Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It's Hump Day &amp, and it's been a long, slow, drawn out day. I can't help but keep smerking over me shaving Aaron's head last night. Yes, that's right, Shaved. He always asks me to shave his head when the temperature raises outside. Last night he asked me after we got done with supper, and my first instinct, [is always the same]was to say No! Aaron doesn't have the right shaped head for that kind of hair cut. And I told him that. I simply said, "your forehead is too high, and it will draw our your pointy ears." He never knew I thought his ears were pointy until that comment. So, he asked me again. "Plllease can you shave my head?" Within a split second, I replied,  "Okay! Let's shave your head." I don't know what got into me. But, if he wants his head shaved, then he should be able to have it shaved. So ... Ta Da!  "Baaaaaaahahahah, Honey you look like a kid. You look 12." Aaron already gets mistaken for his age. People already think I'm robbing the cradle when we go out, but now... oh boy. People are gonna think I'm the actual babysitter!
Today, is also Mama's Birthday! We are going with them to celebrate at Hooters tonight. :) Daytona Wings sound delicious right now.  It's been such a dreadful week.  We are definitely looking forward to the weekend. Maybe thinking about going to the movies and dinner, but I'm starting to convince myself it would be a better idea to just work on the house. Right?  Neither of us can wait any longer than we have too. Unfortunately I have to work Saturday until 2. My girlfriend Krisitie's Birthday is Saturday.. We are having a small celebration at Mama J's house to celebrate. Michael, her husband, and Jeremy, Michaels brother, and a friend Brittany's birthday all fall around the same time. So, we are celebrating together. Grilling out, playing horse shoes, and cornhole... Oh, my kind of fun! Sunday, WHo knows? I know I'm cutting Aunt Teresa & Richards hair that morning, but who knows after. I've been thinking about getting some people together for sunday flag football. Sound fun, right? I thought so too. We will more than likely be working on the hizz-ouse!

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