Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Trick OR Treat

Thursday, October 28th
we hosted a pumpkin carving get together!

Spaghetti for Dinner anyone???

Aaron, Paul, Amanda & Bridget went straight to carving
immediately after dinner!

Reid wanted to help Aunt Jessica!

Daniel finished first!
We all agreed he looked like his pumpkin face!

Paul carved Dark Vador!
It turned out really good!

I must say, carving pumpkins off a pattern is more time consuming &
takes a lot of patience. More than I ever thought!

Haunted House - Candice
Face made of out of Catfish - Aaron [He was so disappointed in his]
Dark Vader - Paul
Yoda - Amanda
Skeleton Pirate - Me
Goofy face - Daniel
Bridget messed her pumpkin up but cutting the wrong hole out, so hers was unfinished!

FRIDAY, October 29th
a group of us went to a haunted forest in Statesboro!
We had dinner at El Sombro first, then headed to get spooked!
 We all thought it couldn't been longer than it was!
But, it was pretty good!
We stopped at walmart to pick up... whatever the men needed
and we ran into The Golden Girls!
Dorothy, Rose, Sophia, and Blanch!
I thought they were awesome!

Saturday, October 30th
Trick or Treat night!

That morning, a girlfriend of mine, her daughter, and myself
went to support our old high school Cheerleading Coach Judge Cheer Competition!
It was a lot of fun to watch the girls, knowing we used to do the same thing!

afterwards, we had lunch with our Coach Clark, which was nice!

As soon as I got home, We had to head over to Mama's!
Every year we go to her house on Halloween!!
She cooks Spaghetti for all of us!
My nieces and nephews come over...usually!
My Bro & Kerri & the kids don't come anymore due to a birthday party they attend every year!
And My sisters step kids were at their moms this year, so it's was just these two lovely ladies!

Chloe & Emily
Bat Woman & a Lamb!

Aren't they adorable?
My cousin and her Boyfriend also dressed up this year, and were so cute!

Across the street from my parents house, is a golf course!
EVERYONE goes there to trick or treat!
But, they seem to skip out on my parents house!
So, we pile up in the golf carts & Gem Car and while the kids trick or treat and get candy...

We give candy out!
It was so much fun!

Take a look at the kids we ran into...

This is Brandon & Jaylee
My girlfriend Karens, children!

Lacey dressed up as Jessie and a little boy dressed as Woody
from the Toy Story

Emily did so good!
She out did Chloe! Emily walked up to every house with her bucket
and never gave up!

Our friends, Bj & Jen with their son Ayden!

Our Neighbors Grand Children
Logan, Skyler, and Macey

and Jayden & Ashley

Emmerson & Eli were the last costumes we seen!

We had a great time and made some good memories!
We went back to Mama's house and Jackson got his candy too...

Sunday, October 31st
I woke up to my phone ringing with Aaron on the other end
telling me ALL about his deer...

A 10 pt Buck!
Yay babe! He is SUPER excited for this upcoming week!
He's headed out to Indiana with some Hunting Buddies for a little over a week!

We are looking forward to this afternoon...
REID will be coming by to do his late trick or treating...
He slept through last nights event!
He's gonna be the cutest Gorilla I've ever seen!

Have a HAPPY one & the rest of a good weekend!
We're resting up for the rest of the evening, and then off to catch a late movie tonight!