Thursday, February 21, 2013

our ritual valentines day

In 2011, Aaron and I started going on a getaway (aka Aaron's fishing spot), Santee Cooper, SC.
This started the year we were planning our wedding and I wanted nothing more but Valentines to be about him therefore we stayed at his parents home away from home for the weekend.
It ended up being an amazing weekend that I wanted to continue as long as
we could. Soo...

I did not take many pictures when we were back at the house
however I manage to capture a few pictures on our first day on the lake.
It was a beautiful day. The water was so smooth. The sun was shining.
However, it was chilly. Very chilly - which is expected in February.

headed out for the day.

Jackson wanted nothing more than this donut.

My wonderful, amazing, 'everything I continue to dream of' husband.

Our first Buttercat of the day. We were pretty excited - he was trilled.
However, after weighing it Aaron was a bit disappointed. Weighing in at 37.5.
He's caught every 30 lber, every 30 + ounces but can't quite reach 40lbs.
So we continued.

My turn next. I prayed that CAT did not come off the hook.
17lbs, I don't know who was more proud - him or me.

&& that's about it with the fish pictures.  As I explained, it was really cold. You can see both of us adding more clothing as the day continued. The only one content was Jackson. We caught 2 more buttercats in their
teens before we wrapped the day up.

I absolutely love fishing days like this with Aaron.
Its incredibly relaxing. We don't do a whole lot but I think that's what I love about it.
There are no distractions. Just me & him (well... & this time we had Jackson) with all the time in the world.
... until the line goes off. HA!

Other happenings throughout the weekend:

We saw four different bald eagles on this day. Wow. Crazy.
They were all fishing too.

We eat dinner at Coasters, which was an excellent seafood bar/restaurant
that.... was connected to a strip club. Weird?
No. We did not spend out love weekend in the strip club.

We ended up NOT fishing on Saturday after due to the rough water &
weather forecast.  It snowed that night, how fun!

Jackson is so spoiled he is used to getting something delish when one
returns from 'dinner' (a steak bone) - he thinks he is human.
Well... we dined at a seafood place therefore we thought, " he'll get a bone tomorrow night. We will
get some chicken at KFC && he'll be fine".
KFC && Bojangles (the ONLY two fast food restaurants around) both had NO chicken
for 20 minutes. WHAT? So Jack got a personal steak from Waffle House... yeah, he's THAT spoiled.

Amazing weekend. Perfect way to spend Valentines.
No roses. No chocolates (except from my nieces/nephews). Just QT with Aaron.
EXACTLY how I want it. It's always perfect. I look forward to it every year!

XO, j


Cayla Hess said...

What a sweet weekend :) It's awesome that you guys have a tradition you do every weekend. And holy cow is that a spoiled dog! The more spoiled = the more loved!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Um holy fishes.. That's nuts.. Do you eat those?

~Dawn~ said...

OMG, those fish are HUGE!!

What a sweet Valentine's Day!

Brittany said...

Such a fun tradition!

Ashley said...

This is crazy but my Dad lives right on that lake lol Where at do you guys stay? CRAZY

Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a wonderful weekend! Those catfish are HUGE! I would have been so afraid of it somehow getting off the hook and attaching to me - I have some pretty irrational fears haha. I couldn't help but laugh about the restaurant being connected to a strip club!

Molly S. said...

Ahhhh sounds like my kind of weekend. Goodness I would need to work out to actually snag one of those. HUGE! What a cool tradition.

Carolyn said...

This sounds absolutely perfect! :) And you're brave for holding that crazy fish... I would have been terrified! HAHA

Karen Mortensen said...

What fun. I love to fish.

Anonymous said...

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Ashley West said...

Please come back to blogging on the reg! lol you have been one of my favorite reads for the past year, I live up in Northwest GA and trying to start myself a small blog...happy late Valentines!

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Brooke said...

Loving your fishing outfit! So adorable!