd call her my friend.
She's pretty awesome in many ways than just one.

Last year was a BIG year for her -
Graduated from Georgia Southern with a Nursing degree in May. Opened her own boutique in our small town somewhere within those months && June 10th - she married her country boy of {now 7 years}, Cliff.
Happy Anniversary, Cait & Cliff
Check out their gorgeous {no lie} wedding
Embellish Boutique was getting going therefore her time was spent hours upon hours getting started && making our town happy. 
That being said, she hasn't been able to blog whole lot.

Let's bring her back. Head over to Caitlin's page
&&  give her some L.O.V.E

I think it's time she comes back.
Why? Well because not only did ALL bloggers love her but
because she's having a baby. && I think it's something she would LOVE to share and capture moment to moment.  If you didn't follow her wedding planning then you missed out. It was to.die.for!

That's right - This December there will be a blessing in this world.
Caitlin is about to enter {maybe is entering} her second trimester which means
the gender will be announced very soon.

Actually, the gender will be announced on July 18th -

But how would I know this?
Well duh -

because I am hosting a Gender Reveal Bash for them.
Ekkkk!!!! I'm stoked.

I've been waiting for the moment that we find out just when we will the exact date will be
&& that was last week - I immediately started planning.

Follow me through the next few weeks as I plan this
celebration for the two of them along with their families as we ALL get
crazy excited for this little peanut.

Here is a glimpse of the invitation that I am totally in love with -
{would give you the whole look but I don't want to spoil it just yet}

The invitation will not be fuzzy - in order to get on le blog I had
to take a picture of it on the computer with my phone - but...
this is a small glimpse.

Once the invitations are mailed out I will share the whole thing! :)
I've also started on mini projects that will complete "the look"
of the party that I am going for. It's gonna be PERFECTION!
{let's hope}

Don't forget to go visit Cait && bring her back!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

There was this one time, I went to the Bahamas.... && I never blogged about it.

Yeah, that's right, back in April me, my husband & our parents went to the Bahamas.
Yes - I said it. I cruised with my in-laws & parents.
Maybe I've never really explained our relationship on le blog but
I am pretty tight with my parents and for in-laws, we have a very close bond.

Don't get me wrong.
We tried to get a lot of other people to tag along -
It was just the six of us and might I had it was freaking awesome!

So April 19th the six of us packed up in one vehicle and ventured down to Jacksonville, Florida
to set sail on the Fascination Carnival Ship.
We cruise carnival mostly. Actually, I've never cruised anything else.

We actually left earlier than we really needed to because when we got on board
there wasn't a whole lot to do - Aaron & his dad are BIG gamblers.
My parents like it too, but not as addicted as the The Drew men.
Being we were still in the U.S - the casinos weren't open until later that night.

So we walked the ship and got to know where everything was.
.... waited for the most important yet most boring class {life boat class} there is.

.... &&& another one.

&&& then we pretty much forced ourselves into our rooms so we could make ourselves a drink as we waited on our luggage. {the worst part for me... so nerve racking & scary}

We enjoyed our first time having rooms on the very back of the ship - we loved this much better than a side view. Not really sure why but the balcony view was beautifully-amazing!
We opened all the doors so we all had space to party room to room! :)

I love this picture even though my feet look CRAZY long. I mean, I have big feet but not like this.
&& yes, I wore my little cowgirl hat for my dad. You will see he wears his && loves when I wear mine too.

It's become the thing to do on the past cruises we've been on - watch the sail away from our balcony.

Before long, it was time for dinner. In which is the one night I didn't really take many pictures. I depended on Aaron's parents camera. {&& also the reasoning for this post being so late. I was trying to wait on their copies and when I finally got them on a disc, I don't know how to use it. UGH!}


However I will introduce you the cutest little boy on the ship... even those this was not taken on the first night, I will still spare the space and show you the little man who wouldn't quit staring at me...
every night.

Day two = a day at sea.

Being it was a three day cruise we only had one day at sea, which sucks.
But we did spend a lot of time around the pool - we watched the Hairy Man contest {in which we tried to get my Dad to enter, he rocked the house last cruise & carried home the title...  as he played Rambo} && my favorite... people watched.

Which is where a very funny story comes into play...

... Aaron and i slept in everyday except the last morning.
It was great - so breakfast was room service && ate on the balcony.

Aaron always takes the best pictures. I mean, he waits so patiently until I'm ready.
Again, the water and view was astonishing. Ahhhh....

Now onto the pool -

The very first thing we do is order us a fruity drink. I'm usually head-over-heels in love with Miami Vice' ... && I was - however I tried something new, this was "Twilight".

it was good but It didn't match my ritual.

... I hate when he steals my cherries but I love it when he "thinks" I don't know.

I'll be honest and say that he was in no mood for laying out by the pool. He has lost about $300 the night before in the Casino & $100 already that day. {we HAD to hit the casino up before going to lay out} But because he is an awesome person, he knew this was on my list of to-dos.

So here is the story.
I'm laying out - getting my suntan on fried as Aaron goes to get us a drink.
There was a group of men & ladies behind us that I noticed now {the men} were now down below us onto the left - by this spray on tattoo stand. I didn't really know what was happening but I kept hearing them laugh so hard. I assumed the guy got a tattoo && maybe his friends decided to change the tattoo of his choice. They were all hysterical && I could hear the ladies behind me talking about it wondering too - what the hell was going on.
So Aaron comes up && little did I know he was right by the bar of the tattoo stand. Apparently the guy lost a bet and THAT... that up there was what he had to do. Best part, it lasts two weeks.
This thing was huge. Later we ran into him coming out of his room {which was across from ours} && we had quite the chat. He was so embarrassed.

Hairy Chest Contest

It was great.

Of course the guy with no hair on his chest {hence the shirt, he did at one point have it off}
won - and of course he was from Georgia. Imagine that - but he had the crowd going crazy.
It was great - I may or may not have went down on stage && danced my ACE off.


Night two - Captains Night

I was fried. Aaron started his "I like to act like Jean Claude Van Dam with our towel buddies". I was ...
drinking a LOT.

Seriously, I love this man for making me laugh every single day of my life.
But really???
He is my man-child.

That was BEFORE dinner. Well this is in between dinner & ... whatever we were doing.
 Notice the two different animals? {Ohhh and I filmed him. Do I dare show it?}

And then we tried to take a picture (10 second style) like we did on our honeymoon... and it may or may not be inappropriate to share...

notice the two drinks we just made ourselves??? Yeah - we were lit. I was definitely.
&&& then dinner took place.

This is my drunken night - I was lit. Totally. This was the night I said what the hell & became friends with every single dealer there was because my husband loved losing money. This was the night I may or may not have gotten videoed while shaking my ACE .... again walking down the main deck!! This was the night I entertained our party as they watched me ... be shit faced. Speaking of shit... this was the night I ended up in the bathroom with the total  shiiits. My dad still to this day has no idea why or where I went when I told him to hold on for a minute when he asked me to shake my tail feather to the oldies along with him - one of our favorite things to do together.

Baaahaha.. Yes. I said it. Yes. I just announced it on le blog.
Remember me being Gluten Free? Well, it's true - when your body gets accustom to one way of eating and then you {try very hard to stay on track} eat everything the cruise ship has to offer
PLUS drinking ALL.DAY && ALL.NIGHT --- NON-Stop ... you find yourself at the end of the night in the bathroom. Yikes!

This was also the night that my parents tucked me into bed as my husband gambles away having the time of his life knowing nothing about my shitty-ness.

This was the night that turned into morning && I woke up to this....

Whoa. we are back in the game && swing of things.
Have I mentioned I love to play Roulette. Don't let me fool you - I was playing every night & day too... losing my ass.

Day two - Nassau, Bahamas

We woke up to this view -

Being we've all been here many times && have done most of the excursions, we decided not to do any. With Senor Frogs around the corner - I was happy as can be with partying away.
So we walked the straw market && then stopped in for lunch.

... && that's when things got interesting-ly weird.

my husband was in love with this wood carving - we wanted a fish {in which he has one from many years ago as a kid} but it wasn't good enough. He was just totally at AWE by these carvings ---

he bought a hermit crab.
... I know - that's what I said.
It sits in his man room at home && while I must admit, it was pretty cool looking.
But still... really?

... && I thought a hermit crab was a bad choice.
Whoa - who would buy that? It seems very uncomfortable to me. Check out the detailed {I'm whispering} balls on the horse.. Whoa!

&& then I saw these, in which we got a kick out of.

Okay, so we didn't buy any. I kind of wanted to but I would feel totally weird even picking it up to purchase it.

Then I saw this really cool man who wanted me to buy his coconut from him.
How cool - fresh coconut milk.. I have to have one.

worst thing I've ever put in my mouth.
the taste of HOT MILK... coconut milk at that - puke!
I threw it away immediately.
Gross - Aaron tried to warm me. At least I can say I've tried it. {blahhh}

my husband gets his shortness honest - This thing about swallowed Mrs. Kandi -

Onto to Senor Frogs we go -

at this very moment I realized I passed ONE frog I was told to visit && to be careful of his wandering hands. In case you have no idea what I am talking about, check out Raven's guest post from her trip to the Bahamas.

I went back for you Raven! ♥

We get there. We drink. We order & we take shots.

Me at my best.
Not really - but that jello shot was hard to get down!

Wait... what's this all about???

I mean, I can't help I was looking pretty fly that day....
Ha! No really..
it was my lunch they were big-eyed about -

it was so good!
&& that's when two things happened. Some random employee decided to put this on ME...

... in which I immediately thought of Raven AGAIN - && knew something she asked has to happen.

&& then the Wobble came on.
What do I do...
Dance my ACE off.

&& we danced, watched an extremely {too old to be making out} couple get their freak on on the dance floor - it was pretty hysterically gross.

We drank && before you knew it was it was time to go.
But wait... before we do., We have to find the Sex Machine finger-pointer.
"Aaron you HAVE to take this picture - it's for Raven, my blog friend" - he totally thought I was destroying our family at the moment but I didn't.

Yes, this is photo shopped writing on this napkin. But if you look closely it says the same thing in pen written on out napkin.

Seee??? You were thought about the whole time!
&& that was that. We completed out scavenger hunt that my dearest blog friend requested!

We headed back on board.

Do you see our room?
We went back to our rooms, settled down && soon it was time to say good bye to Nassau.

Dinner - 3rd night {in which I was not feeling great. I could float away from all the food I had eaten in the past few days... I think I ate soup for dinner}

No, I did not walk around with my dress that long - don't judge.
I had my shoes off...

Mr. Paul {FIL} sings. Have I ever told you that?
We watched his Karaoke && raise the shirts off of peoples back as he sang Unchained Melody -
It was amazing - he got a standing ovation.

&& Soon to follow we went to play Bingo {for the first time which is very usual}
I remember standing in line with Aaron - waiting to get all of our bingo cards && saying "I've never won a game of bingo in my life. Not even as a kid. I don't know why I love this game so much."

The game starts - being there was about 300 people playing, the first to get the B & the O line straight down wins.

Well my card sucks, along with everyone elses. Time passes & several people are standing up {they ask you to stand up when you have one number left to be called.
I hear my Mom tell my Dad to make sure to check his numbers in case he misses one.
So I did. && I miss O63 - which lead me to ONE number. I stand up grinning big..
They checked my card & there I was the winner of the $500 jackpot.
Hell to the yes!!
I think I was more excited about screaming bingo than actually comprehending winning $500.
Let's have a drink on THAT.

We ended up playing the casino a little and then calling it a night - we hit room service as we watched some new Disney movie out. Being I didn't eat much at dinner, it started to catch up with me.

our ritual mid-night snack every cruise we take {clearly it isn't a snack}.

We woke up to NOT being ported at Freeport, Bahamas.
The water was so rough & it was more of a danger to port rather than keep sailing.
So we actually had another day at see. However, we spent our day a little differently other than than JUST the pool side.

The water was rough. The waves were huge && we may or may not have had a great big conversation topic on Christopher Columbus && this voyage across the ocean in a wooden boat...
sitting in these two very comfy chairs right here.

But we didn't let that stop us.
We {as country bump-kins} signed up for the cornhole tournament, along with about 15 other people. Remember, we all live in a one red light town - cornhole is a weekend ritual for us.

As you can tell, it was a little different. There wasn't a partnership - it was you by yourself.
The ladies stay a few rounds however it was our men who dominated.

1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th place - our men & a random guy who has never played before.

It came down to Aaron & his Daddy for 1st & 2nd ---

... && the winner is --

Aarons very first "24K plastic, Ship on a Stick"

Off to the casino.
I didn't mention earlier, but on the "Day at Sea" day, we all joined in on a "Slot Machine Tournament" - Momma, Mr. Paul & my Dad placed in the top therefore we all had to meet up to watch them play the finals.

Momma almost took the winnings but a Red Hat lady took home the title! It was fun && exciting.
Meanwhile, Aaron couldn't stay away...
Thank goodness he didn't because he won more at the tables -

He was SO lucky. Seriously, he had the HOT hands after the second day on the ship.

Last night = awesome night!

excuse the boobies. Whoa. a little much!

After dinner we went to watch the BEST, and I say the BEST show I've ever seen on a cruise.
It was a musical - 80's style!

Unfortunately, they wouldn't allow any pictures or cameras, but I wish I could share some of the show - it was awesome. Very talented singers & dancers. We all enjoyed it thoroughly.

Us at the show.

The night ended... I'm not really sure. The "double" we both ordered at the show has us ... Yeah, tipsy again! I know Aaron and myself ended it by eating mid-night pizza.

&& that is the LONGEST re-cap ever! But that was our trip. It was great. Of course, not everything was captured or written down but that's what WAS captured...on our camera. Maybe when I can figure out this disc, I can show the first night.

Oh and - we may or may not have come home with $2100 richer.

Until then. Peace out!