Tuesday, October 16, 2012

First Wedding Anniversary: A Piece of Cake


Let's start off by stating that our first year as husband and wife was more than amazing.
It really was. 'First year is always the hardest' says everyone. Not saying it can't be but for us, it really was better than I ever could have imagined.
We spent our first year spending a lot of QT with each other.
Aaron and I never watched more movies & TV shows in a whole 11 years together than we did this one year. It was great. We took a few vacations, spent weekends with family & friends and weekdays at home cooking dinner, doing laundry & cuddled up on the couch.
Life is usually in the fast lane for us, but this year was about me & him.
Take a moment to enjoy our photo session with tradition.
 Eating the Cake
I can honestly say our cake was just as tasty as it was one year ago.
The wine we toasted with was a bottle brought down from Long Island, NY
to have waiting for us in our room when we arrived on the night of our wedding day.
We played scrabble in the since of describing our first year.
'When thinking of Jessica & your first year married to her... what comes to mind?"
as sweet & hopeless romantic my husband is not...
he puts "Earth".
If you've ever seen the movie Couples Retreat you will understand.
Thanks honey.
&& as the same questions is asked to me...
&& then Aaron gets excited and starts changing his ALL up.
Papa T is who my husband calls himself when trying to be big & bad around the house.
We wrote messages to each other && never saw them until we
received these pictures (in which were waiting for us when we go trip.)
&& ending our photo session on some dandelion love♥
I love him more everyday.
(Actual trip recap WILL be coming soon) 


~Dawn~ said...

Love the pics - you two are TOO CUTE!!

Jessica Nicole said...

Oh my goodness- these are so adorable! You must do a photo session every year!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Those notes to each other are so sweet :)

Jenna said...

You two are so incredibly cute! Happy Anniversary !

Breanna said...

These pictures are gorgeous! :) Congratulations on a year of marriage, they all seem to fly by! :)

Kelli Herrington said...

I loved this post and I loved the photo sesson I think this should be done each year an dI wish I would have thought to do this years ago on our first Anniversary

Vicki said...

I love how you wrote notes to each-other and didn't see them until the pictures came - cutest idea ever!

Nikki said...

Such great photos! Happy Anniversary.

Stephanie said...

Ok stop it! Y'all are the cutest couple EVER!!!!! <3

Jenna E said...

These are GORGEOUS!!!! Happy Anniversary!!! xoxoxo

Domesticable said...

These photos are gorgeous. We were married on 9*10*11 and our cake topper was left in Virginia (where we were married). My parents just drove down last night and brought the cake with them. I hope it tastes okay. Thanks for sharing. I loved everything about every single photo. Hubs and I have been playing scrabble since we started dating. Great idea with the questions. EARTH!


Nicole said...

My husband loves Couples Retreat as well...Boom! Then DOOO IIIITTTT!

Carolyn said...

These pictures are so cute! I love the idea of writing messages to each other! SO cute!

Kiki said...

You guys are so cute! i love all these pictures! It will be my one year anniversary next month, i cant believe how the time flies. i feel like just the other day we were saying i do!


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Ashleigh Nichole said...

I am loving all the mushy gushy J... I remember when I first seen them on IG I fell in love & now I am fallin in love with these photos all over again. I Love how happy you both look :)

Katy said...

These are so sweet! What a wonderful way to celebrate your first anniversary!

Jenny Beth said...

So cute!!!!

hklover86 said...

great idea of doing a photo shoot for this, love the pics!!

Jewel Smith said...

Wow, this is so spectacular and very romantic! I am so touched! I love this post and I feel jealous. My warm wedding anniversary wishes for both you. Keep loving and rocking!