Monday, March 29, 2010

A Sleepless Weekend

Our weekend was wonderful as always.  It came and it left. It was so fast I think my body forgot to sleep. Starting friday, I clocked out at 6 o'clock sharp. Ventured over to Mill Creek to watched  Chloe & John Aaron play some ball. Unfortunatley they both lost. But... You should have seen them. They were too stinkin cute in their uniforms. I came home to find out we wereskipping out on doing house work. [UGH!] Aaron hasn't been feeling great with all the pollen, so instead we watched "The Wedding Planner" on TV. [It's a Classic]
Saturday morning I had to work. :( Aaron turkey hunted with Michael Chavis [They were close, but No turkey] and then later he Fished by the ponds with Joe Howell. After getting off, I had to run some errands and then hurry home to prepare the food for the Birthday Bash that night. Which was a great turn out. A lot of friends came to celebrate. Sunday! Ohhh... rough start. [Thanks to the FAMOUS Long Island Iced Tea] But I did make it over to cut Aunt Teresa & Richards Hair. As much as I planned to focus on house work, I got very little accomplished, due exhaustion. Instead I sat down to relax along w/ my love and Joe and watched two awesome movies. Law Aibing Citizen & Blind Sided. They are the kind that's worth watching twice.  I stayed nervous throughout Law Abiding Citizen and Cried the whole way through Blind Sided. Aaron picks on my movie emotions. This world needs more people like Leigh Ann Louey. Sandra Bullock [Ultimate Favorite] was amazing. This world also needs FULL justice serviced, as Clyde Shelton [Gerard Butler] tried to prove. Letting a murderer go free after serving five year is NOT okay. If you haven't seen either movies, do watch. In fact, they were so awesome, I got NO sleep last night. I believe it was 11 o'clock when we hit the sack, and I woke up at 1 AM. I couldn't stop thinking about if I were Leigh Ann Louey. If I came across her situation, what would I do. And I kept imagining how awful it would be to go through was Clydy Shelton went through. They were very touching.

Sara Spurlin, Me, & Kristie Chavis
Me, Tiffany Boutwell, & Sara Spurlin


Caitlin said...

Oh, I LOVED the Blind Side too. And yes, I think our emotions are about the same.. I was wiping away tears the entire time as well. Such a great movie! I have yet to see Law Abiding Citizen, but I believe that is at the top of our list for "next" time. Get some shut eye :)

The Simple Life said...

Wasn't Blind Side just fantastic?
-You guys must watch Law Abiding Citizen! It's great! It will keep you'll on your toes!

Mrs. Chavis said...

wow don't you just love my face?? haha - do you have my personal blog??

The Simple Life said...

Your face shows just how much you enjoyed that night! :) haha
I', a follwer of your personal blog, but not youre Kindergarten one. I try to go to it, and it won't let me. :( I'm still trying to figure out a lot of these blog quirks. Follow me from your Kindergarten Blog, then I'll go from there.

Aaron & Jessica said...

Wow! I'm reading what I replied to you KCHAV.. I have a million grammer errors! I believe I was typing too fast and not paying attention. Apparently I didn't read over it. Sorry!