Thursday, April 21, 2011

American Idol

Now that there isn't SO many people, I will start my opinions!

American Idol 2011
I really like the Judges this year.
I miss Simon.
Sometimes I think they judges are too nice.
There is a lot of talent this year.

My Favorites

I love her voice. [PERIOD] I describe it as [sexy].
Not sure if she will take on the title, however I think she is awesome.
I get excited knowing she's up next every Wednesday night!
VERY good performance last night.


LOVE her. Personality & Voice.
I think she picks mysterious songs choices sometimes.
She can really sing, but holds back.
I can see her taking the title home.
She did good last night. But I thought she could have chosen a better song.


He too, has a wonderful personality with great talent.
I love him & his voice. Not sure if I'd buy his CD, only because I'm not sure exactly
what genre he'd be singing.?.?.?
He did GREAT last night.


I like him. He has a good country voice.
His stage "movements" irritate me.
I do not understand why he chose last nights song. VERY odd song choice! Could have hurt him a little

The Others
- I feel he sings winey songs. Not that I don't like him.
-He just doesn't stand out to me.
-Wasn't the biggest fan of last night performance.

-Some days I like him. Some days I don't.
-I forget about him most of the time.
LAST NIGHT - I thought it was a good song choice for him.
about him. Thught he did well last night.

I want him to go home tonight. End of Story!


Kristin said...

I like Scotty too! but I agree about his stage movements!! He's looks crooked.

I have a new blog and etsy shop!!

please come follow me!!

I would love to feature you!

Lindsay said...

new follower here! love your blog doll!

MishMish (Hanna) said...

First off - wanna say I love your new layout!!

Second - oh no, I love James!!! But I always end up liking the rockers the best! He & Casey are my top two actually, but I agree - I don't know what genre Casey is going to be. Stefano is boring to me...though he reminds me of Joey Tribbiani. I like the rest, too. Don't like the way Scotty holds the mic and he is getting kinda corny. I miss that cool, Josh Turner type Scotty from earlier. I do love Haley's voice and I'm so ready for Lauren to just go wild and let loose next week!!! Jacob has a good voice...but like you I tend to forget about him!!

Lord - that was a long comment - should've been a blog post! LOL

Allison said...

I LOVE Lauren! :):) I am so undecided about Hailey and Casey...I do love Scotty too--but cannot watch him!

mrs c said...

Great post! I'm warming up to Hailey. =)

Christin said...

I was Team Pia. I'm Team Lauren now!