Friday, April 23, 2010

Home = Colorful!!!!

,Boy, we've been hitting the house work up hard this week. Well, Not me! :) But our painter, Steve Hurst, and our friends, Daniel DeLoach, Jon Good, & Joe Howell have been helping us tremendously! Our trim work is looking incredible and my WALLS are very colorful!
                                                     Before & After

                                                              Master Bedroom - Before

Master Bedroom After First Coat [Check out the Crown Moulding]

Master Bathroom Before & After

Here are other rooms - After they've been painted! Will have there before pictures up soon!

My Fun, Crafty Room!
[Sewing/Scrapbook/ MAYBE computer Room]
(trying to get him to keep the computer in his MAN ROOM)
Aaron's Man Room
[We had to repaint this room... Long Story]
I can't wait to see the finished product of this room.
It will be a stylish Man Room!!!! I have a lot of ideas!

Our New home is very colorful and fun! We still have a lot of work. It's just exciting to finally see paint on the walls. :)

To Do List:

  •  Picking out our hardwood floors & Carpet! [& installing them]

  • Extending our counter top into a small bar that sits in the living room

  • Top Coat on walls

  • Finishing the Crown Moulding, Door Casing, & Windown Framing

  • Finishing Designing my closet ( & installing my closet)

  • Move In!!!! [Yay!]

  • Decorate

  • [Get a Dog - THat's Aaron's Birthday Present]


Mrs. Chavis said...

Yayy! What are your plans for the closet??

Aaron & Jessica said...

Well, I'm having a hard time with it. I dn't have a lot of space to work with, and I live out of three closets & two full dresser drawers today. :( So, I'm having to create major space for my clothes, PLUS a linen closet. It's though, I'm not quite sure how I'm gonna fit everything, and I already went through the clothes I don't want. :(