Monday, April 4, 2011

Standing Ovation for Darius Rucker!

Did anyone else give Darius a standing ovation in there living room, as I did last night?

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I'm 200% TEAM kids & adults with special needs.
I've always had a heart for special needs children & adults.
Best thing I did in high school was work with a few children from the special ED class. It changed my life and brought great happiness to my everday living. Since then, I've become apart of SOGA. Special Olympics of Georgia. It's been an extraordinary experience. My heart is full of love to help anyone with special needs. They do more for me, than I do for them♥

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The ACM's were on last night. It was great watching, as always. However, I never cry.
I cried last night. HUGH tears were dropping as the seconds past by. My heart was racing 90 to nothing, and I was wearing the biggest smile on my face. After this performance....

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I found myself of my couch, cheering this Country Singer and his talented special needs adults who sang behind him. I was clapping so hard, crying joyfully, and standing proud...
so happy and touched by this amazing performance. I could watch this over and over again. BEST part of my weekend!

I loved him as a Hootie & the Blowfish band member.
I love him as a country singer.
I love this man even more after this performance.
I have tears dropping as I type this.
He touched me tremendously♥


This weekend was really great!
It was busy. It was fun. It was busy.

Friday- Work til 6pm. Had my second party as a Pure Romance Consultant.
Saw my first boobie. Focus Jessica... Focus. Sold $406 in product to only five ladies.
Once again, I'm proud of myself. Finishing late, I stopped by a friends house on the way home...Where my man was playing poker with the fellas. Not to bust in on the men, but to say good bye to my very good friend, Cj. We've been friends for years, close friends. He is moving to Dallas in two days. I'm completely broken hearted by this, however I know this change is good for him. We've been through a lot together and I will surly miss him.
I really hate good byes. I don't like people leaving my life. It's never easy for me.

Saturday- Work again. Pooh on that. We were supposed to be camping this weekend.
Our annual camping trip. Last Years Camping Trip. However, everyone agreed to cancel and switch it to another weekend. That being said, I never never have plans. My weekends are always booked. Went home, found out my amazing fisherman finace' won the bass tournament he & his friend Michael were in. Yay! Due to him being up at 4am to start the tournament, Aaron was pooped. As I watched a little TV enjoying my time, Aaron fell asleep there next to me. I woke him up after three hours because I was restless and needed to explore. We got an invite to play some tennis at the courts a few miles from our house. My tennis skills came back. Ending the night with a visit to the Waffle House with my bestie Kristie & her hubby Michael! They are always fun to be around.

Sunday- Happy 27th Birthday to Michael Chavis.
Aaron killed his first turkey of the year, yay!
Beach day with my ladies, Danni & Heather. We go way back.
Drinking a few daquiris on the beach, eating boiled peanuts, & catching up on our everyday lives... Yesterday was a beautiful day.
Ended my night in my LOVE's arms, watching the ACM awards!


Ashley said...

I ADORE Darius Rucker! I have the show dvr-ed so I will be watching tonight. I can't wait to watch this performance! =)

The Patrick's said...

I teared up during that performance too!! I am going to school for Occupational Therapy so this was especially nice. I was a little shocked to see how cold Taylor Swift looked after their performance... everyone else was in tears!

Tiffany said...

I am so with you! I love love love Darius Rucker, and that performance last night just made me love him even more. I loved how excited everyone was and how he spent the time to high five them all and tell them how great they had done afterwards. So wondeful!


Nicole said...

I didn't watch anything but the end because I forgot all about it, but I LOVE Darius Rucker!!

Lyr said...

Thanks for sharing! SO AWESOME!