Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Guest List

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Our Guest List
...has been completed and finalized!

BIG weight off of our backs. We've cut, added, cut, added ....
Prior to being engaged I thought of my wedding day... A LOT. Everyday, a million times a day. After I started planning, the meaning of my wedding day became more heartfelt rather than a painted picture. Meaning I've learned to look at things in a completely different prospective. Make sense?

Basically, it's really sunk in heavy that this day is about US.
Who cares what anyone else thinks about anything...
Me & My Groom and all our loved ones there together.
From the Past and most of all, Our Present!

When I look back in my Wedding Albums, maybe I will have a few
Oh we we're really good friends at this time in our lives, but what I hope we say is
Look, our friendships have come so far.
Aaron and I both come from two large families. His dad is the youngest of 14.
My Mom is one of Nine. They all have children and some of those children have had children.
Aaron's Parents have lived in our small town their entire lives. 90% of Aaron's friends parents are Paul & Kandi's [My In Laws] Best Friends. Aaron and I both have a wide range of friends, which describes our Bridal Party [21].

No doubt were we going to have a big wedding.
However, when sitting down and deciding who... it became tough.
Really tough. After 4 different cuts/adds... We have our final count!

Children [16 & Under] -34

= 341 Total.

Most all the Bridal magazines, books, & Bridal shows I have read or been too says, You should expect 75% of your guest list to attend.
341 x .75 = 256

We have been planning to sit 300 people at our Reception.
We're very happy with 252!
Let's hope everyone RSVPs & no one rudely comes unexpected.



Marcy XOXO said...

I am very anxious to see where our guest count falls on Friday night. I have had 189 rsvp and I upped it to 200 just to be on the safe side... Lets see who doesn't show up or who does that didn't RSVP... can you say stressful????

Heather said...

Good luck! The problem I had was with all the people who planned on coming but didn't RSVP. I've heard that's becoming a bigger problem with younger crowds.

Bracey Pate said...

Some people think that RSVP means "regrets only"...NOT true!!

Be sure to check out my "wedding" themed post! :)

Kate said...

We had about that same number on our guest list and about that same number RSVP. From what I remember, no one showed up that didn't RSVP. Might be a good idea to have a "slush table" just in case. An empty table in the back that can be taken away if it's not needed, but there in case.

And funny story. I was reading your post and my 2 year old daughter starts dancing like a mad woman all over to Justin Beiber! I tried to mute the music and she freaked out. She's even trying to sing! :)

Living Our Love Song said...

yay! Seriously the guest list was the most stressful part for me! Especialy when other family members gave their input of who THEY wanted invited LOL Glad you got that part out of the way! :)

Paige said...

I truly think that people do not know how to RSVP anymore. It's so hard to plan a wedding or any kind of party for that matter whenever no one RSVPs. Hopefully you will have better luck with this =)