Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where I come from, we ride Mules....

Good Morning Friends!
I'm dragging this morning! Boo! My mind doesn't seem to shut off when I have a lot going on, so I didn't sleep last night! On the brighter side,  if you read my post from yesterday you learned that I've been a slacker girlfriend! Yesterday, when I got home, I decicated all my time to my man. Yes, I had a million things I could have been doing... but nothing is more important than him!
I walked in the door, put the groceries up, changed clothes, and headed out the door!
We didn't have anything planned, so we hoped on the Mule.
I can see you face right now...

You're thinking.. Wow, She really does live in an outside world!
What the crap, where does she live where they ride mules around!
No Silly... If you are picturing me and my man riding on the back of this guy....

[I'm laughing]
You're Wrong!!!!
Where I come from... Well, where I come from people do have mules,
but when I say we went riding on the mule, I mean this...

Mine & Aarons Mule looks JUST.LIKE.THIS.
No Hair. No Name. No Legs.
Just tires that run through mudd & sand!

Anyway, we rode it around. Through the trials & on the dirt roads. It was great!
It was MUCH needed time together doing silly, itty bitty stuff!
Came home, I cooked a good dinner & bundled up to watch a movie I don't know the name of, but was interesting! It was so nice! We both enjoyed it!
We forget to set aside the hectic life events for moments that matter most.

I get off today at 1:00pm YIPPY!
I have a lot of run arounds to do, so hopefully I can get it all done!



Becki said...

So funny! We ride a mule just like you at our cabin. I feel I always have to explain what type of mule it is when I mention it in my posts! Finally someone who knows what kind of mule I am talking about. husband and his buddies also ride the other type of mule on trail rides and use them hunting! Have a great day!

McKenzie said...

Happy Thursday to you! I was definitely picturing a four legged hairy mule, not that haha. I have never heard of a mule like that.. We ride quads through our trails. That would be nifty to have!

Rebekah said...

How fun! I've never heard of those before. That sounds like a great evening!