Saturday, April 3, 2010

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail


Easter Sunday is tommorrow. This day always makes me think my of Ganny. [My Grandma]
She's no longer in our presence, but her spirit is with us everyday! So it's kind of a bitter sweet holiday. The Holidays are always wonderful, but aren't the same without her!
Uncle Mike & Aunt Tammy are having Easter Dinner this year at their house. Aunt Amy, Uncle Joe, & the boys are joining us this year. Yay! Holidays are such a joy to me. We also have dinner later that afternoon with Aaron's family. We are meeting together to spread Pappy's Ashes with Nana before dinner! So again, It's kind of Bitter Sweet.
We wish everyone a Happy Easter & hope Peter Cotton Tail is good too you!

This past week:
We've gotten a lot accomplished.  First of all I wanna say, Remodeling isn't as easy as I thought. I've always LOVED to decorate. It get that from my Mama! But, I have had some kind of time with my wall colors. I've seriously lost sleep over it. Blending and picking the exact shade you want is tough. There are so many to choose from. I have FINALLY got them all picked out. I refuse to look at anymore paint, because it's so easy to fall in love with a color that won't work for your home. Or your room. Our bedrooms are very small. Therefore, I need to pick the right color and lighting to make them appear bigger. Well, it's not easy when your drawn to all the darker colors! This past week has been good for the new place. It doesn't really look like we've done THAT much, but if you count all the nic-naks and gadget that you have to do first, we've gotten alot accomplished. Our Kitchen Cabinets are done. The door are hung up and looking pretty.  Aaron has been working his butt off trying to mudd the walls and sand them. He's learned a lot.
"I should've paid someone..." He tells me all the time!

Aaron and Jon Good  putting our new hardware on the cabinet doors.

Thursday Night Aaron & I had Chloe over. She's out of school for spring break, so we thought she could take advantage of it and have her stay the night. I got off work early that day, so I was able to pick her up at 1:30. We went back to the house and started making our Easter Desserts for tomorrow.  We made Oreo balls for the first time. They didn't turn out quiiiiiite like I wanted too, but they are still yummy delicious and very colorful. We also made Brownies... just for the heck of it.
Later that afteroon, Aaron came home and wanted to work some on the house. So, while he did that, Chlo and I got dinner prepared [Chicken Stir Fry], We cut about 4 inches off her hair and layered it, picked some games out that she wanted to play, and took our baths. When Aaron finally came home, he bathe & we ate supper. Immeditately after, Chloe wanted to start the game, LIFE. It was pretty cool. She kicked out tails. Fair and Square! We also played Penguin Pile Up & Jenga. Throughout the night of playing these games, Chloe and Aaron talked a lot of smack to one another. Chloe came up with a new name to call Uncle Aaron.  "Punkle Aaron" Hahaha.. it's pretty hilarious! Punk + Uncle = Punkle!
I was told that Chloe talked about that night the enitre next day. Apparently she had a blast. Which is what we shoot for. But I think, Aaron and I enjoyed ourselves more! It was great!

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