Monday, April 12, 2010

Camping on the Canoohee

Our First Camping trip of the year!
It was a perfect weekend! Aaron, Me, & a group of our friends all packed our bags and headed to Claxton where we chose to set up and camp for the weekend. We slept in tents, stayed warm by a fire, and enjoyed the nature around us.  The weather was okay... a bit chiller than we would've liked, but at least the mosquitoes weren't bad.
Friday afternoon, Me, Aaron, & Daniel brought everything down by the river, where we plotted our butts, set everything up, and waited for the rest of the crew. The boys were inchin' to get in the boat. THanks to Badger Rental, Aaron was able to bring a mini excavator so we could create the boat ramp that was once their on our trip two years ago. While Aaron dominated the Excavator  Daniel taught me how to put up a tent. We unpacked the trucks, set up tables, lights, & the grill. Because Aaron is so wonderful, we didn't JUST have tents to set up... Aaron bought the ladies a portable shower & bathroom. He knows me just right! Everything was set up and in it's place when Aaron asked me to take a ride. We admired the river and started setting LINES out. [This is when you tie a string to a branch that holds bait & a weight on the other end, waiting for the catfish to bite.. you have to keep checking the lines so often]
Later, when the rest of the crew showed up; Danielle, Candice, Nic, & Andrew, we grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, and of course... we roasted smores' over the campfire. Yummy! We sat around the beauitful fire listening to Andrew play his guitar, and sang the songs.  Or, we TRIED to sing along... It's wasn't so pleasant. Of course, the boys had there time in the boats as they often left  to check the catfish lines.
Saturday morning, came early. We FROZE our hineys off that night. It was very cold. Everyone did their own thing for breakfast, some went to McDonalds, but I packed Donuts, Milk & had OJ for me and my love. We did a lot of fishing. Dani caught a big jackfish, I caught a pretty red breast, & the guys caught mixtures. For lunch, everyone just ate what they wanted too. I brought the pre-packed Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches for me & Aaron, and then we all brought plently of snacks to munch on.  Danielle & Nic had their adventure of shooting guns at random targets, while Candice slipped away for a nice "home shower". Her and Daniel live about 10 mintues from where we were. Later that evening, Kristie & Michael Chavis and Mrs. Wanda & Mr. Danny [Danni's parents] joined us for dinner. We pretty much repeated the same as Friday night, only we added a game of  Spoons, only the campfire verison.  We replaced the spoons with Sticks.  It's alwatys bring lots of laughs.
Sunday, came early.. the boys turkey hunted and then check the lines
as the ladies started packing up. We would've stayed later, but I had an event to be at, at 2pm that afternoon. Our trip was a lot of fun.  We are already planning the next one, hoping for next month. The area we camped at was beauitful and was a perfect spot to set up. Directly across the river was a hugh sandbar, that looked nice for us ladies.. of course when it warms up a bit.

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Maddox Raulerson's Baby Shower!
I made it to my 2:00 baby shower, which was a great turn out. My girlfriend, Holly ...  Her brother & his girlfriend Ashley are expecting their  first child, a baby boy named Maddox in about three weeks. This is very exciting for their family. Holly has two little girls that always have a bow in their hair and are matching, so it's going to be quite a transition.
That evening, Aaron wanted to take me out & have dinner together at Outback, but I was pooped. I was so exhausted from the weekend. Instead, we ordered pizza from uptown & rented movies off the TV. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was OUT! I slept from 6:30pm to 7:15am this morning. I haven't slept like that in a reeeeeally long time! It was great. Aaron had the house cleaned, the laundry was done, and most everything unpacked. Isn't he just wonderful? Yes! Back to reality for me tonight. I think I'll grill steaks tonight with twice baked potatoes and have salad to go along with it. That's his favorite meal... I gotta get something better than campfire food in his tummy!

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