Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i love weddings

Friends of ours just got engaged & plan to get married in October...I'm stoked! If you know me, I get very excited about weddings, and LOVE to listen, watch, or even be apart of them. This weekend is their Engagement Party. I'm helping out with the decorations [a little bit], because we all know, I love arts & crafts. And of course, I love Jeremy & Brycelyn & want to make every moment blissful. Jeremy's Mom, Mrs. Janet [AKA Mama J] has been working very hard putting this celebration together. She's awesome. I always feel it's boring and BLAH to go to a wedding and not know anything about the couple... So0o0oo, I'm not gonna let that happen. I'm trying to create something where people can learn a little about JC & Bryce. Unfortunately, I just got the needed information today... so I hope I can work my magic and create a little something! I absoultely LOVE doing stuff like this. [That's why I blog.. hehe]

Jeremy Chavis & Brycelyn Johnston

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