Monday, April 5, 2010

"I'd like to see you, out in the moonlight... I'd like to kiss you, way back in the sticks. Jess, you think you can check me for TICKS?"

What a fun weekend! It was very steady, but we had a lot of laughs. Our weekend fun started at 7 oclock on Friday afternoon. Aaron and I were headed to Pooler to have a night with friends at Paul & Amanda house.
GAME NIGHT IS BACK IN OUR LIVES! Once a month we get together with Friends and switch turns hosting Game Night at our house. The hosts cook dinner and we play whatever game... really anything fun! This Friday, Paul & Amanda were our Hosts. They cooked a delicious meal; Chicken Parmesian. There were eight of us that participated; Me & Aaron, Paul & Amanda, Candice & Daniel, and Kristie & Michael.  We first had a few laughs while watching YOUTUBE videos and then proceeded to play Battle of the Sexes. The game was challenging, and we realized quickly how it got it's name. The room became steamy towards the end. After a few heated moments [speaking for myself] we thought it'd be best to quit, and play SPOONS. It was wonderful. I believe we decided to always end the night with a game of SPOONS.
Saturday- Aaron turkey hunted with Michael & later fished by the pond with Joe... Unfortuntely, I had to work til 2:00pm. After getting off, I went home to start painting Aaron's man room. I was able to finish [painting], and it looks great. I'll have an updated photo up shortly. Now, all it needs is one more coat on the door trim and the Crown Moulding around the top & bottom of the walls.  We are getting somewhere. Aaron isn't satisfied with his mudding & sanding. So, our friend Dustin Ellrod is coming out today to take a look and give us a price to fix Aaron's "Mess", or that's what he calls it. :) That night, Aaron surprised me by taking me out on a date. Boy, we needed that! It's been a little while, and past due. We went to dinner at La Napolera & then went to see Clash of the Titans. Before getting out of the car, Aaron realizes he has a TICK in his armpit. So, As I'm hunched over the passenger seat with my nose in this armpit, there he is.. I see him and immeditately start freaking out. The idea of a perfect date. So, I clinched on tight.. and yanked. POP! True Love right? 

[photo taken after the tick pulling.. he looks thrilled, right?]

Sunday was Easter... it was a perfect day. The weather was beauitful & we were very thankful to have an awesome family to celebrate with. The kids were so excited as they ran around finding eggs filled with candy. We had three places to be at three different times. The morning started off, me preparing my greenbean cassarole for our 4pm stop. We then met my dad at Cracker Barrel for breakfast, then stopped at Uncle Mikes & Aunt Tammy's around 11ish, and then made it back to Rambling Creek at four. Seeing everyone was very nice,but by the end of the day, we were pooped!
We ended our night watching All About Steve. 

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