About Us

met in January 2001
became... as my parents would say
"steady" January 2001.
we were kids.
we were in high school.
we went steady all throughout high school...
for the most part.
he had my heart from day one.

now comes college.
i lived in an apartment with my girlfriends.
he still was at home.
{mommas boy..yes}
parties. break-ups. crying. finding ourselves.
we made it.
it was rough.
it was only the beginning.

now comes the first time we lived together.
wow.whoa.what happened?
you're just not ready to play house at 22.
well we weren't. we were far from it.
reality hit us.
big time.
wait - let me correct that.
reality hit ME.
this was a bad idea.
we were on two different roads of 'knowing what we wanted'.
i moved out 8 months later.
hardest thing i've ever done.
not really moving out
just everything that came along with it.
okay and yes - moving out.
the hardest moment{s} of our history yet.
best thing that ever happened to {us}.

he is a bachelor.
i live with my parents.
something I never thought i'd ever have to do again.
i was broken to pieces.
torn apart.
he partied & ...
well, he was a bachelor.

i found interest elsewhere... yes, with a guy.
not with aaron.
i was swept off my feet.
he begged.cried. pleaded. but partied.
he was still the same person.
he was a bachelor & wanted that life.
he needed that.
five months later.
he hasn't given up.
i found myself. my life. my confidence.
my heart.
which was with aaron.
he was my heart.

best valentines day yet was our first
day back together.
love took some time to find us again
the real love. the trust. everything that comes with it.

we moved in together with time.
still a few bumpy roads but nothing
was worth giving up.

June 2010 spent out time
we moving into his late great grandfathers home.
it was given to us.
it was remodeled to make it our home.
it was a very good time in our life. 

September 2010 Aaron picked out THE ring.
December 26th he was on one knee.
we planned my perfect fairy tale for eight months.
the happiest most joyful experience.
became husband and wife on September 3, 2011.

Life now...
is spent building our roots.
 a lot of couch-time. dinner dates.
 time with family & friends. new traditions.
& a wife trying to cook like momma does.
starting our family.
making plans knowing nothing can beat us.
our life is a true blessing.

I blog.
to capture the in betweens.
Stilettos & a fishing pole
that's us. that's what you get.
this is who we are.

Our children will know us...
one day.