Tuesday, July 31, 2012

when random ideas turn into the BEST ideas.

First day: Easy going. Care free. Relaxing.

Who would have ever thought getting together for four days with the girls you were best friends with in elementary/middle school would be such an awesome idea? You're thinking, scary, right? Well it was. Not really.  For me, I knew it was going to be pretty great. I think we started planning this about a year prior to now, I heard so many of these girls say, "I knew we were planning it but I didn't really think it would work out. I thought everyone would be all in & then back out last minute."  I was in from the start.
What was it like?
It was seriously, the best weekend.
 And I'd be lying if I said I was ready to come home. I could have stayed a day or even two more days.
We all clicked. We all picked right back up where we left as if days never left.
We ALL lost our voices. HA! Wrong. Just me. Mrs. Talker over here {pointing fingers at myself} started loosing her voice on day 3 & by night 3, day 4 it was gone.
No, No, No... I didn't go wild the first time leaving my husband. No, we didn't party to hard. Basically, I talked my voice gone. 
Yes, it's true && because you are thinking, WEIRDO like my husband did, the day we all arrived home, I received a text from Keenan {Sara} stating HER voice was on it's way out. SO HA!!!
The weekend was legit.
Early Thursday morning, I met Kacie in ALL seven of our once upon a time hometown at the Kroger Parking lot. We decided to do some grocery shopping before heading  to Fernandina. I may or may not have looked very odd in red jean cut-off shorts picking up milk at 9am in the morning. Yeah - it was definitely weird, even I said it.
After our smooth drive to Florida & a stop of the liquor store we finally landed at the Hamm Beach House. It was the cutest thing. First thought?
 "Love the Shutters. Ahhhh, they match my toes!!!" && when we got inside, I fell in love even more. There was no time to dote... we needed to be headed out the door. 
Next Stop.... the airport.
{Soak'N wet} waiting for Kim's plane to arrive.
Epic Fail.
Sadly I sent it to some random person a text when trying to send it to Kim
with the words,
"We are waiting for you..."
I knew it was wrong when I got, "Who is this"
Yeah, let's hope someones girlfriend didn't get that? Whoops
As we were killing time, Kacie sees this...
& those were my words e.x.a.c.t.l.y! Seriously, this guy is awesome.
Kacie & I tried to figure out the best possible way how we can tell our husbands of Davids wonderful idea without making them look bad && that's when my phone rang...
I remember thinking her voice doesn't sound like Kimberly.
Wait... what does Kimberly's voice sound like?
She told us she was on her way to the luggage claim.
So we head that way. But she wasn't. Where is she? Where are we?
 Is David really sending flowers? I wonder what kind?
^ kidding^
There I was standing in the middle of the airport, listening to her say
come back... && I spotted this adorable little tiny lady wearing purple
at the top of the escalator. Butterflies increased & I screamed..
I'm sure Kacie's face turned beat red.
Kimberly reaches our level &&
I remember her first words being, "This is W.E.I.R.D".
We managed to find the car in the insane JAX airport parking lot. I knnooooow Kimberly was thinking "What the Hell have I got myself into..." as we walk 3 miles out to our car.
&& because Leanne's flight wasn't until 4pm we had time to kill.
After an hour wasted of getting lost, getting flicked off by a random man && woman, we finally found a restaurant to have lunch.
Buffalo Wild Wings here we come!
There we were... catching up on ALL the RH
happenings going back 13 years. We never stopped talking.
A lot of mouth drops. A lot of belly laughs. A lot of OHMIGOSH's.
&& I know the table behind us thought we were craZy with hearing some of our
topics - it was awesome.
4 O'clock arrives && because there were three of us &&
after experiencing paying $8 for parking  {my mistake, I parked in long term, why am I driving again?} for a woppN' 20 minutes we decided Kacie should go get Leanne as Kim & I held the car. 
Wasn't that a bright Idea. Can I just say that Jax airport is SO very confusing. 
I mean, not only did I turn down a one way street but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get back to the front of the airport. Once again, Kimberly has to have thought, "WTF. I'm riding with her, why?"
 I see Leanne. She hasn't changed. Matter of fact, she hasn't changed hardly ANY since middle school. Smiling from afar,  ever so happy to be here!
&& I was more than ever so happy to see her face. Ekkk!
We head back to the house, unloaded & headed out to the beach.
It was to late for bathing suits {thank god} so we just took a walk...
Ohh but wait,  I missed a big moment.
When Leanne gets out of the car at the house, the neighbor calls her my
name... only he calls her "Kim".
The freakN' flowers arrived. This man is standing up on his porch && immediately Kimberly knows what's up. She blushes.
That fast? Wow! David is good!

Apparently, it's normal for her to receive flowers on a vacation basis.

If riding the golf cart didn't bring ya back to being a kid again
then I don't know what could. We rode the golf carts ALWAYS.

Terrible picture of myself but it's the moment that counts.
The first time I actually get to really sit && talk with Leanne.
I was so so happy.

I remember the walk being wet & amazing.
It was if we took turns walking in twos. Kim & Kacie talked as Leanne & I
caught up --

 Leanne is a Nanny? Wow! Tell me more. Okay, maybe you shouldn't.
It isn't as "cool" as Fran on The Nanny.  Twins? a Four year old? Whatttt?

Without even knowing it, we'd switch.
Kim & I were talking jobs, parents & everything else that fell in between...
Kacie & Leanne, Me & Kacie, Leanne & Kim - it was pretty awesome.

Shark tooth anyone?

Before you knew it was it close to dark -
We didn't take long to get ready for dinner even though we all needed
to be re freshened, it was 9:00 when we walked out the door...

I tell ya... the talking never stopped.
I can't express it enough.

Dinner was at The Surf...

&& yes, that isn't the best picture but it was the only one I had of the four of us.  Ya can't always count on phone pictures.

&& our night ended up with more conversation about
yaddi yaddy ya! This is when we caught Lea up on the conversations we had
back at Buffalos -- && once again,

WHAT? Whhhhat? & Whhhhhatttt?
when hearing all the lastest gossip {&& old gossip} on
people who we all used to hand around.
3:30am was our bedtime && we had to force ourselves!
First day = long & more than perfection.

The morning was sunshine & summertime.

Kim slept in {she needed it terribly} && Leanne and Kacie
drug me out to the beach for "a walk". Leanne runs 5 miles a day && Kacie also runs & goes to the gym daily. Me? We eat out daily.

My goodness... this out of shape chica
about died. Not only did I look like a fool in boxer shorts w/ cupcakes on them but I was looking like a fool sweating to death. It may or may not have been
an easy thing for them, but walking through sand for THIS girl...
it was a workout.

wait.... are we on vacay?

Next Stop, Starbucks.
This is when I looked like a complete fool {because I'm not used to Starbucks}
when asking what size I wanted. Ohhhh... the fear of freezing up, && I did.

&& then it was beach time.

Suncreen, Catch Phrase && Cold Beer

Rule: NO pictures allowed.
w/ an exception of a few of these.

After a while, Mallory & Sara arrived! Yay!!!
I remember running to them the moment I saw them walking up, as if I was on Baywatch or something. Only it was my imagination because the Baywatch Bod isn't happening on this lady.

I can't explain the excitement for these two
to arrive && when they did....

Conversation never stopped!

It was immediate fun & our friendships all picked back up.
A lot of laughs, I love or Remember When... 's, A lot of Ohhh craaap...'s.
&& a lot of I was bad. / We were bad.


Day 2: Coming soon....&& this is when it gets interesting.


Alynne Leigh said...

Ahh this sounds like you had such a great time! (: It must be weird meeting up with girls you haven't seen in so long! But it's awesome that everything fell right back into place!!

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

this looks like a GREAT TIME!! i'd love to do this with my hs gals!!! can't wait to hear about the rest of your vacation!!!! and BTW at least you got ur ass up and ran on vacation! give ur self a little CREDIT CHICA!! cupcake boxers and all ;)

Stephanie said...

AWW this looks like SO much fun!!!

hklover86 said...

that message your friends husband sent was so adorable!