Tuesday, June 21, 2011

... first time a bride is nervous. [today]

75 days to go...
For the most part everything is .... done. There are no more decisions. We just have to get it ready and prepared and finish making everything on my 2.5 page things to finish list.
Seeing I only had 75 days to go, I can say that today was the FIRST day my tummy was filled with butterflies. Is that good or bad?

 My Bridal Bash
[... was perfect]
June 4th - 12am
-a day for my maids & moms to gather around and work on wedding projects. Discuss the wedding day and wedding details.

Mom made us matching shirts & really out worked herself in order to make this day perfect for me. She had each of us a little bridesmaid dress cookie with our initials on them, they were adorable. She served a beautiful array of delicious appetizers and had tables set up where we all could interact with each other. She is so amazing. As the ladies arrived, my excitement grew beyond. I can't imagine how ill be on the big day. I was able to show them everything that had been in the making for the past few months; centerpieces, favors, arrangements, the guest book, and other small details. My favorite thing to share was our reception dinner table 'look'. All the girls fell in love which of course brought me to cloud nine. We ate then started on my table centerpieces. After that we worked on other small petty things that needed to be put together or tucked away in the "reception" / "ceremony" boxes. Time flew by but I can say I was able to sit back and soak in the moment of wedding galore. They even talked me into trying on my Maggie Sotterro. The day was perfect.

[each of these were hand made by Mama]

[just a few of the bridesmaids cookies]

[Mama, Me, Mrs Kandi, & Grammye]

Me & Dani - my maid of honor

My sister, Kim & also my Matron of Honor, Myself & Dani

Me & my Mama♥
Thank you so much Mama! :) Love you to the moon & back♥

What's been happening lately:

DIY PROJECTS:  are coming along. In the past month or two I've been working very hard on the small details of the wedding. The little things that most of my guests will not understand but when I look back it will have so much meaning to me. Most of everything I've picked out or created has a story to tell. It resembles something between Aaron and myself or defines us in some way or another. I wish I could share however you'll have to wait 73 days (+ some).  The Officiant: We met with our officiant back in May.
Dr. Joe Holloway, he is a preacher & also a teacher from our high school. Aaron and I didn't really know what to expect but maybe discuss vows and how the day will work out.
Little did we know, we'd be counseld. I knew Aaron was gonna give it to me as we sat in the car that night, however he felt the same way as I did. Very happy and really enjoyed the counseling session. Invitations: Were ordered, printed, & as soon as I got them in my hands I started addressing the envelopes. They are done. Waiting to be stamped and mailed out on July 1st. I'm very happy with the way they turned out. For not having a lot of high spirts with them in the beginning, I couldn't be happier. I will share them in a few weeks! Music: is finally ready. Even our first dance song! Yay! Favors: Remember we are doing two favors. I've probably put most thought & work into our music song choices and our favors. However, I'm VERY excited about these two things.

Upcoming Events:

Thursday: First Dress fitting/alterations. Remember back around THIS time, I did a whole lot of talking about getting rid of my armpit tit fat... okay, well was completely GONE when I tried it on at the bridal bash.Yay! My wedding weight loss goal was to loose 18 pounds. Happy to announce I'm 17 down and still have two months to go. Yay!
Sunday: My first shower; Around the Clock Shower. Bridget [Soon to be Sister in Law] & Lexy [Aaron's Cousin] are the hostess'. I'm pretty excited to see Aaron's family & family friends, and what time of the day everyone was given. Exciting!

... and last but NOT least.
Due to my lack of blog posts, I did not get to share my joy and happiness of Mrs Caitlin's Wedding [A Journey from Miss to Mrs]. Some of you may know her, she's a hometown friend who just experienced her fairytale wedding. June 10th she married her soul mate, Cliff. They had a beauitful rustic themed wedding. If you know Caitlin & read her blog, you will know she is very much a southern lady with a southern soul. 
 Here are just a few moments I was able to capture.

Mr & Mrs Cliff Young♥

Okay, so my camera isn't the best.
First Dance Song!

Grooms Cakes

Wedding Cake

I hate my arm in this picture.

Before leaving for the night...
Loved the streamers, very cute idea!

Off to honeymoon in ....
[They had no clue where they were going until .. Well I don't know really.. haha!]

... and of course, this is my & my love♥
Take THREE.....
He's trying very hard not to blink.

Well, that's all folks!


Aly @ Analyze This said...

Hey long lost friend!! Or shall I say long lost stunningly beautiful friend?! Ha!! For real - all of these pictures of you are great!! :)

Glad wedding stuff is coming along! I just can not believe you only have 75 days left! Seems like a long way away, but really, it is not!!

Anonymous said...

I love it! So happy for y'all! You are G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.... I love your hair - You should do a tutorial on how you style it :)

Your wedding is going to be beautiful. Can't wait for it, I am sure you can't either :)

Love your dress you work to Caitlin's wedding too! You two are so cute! Have a great day!

Ashley said...

you look so amazing! It really shows that you have made progress in your weight goals =) Your hair is just gorgeous too!
What a fun party =)
75 days is going to FLY! Enjoy every moment of it sweet girl =)

Pamela said...

Love everything your mom did. That is too sweet! :) Everything looks & sounds great! You are going to be such a beautiful bride girl!!

Stephanie said...

aww so fun! Enjoy these last 75 days-it will go by faster than fast!

PS-I'd kill for your hair!! ;)

Jessica and Stephan said...

Wow, only 75 days away! Time flies!