Friday, September 24, 2010

I only paid shipping cost!!! CHECK.IT.OUT

Yay! Aaron's Invitations came in yesterday! A few days ago I was talking about his birthday coming up! 10/10/10

&& Matching Envelopes!!!

I want to give a BIIIIG thanks to my good friend, also my hometown friend, Caitlin over at A Journey from Miss to Mrs.  Caitlin is planning her beauitful, rustic themed wedding for next June! She seems to find amazing deals that come in handy!!! Was it a week ago??? I don't know, but she posted some awesome deals from, just click HERE to see! If you hurry, I'm sure you can still join in on the fun!!!

I've ordered quite a few things & also shared with other friends! I'm a HUGH stationary fan, so I have all my invitations I need for the year & a few christmas [small, fun] gifts already! The BEST thing is... it's FREE!!! You only pay the cost to ship it! Unless you upgrade. In my case, I did! I got the matching envelopes to go along with the invitations!

Now for the damage....
ONLY $6.84!!!!

They have more than invitations!!!

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♥Cait said...

Ohh awesome! The invites are perfect for Aaron's party! Glad I could help out :) I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE VistaPrint!! Hope you have an absolute FABULOUS time tonight at the reunion :)