Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"You're still the One" - Shania Twain
It's always been a song of ours through all our trials and troubles...
Last night, after our date... we were able to watch American Idol through DVR...
and Lee Dewyze [Aaron's Favorite Contestant] sang a new verison of this amazing song.
He was incredible! [Sparks were flying again!!! :)] 

Check it out!
Click Below

Friday, April 23, 2010

Home = Colorful!!!!

,Boy, we've been hitting the house work up hard this week. Well, Not me! :) But our painter, Steve Hurst, and our friends, Daniel DeLoach, Jon Good, & Joe Howell have been helping us tremendously! Our trim work is looking incredible and my WALLS are very colorful!
                                                     Before & After

                                                              Master Bedroom - Before

Master Bedroom After First Coat [Check out the Crown Moulding]

Master Bathroom Before & After

Here are other rooms - After they've been painted! Will have there before pictures up soon!

My Fun, Crafty Room!
[Sewing/Scrapbook/ MAYBE computer Room]
(trying to get him to keep the computer in his MAN ROOM)
Aaron's Man Room
[We had to repaint this room... Long Story]
I can't wait to see the finished product of this room.
It will be a stylish Man Room!!!! I have a lot of ideas!

Our New home is very colorful and fun! We still have a lot of work. It's just exciting to finally see paint on the walls. :)

To Do List:

  •  Picking out our hardwood floors & Carpet! [& installing them]

  • Extending our counter top into a small bar that sits in the living room

  • Top Coat on walls

  • Finishing the Crown Moulding, Door Casing, & Windown Framing

  • Finishing Designing my closet ( & installing my closet)

  • Move In!!!! [Yay!]

  • Decorate

  • [Get a Dog - THat's Aaron's Birthday Present]

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Movin' on up!

Steve, Our painter Started yesterday... Along with Daniel DeLoach, Our Trim Man... Started on the Crown Moulding! I am estastic! My heart dropped when I saw the moulding on the walls last night!
Fire Place - [it's FINALLY coming together]

Daniel & Aaron
[Aaron learing a little something about Trim]

Ohhh Ohh Ohhhh... I love this picture!

BIG Thanks to:

  • Jon Good - Right Hand Man

  • Bridget White - My helper with Painting

  • Patrick White - Helps with anything & everything

  • Joe Howell - Helps us load things Anywhere & Everywhere

  • Dustin Ellrod - Mudded & Sanded [All Rooms]

  • Steve - Painter [Walls & Trim]

  • Daniel DeLoach - Trim Work [Walls, Windows, & Door Frames]

Monday, April 19, 2010

Chavis Engagement Party!

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings!!  The weekend came and went in a blink of an eye! Last week I was writing about preparing for an Engagement party for friends of ours. Well, It couldn't have turned out better. All week I had my fingers literally glued together. I had so much fun. I follow the foot steps of my mother everyday, which If I had to choose which quality to be handed down from her, it would be her craftiness! She's brilliant when it comes to creating crafty things. Starting on Tuesday, I had four days to come up with something that told Brycelyn & Jerermy's Love Story. I think this is very important. That being said, I made SEVEN different Hobby Lobby trips in Four days. I bought a poster board that had three sections. Starting on the left, had their story. The Middle stated their name, a photo, and a Quote. [my favorite], and ending on the right side had random facts about them.

The party had a beachy theme like look to it. Bryce & JC LOVE the water! So,  with help of my mother, We put together the dinner beachy table centerpieces. Greenery [seaweed-like] was placed on the bottom. Then a round cirlce mirror top, Net was then placed on top, finished with a glass bowl filled with tan & navy blue sand... SEA Shells were then placed inside the bowl.

 They were a great turn out. Another thing I created, which was my favorite, was the guest book. I completely made it from beginning to start. Rather than just everyday guest book where people sign there names because they see the book and pen, and then feel that they have too... I made a book where the guest gave their advice. Every page was different. Ex: How do you know the Bride & Groom? Or, Something Jeremy should NEVER say to Brycelyn? Or Words of Wisdom. Something Brycelyn should know about Jeremy?
This was a lot of fun. The last four pages, I did make where people could just sign.. and as I looked through it as the night passed, I noticed people were being boring and skipping the fun stuff. So, I announced for people to please share experiences/quotes/advice with Brycelyn & Jeremy. By the end of the night, we had some HILARIOUS stuff. My favorite was under the "Marriage Advice" page; Fight Naked, It solves arguements faster! - Oh, I gotta kick out of it. But, as for the party itself.. Me & Mrs. Janet couldn't have asked for a happier turn out! The first hour was a bit of mingling, then once everyone had arrived, I started with a toast. Yes, I got up and told a story about the two, and when I was finished Christoper, Jerermy's oldest brother, poped the Champagne Bottle, Said Cheers, and then Mr. Lee Benson, Jeremy's Granddaddy said Grace.

Ate the delicious dinner Mrs. Janet prepared with a little help from others, mingled more... and that's when the party started. A LOT of dancing.

We had a WONDERFUL turn out, and most importantly, Brycelyn & Jeremy seemed very happy and felt on top of the world.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i love weddings

Friends of ours just got engaged & plan to get married in October...I'm stoked! If you know me, I get very excited about weddings, and LOVE to listen, watch, or even be apart of them. This weekend is their Engagement Party. I'm helping out with the decorations [a little bit], because we all know, I love arts & crafts. And of course, I love Jeremy & Brycelyn & want to make every moment blissful. Jeremy's Mom, Mrs. Janet [AKA Mama J] has been working very hard putting this celebration together. She's awesome. I always feel it's boring and BLAH to go to a wedding and not know anything about the couple... So0o0oo, I'm not gonna let that happen. I'm trying to create something where people can learn a little about JC & Bryce. Unfortunately, I just got the needed information today... so I hope I can work my magic and create a little something! I absoultely LOVE doing stuff like this. [That's why I blog.. hehe]

Jeremy Chavis & Brycelyn Johnston

Monday, April 12, 2010

Camping on the Canoohee

Our First Camping trip of the year!
It was a perfect weekend! Aaron, Me, & a group of our friends all packed our bags and headed to Claxton where we chose to set up and camp for the weekend. We slept in tents, stayed warm by a fire, and enjoyed the nature around us.  The weather was okay... a bit chiller than we would've liked, but at least the mosquitoes weren't bad.
Friday afternoon, Me, Aaron, & Daniel brought everything down by the river, where we plotted our butts, set everything up, and waited for the rest of the crew. The boys were inchin' to get in the boat. THanks to Badger Rental, Aaron was able to bring a mini excavator so we could create the boat ramp that was once their on our trip two years ago. While Aaron dominated the Excavator  Daniel taught me how to put up a tent. We unpacked the trucks, set up tables, lights, & the grill. Because Aaron is so wonderful, we didn't JUST have tents to set up... Aaron bought the ladies a portable shower & bathroom. He knows me just right! Everything was set up and in it's place when Aaron asked me to take a ride. We admired the river and started setting LINES out. [This is when you tie a string to a branch that holds bait & a weight on the other end, waiting for the catfish to bite.. you have to keep checking the lines so often]
Later, when the rest of the crew showed up; Danielle, Candice, Nic, & Andrew, we grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, and of course... we roasted smores' over the campfire. Yummy! We sat around the beauitful fire listening to Andrew play his guitar, and sang the songs.  Or, we TRIED to sing along... It's wasn't so pleasant. Of course, the boys had there time in the boats as they often left  to check the catfish lines.
Saturday morning, came early. We FROZE our hineys off that night. It was very cold. Everyone did their own thing for breakfast, some went to McDonalds, but I packed Donuts, Milk & had OJ for me and my love. We did a lot of fishing. Dani caught a big jackfish, I caught a pretty red breast, & the guys caught mixtures. For lunch, everyone just ate what they wanted too. I brought the pre-packed Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches for me & Aaron, and then we all brought plently of snacks to munch on.  Danielle & Nic had their adventure of shooting guns at random targets, while Candice slipped away for a nice "home shower". Her and Daniel live about 10 mintues from where we were. Later that evening, Kristie & Michael Chavis and Mrs. Wanda & Mr. Danny [Danni's parents] joined us for dinner. We pretty much repeated the same as Friday night, only we added a game of  Spoons, only the campfire verison.  We replaced the spoons with Sticks.  It's alwatys bring lots of laughs.
Sunday, came early.. the boys turkey hunted and then check the lines
as the ladies started packing up. We would've stayed later, but I had an event to be at, at 2pm that afternoon. Our trip was a lot of fun.  We are already planning the next one, hoping for next month. The area we camped at was beauitful and was a perfect spot to set up. Directly across the river was a hugh sandbar, that looked nice for us ladies.. of course when it warms up a bit.

More Photos in our Gallery

Maddox Raulerson's Baby Shower!
I made it to my 2:00 baby shower, which was a great turn out. My girlfriend, Holly ...  Her brother & his girlfriend Ashley are expecting their  first child, a baby boy named Maddox in about three weeks. This is very exciting for their family. Holly has two little girls that always have a bow in their hair and are matching, so it's going to be quite a transition.
That evening, Aaron wanted to take me out & have dinner together at Outback, but I was pooped. I was so exhausted from the weekend. Instead, we ordered pizza from uptown & rented movies off the TV. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was OUT! I slept from 6:30pm to 7:15am this morning. I haven't slept like that in a reeeeeally long time! It was great. Aaron had the house cleaned, the laundry was done, and most everything unpacked. Isn't he just wonderful? Yes! Back to reality for me tonight. I think I'll grill steaks tonight with twice baked potatoes and have salad to go along with it. That's his favorite meal... I gotta get something better than campfire food in his tummy!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

He's Amazing

The Best and most Beauitful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the Heart. ~ Helen Keller

It sounds Clique, but I fall in love with him everyday. [Even on those challenging days]
Last Night, laying on the bed talking about anything and everything... I simply looked at my love, and said "I love you more & more everyday." Of course, I got the whole, half smirk thing that he does with no words. I said, "You don't love me more everyday?"  [With a Smile], and he then replied, "No." So,  imagine my crinkled forehead, with that slight smile, saying.. "Baby! You don't?" And again, he said "No."  So, I took a gulp of air, and once again, I crinkled my forhead and gave him that slight smile, saying no words. 
 As he took my hand, he said...  "I don't ever want to reach the top, because once you've reached the top, you can't go further. "  My nose crinkled & that BIG smile appeared... &  my heart  fluttered. I felt like I was back in high school.

I'm an extremely emotional person, in every kind of way & I don't have a hard time letting it show. Aaron's very emotional too, yet not often is it seen or heard. Over the years, I've learned that you have to take the bad [or the average] with the good. Not everyday will be, yucky love stuff... and not everyday will he make my heart flutter like last night. But on the days that he does, I hold them close. Because rarely do I hear words like that. So when he does speak a such, I know it's truely within his heart.

Monday, April 5, 2010

"I'd like to see you, out in the moonlight... I'd like to kiss you, way back in the sticks. Jess, you think you can check me for TICKS?"

What a fun weekend! It was very steady, but we had a lot of laughs. Our weekend fun started at 7 oclock on Friday afternoon. Aaron and I were headed to Pooler to have a night with friends at Paul & Amanda house.
GAME NIGHT IS BACK IN OUR LIVES! Once a month we get together with Friends and switch turns hosting Game Night at our house. The hosts cook dinner and we play whatever game... really anything fun! This Friday, Paul & Amanda were our Hosts. They cooked a delicious meal; Chicken Parmesian. There were eight of us that participated; Me & Aaron, Paul & Amanda, Candice & Daniel, and Kristie & Michael.  We first had a few laughs while watching YOUTUBE videos and then proceeded to play Battle of the Sexes. The game was challenging, and we realized quickly how it got it's name. The room became steamy towards the end. After a few heated moments [speaking for myself] we thought it'd be best to quit, and play SPOONS. It was wonderful. I believe we decided to always end the night with a game of SPOONS.
Saturday- Aaron turkey hunted with Michael & later fished by the pond with Joe... Unfortuntely, I had to work til 2:00pm. After getting off, I went home to start painting Aaron's man room. I was able to finish [painting], and it looks great. I'll have an updated photo up shortly. Now, all it needs is one more coat on the door trim and the Crown Moulding around the top & bottom of the walls.  We are getting somewhere. Aaron isn't satisfied with his mudding & sanding. So, our friend Dustin Ellrod is coming out today to take a look and give us a price to fix Aaron's "Mess", or that's what he calls it. :) That night, Aaron surprised me by taking me out on a date. Boy, we needed that! It's been a little while, and past due. We went to dinner at La Napolera & then went to see Clash of the Titans. Before getting out of the car, Aaron realizes he has a TICK in his armpit. So, As I'm hunched over the passenger seat with my nose in this armpit, there he is.. I see him and immeditately start freaking out. The idea of a perfect date. So, I clinched on tight.. and yanked. POP! True Love right? 

[photo taken after the tick pulling.. he looks thrilled, right?]

Sunday was Easter... it was a perfect day. The weather was beauitful & we were very thankful to have an awesome family to celebrate with. The kids were so excited as they ran around finding eggs filled with candy. We had three places to be at three different times. The morning started off, me preparing my greenbean cassarole for our 4pm stop. We then met my dad at Cracker Barrel for breakfast, then stopped at Uncle Mikes & Aunt Tammy's around 11ish, and then made it back to Rambling Creek at four. Seeing everyone was very nice,but by the end of the day, we were pooped!
We ended our night watching All About Steve. 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail


Easter Sunday is tommorrow. This day always makes me think my of Ganny. [My Grandma]
She's no longer in our presence, but her spirit is with us everyday! So it's kind of a bitter sweet holiday. The Holidays are always wonderful, but aren't the same without her!
Uncle Mike & Aunt Tammy are having Easter Dinner this year at their house. Aunt Amy, Uncle Joe, & the boys are joining us this year. Yay! Holidays are such a joy to me. We also have dinner later that afternoon with Aaron's family. We are meeting together to spread Pappy's Ashes with Nana before dinner! So again, It's kind of Bitter Sweet.
We wish everyone a Happy Easter & hope Peter Cotton Tail is good too you!

This past week:
We've gotten a lot accomplished.  First of all I wanna say, Remodeling isn't as easy as I thought. I've always LOVED to decorate. It get that from my Mama! But, I have had some kind of time with my wall colors. I've seriously lost sleep over it. Blending and picking the exact shade you want is tough. There are so many to choose from. I have FINALLY got them all picked out. I refuse to look at anymore paint, because it's so easy to fall in love with a color that won't work for your home. Or your room. Our bedrooms are very small. Therefore, I need to pick the right color and lighting to make them appear bigger. Well, it's not easy when your drawn to all the darker colors! This past week has been good for the new place. It doesn't really look like we've done THAT much, but if you count all the nic-naks and gadget that you have to do first, we've gotten alot accomplished. Our Kitchen Cabinets are done. The door are hung up and looking pretty.  Aaron has been working his butt off trying to mudd the walls and sand them. He's learned a lot.
"I should've paid someone..." He tells me all the time!

Aaron and Jon Good  putting our new hardware on the cabinet doors.

Thursday Night Aaron & I had Chloe over. She's out of school for spring break, so we thought she could take advantage of it and have her stay the night. I got off work early that day, so I was able to pick her up at 1:30. We went back to the house and started making our Easter Desserts for tomorrow.  We made Oreo balls for the first time. They didn't turn out quiiiiiite like I wanted too, but they are still yummy delicious and very colorful. We also made Brownies... just for the heck of it.
Later that afteroon, Aaron came home and wanted to work some on the house. So, while he did that, Chlo and I got dinner prepared [Chicken Stir Fry], We cut about 4 inches off her hair and layered it, picked some games out that she wanted to play, and took our baths. When Aaron finally came home, he bathe & we ate supper. Immeditately after, Chloe wanted to start the game, LIFE. It was pretty cool. She kicked out tails. Fair and Square! We also played Penguin Pile Up & Jenga. Throughout the night of playing these games, Chloe and Aaron talked a lot of smack to one another. Chloe came up with a new name to call Uncle Aaron.  "Punkle Aaron" Hahaha.. it's pretty hilarious! Punk + Uncle = Punkle!
I was told that Chloe talked about that night the enitre next day. Apparently she had a blast. Which is what we shoot for. But I think, Aaron and I enjoyed ourselves more! It was great!