Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nail Polish Swap.... My PB & J

Nail Polish Swap

Wassup, Wassup, Wassssuuupp!!!

I am SO excited to share my amazing goodies but first
I would like to Thank Jenn & Whitney for hosting this awesome blog swap.
I barely made the sign-up but thank goodness I did because as much as I L.O.V.E
nail polish && LOVE changing my colors {weekly}, this suited me perfect.
My husband was eve super wild about me receiving mail from a blogger...
he knows the drift && waited to watch me open it before leaving to do play in the shed.

So my swap partner is Melissa from My PB & J who is {right now}
in NYC for a Blog Her convention. How awesome?
Well, I totally just made up the convention part, but she's in NYC for something dealing with BlogHer.

 Fo Shizzle my Nizzle.

How have I not seen her blog prior to this swap?
It's really great. You must go check her out - she's pretty big!
Before you do, you must see what she sent me all the way from Cali....

I open my mail to see this....

I was pretty fascinated by her information cards.
Loved them!

How exciting???

&& I was a sucker for the wrapping paper.
Favorite colors together. The bow isn't a wrapping bow...
it's a headband! Even more fun, right?

I thought so too.

I'm a SUPER fan of essie polish. Expensive I know, but it stays the longest on my nails without chipping. If I'm gonna buy polish, I better buy what works for me. 
I actually hit Melissa up before even knowing she was my partner
with a few of my favorites, only later to find out she uses GEL?

I could NOT find Gel polish ANY.WHERE.
Do they sell it?

Melissa, thank you SO very much for being my amazing
partner! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.  I love my gifts &
can't wait to dry out the "fast dry", if you know me I'm super impatient && always mess my paint jobs up --- everything was perfect.


Oh &&....

 Have a wonderful time in NYC. I can NOT wait to hear all about it.


Whitney @ I Wore Yoga Pants said...

I'm so glad you had fun in this swap and even more glad to be introduced to your blog! I think you're pretty gorgeous too, by the way! :)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome swap! Glad you had so much fun :D

Melissa said...

ahhh! so nice and thank you! this was so much fun. enjoy your polish.


Shug in Boots said...

i'm lovin those nail colors and her info cards ARE super cute! wowza!

Erin said...

Let me know if you like the sally hansen insta-dry stuff! I have the same polish (and color!) and I don't even feel like I can paint my nails fast enough before it starts drying and getting sticky. LOL, maybe I just suck at nail painting... yes, I think that's it ;)

Jennifer said...

I love that you love Melissa as much as I do! She's awesome!
And the polishes she sent you are perfect! They would all look amazing together even
Thank you so much for participating girlie!

Anonymous said...

Love the gold color! Your partner did a great job.

Jill said...

ugh! i have been MIA in blogs for a while and i cannot believe i missed this!! :( i would have LOVED t do a nail polish swap! ugh :(