Thursday, September 2, 2010

Costume NEEDED - 1950's Famous Icons

My Mother in Law, Kandi, her birthday is coming up, SOON! I am so excited. We are throwing her a SURPRISE 50's themed  party! It's going to be GREAT! We've been working very hard on hand making props! I can't WAIT to share what we have in store! Because I've been tied up with that, [& planning a baby shower & a class reunion all in the same month], that is my excuse for not blogging as much. Forgive me? Please? HA! I know Aaron is ready for it all to be over with! BUt, this party is going to be one of the BEST! She deserves it! She's the woman that does it ALL for everyone! I'm so thankful to have two Moms in my life that are so generous and open their hearts to everyone!

Okay, so here's the deal... It's a costume party! That's right, I said it! I've been COMPLETELY undecided about what I want to wear. I actually have an outfit that a girlfriend of mine happened to have. It looks something like this...
[Source from Google]

Our invitations that we chose for the party, [WERE AWESOME], had a little pink slip attached to it stating this:
It's an adult night out.
We hope you can come.
Leave the kids with a sitter,
and let's have some fun!
Get creative & play the part
as your favorite 50's or 60's

When Aaron's sister, Bridget told me she was dressing up as Marilyn Monroe, I thought, what an awesome idea. My mind started wondering...
It went directly to Audrey Hepburn, which is one of my favorite icons!

I found a site online telling how to play her part. It's SO simple, and I wouldn't really need to spend a lot of money.  Playing the Breakfast at Tiffanys Audrey, it said I needed:

  • a little black dress

  • Pearls - LOTS of them.

  • Black elbow-length gloves

  • A tiara

  • A beehive

  • Cats-eye eyeliner
I thought, oh yay! This is fun! I think I can pull it off... wait a minute, my hair isn't brown? Frown!!!
Oh well, I thought! I can do it still. It said not to worry about hair color. If I had all the above, I'd be good.

So then I started thinking about what Aaron could wear & who he could be. This is easy!
Guys are ALWAYS easy!
I googled Famous 50's male Icons
Of course you've got Elvis... Which Aaron's dad is playing his part!
Plus, He wouldn't play a good Elvis! So, I ran into this fella

James Dean -
 Oh Yaaaay! Aaron SO could pull him off. Blonde hair, ragged looking!
Oh yeah, this is great!
It would've been even BETTER if I were Marilyn & he was James Dean. They had a little something something going on at one point! So, I looked up his Bio from Goolge to see how he was as a person.
Okay, I have NOTHING, not ONE thing againist homosexuals, and neither does Aaron, in fact we have many gay friends. But I don't think he'd appreciate it if I had him dress as him and only to find out at the party he's playing a guy who swung both ways. That Xed him out! Frown, because he would've made a great James Dean!

Darn! What to do now!
The fact of dressing up as Audrey still was exciting, but really... I wanted to look like her. I needed my hair to be brown! :(

I kept looking!
I ran into Johnny Cash & June Carter!
Oh how fun! This is a great one! I LOVE their story!
 This would be really good... but June has Brown Hair? Awwww... darn!

Then, I smiled BIGGER and my heart was set one the woman that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I loved her as a child. I love her now. She is never boring. She is fun. It's one of my FAVORITE T.V shows of all time!
Nobody could ever forget I Love Lucy

[i love this episode]

I asked Aaron, and he's up for it! Of course, he doesn't care most of the time! :D If I'm in for it, he usually is too!
I just have to think hard how I can find a poka dotta dress with sleeves & in that style! Aaron is simple, Although he looks NOTHING like Ricky Ricardo, hopefully we can still pull it off!

Alright, Whatcha think?
Do you think we can pull it off?
If you have any ideas or other famous icons that would be good, let me know! We haven't started looking yet for our costumes!
I'm SO excited!

Here are just a "few" of my very favorite episodes of


Amy said...

Lucy and Ricky are going to be super fun. That is my all time favorite show. I have the dvd seasons and watch them over and over again. My hubby and I were going to be them for halloween about 2 years ago but there was mix up with the costume I ordered
:( I can't wait to see how you do it. Be sure to post about it!

The Little Blonde Girl said...

I love theme parties! :)

I'm leaving you an award on my blog! :)

Ashlie said...

I stumbled across your blog and have to say "I love it"!!! Of course, with a name like "Stilettos and a fishing pole", I knew I would. Anyway, I'm your newest follower.

Anonymous said...

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