Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gender Reveal Party: It's a ....

So the Gender Reveal Party for Mrs. Momma to-be Caitlin
over at a country nest  turned out perfect!
Cait beat me to the "reveal on the blog" so I had her guest post over here today && let her tell you how it all went down.  It took me months to create the look I had imagined filled many odds & ins and must-haves. Besides the Balloon-Fail, everything went perfect & smooth.

I had butterflies in my tummy starting that Monday prior too.
I'm always excited to hear the gender of ones baby however this was different. I guess being I was building up so much excitement for months of planning, I was far beyond excited.

Here's a little conversation right before finding out between Caitlin & myself.

After writing the results are in, she waited....
I about died! && I wanted her to wait until the party? No way!

That's when she sent me a picture of the ultra sound!

&& then minutes before everyone I arrived I took a picture of this
area where everyone needed to mark their vote
Team Clayton or Team Chloe...

Facebook voted for Clayton like c.r.a.z.y♥
Okay, So... are ya ready?

Here's Cait...

Ok, ok, I give you permission to hate me for making you all wait so long to find out!
I think 100% of the votes were Team CHLOE!

Our guests were almost split down the middle between Team Blue and Team Pink.
Everyone participated and some had left before we were able to snap the photo!

The decor was to die for! So, so, so super cute..
Jess did a FABULOUS job. Over the top all the way!

Since our gender scan appointment and gender reveal party were scheduled just 3 hours apart, Jess had to come up with something clever besides the normal cutting of a cake, biting into baked cupcakes, etc.

My amazing friend, come up with THIS genius idea:

A "C" pinata!

Hand-made all the way.

{Isn't she adorable?}
She filled it with regular (uncooked) peanuts.

When she found out the gender, she painted ONE single peanut and placed it inside & gave it a good shake.

The three Grandmothers were responsible for the actual "reveal" part.

My Mom was blindfolded and given the paddle to take the first swings!

Take 1 = FAIL

Mom swung a little high and knocked the pinata to the floor!

So with some good, tall manly help we got it hung back up and ready for another lick! 
{I L.O.V.E how all the grandparents are freaking out, so excited-ly looking
at all the peanuts on the floor....}
 Y'all, if this was not the funniest thing ever! I was laughing so hard, I was crying.
Everytime Mom took a swing, she would throw off the blindfold and scream "WHAT IS IT?!?!?!?" all while scanning the floor frantically looking for the one painted peanut!

 No luck? Jess hid that bad boy pretty good!

{Cait, you watched me put it in there... I just set it on top? HAHA!}

It was finally spotted!

Take a second && REALLY look at everyones expression.
Is this NOT amazing?

Lots of excitement, laughing, and hugging going on!

Then out come the ultrasound images..

Baby Chloe definitely wasn't shy.
She made her Daddy blush  already with her pose above ;)

Baby Chloe is loved by SO many already!
It was an incredible day.
We couldn't thank Jess enough for planning, hosting, and going the extra mile for us!



Caitlin, you are VERY welcome! Thank you for letting me host this
amazing celebration for you & Cliff.
Cait out did herself. She {& Cliff} made me this amazing basket with billions of
little things that will definitely come in use && multiple gift certificates that I love!
Thank YOU.

A little peanut is on HER way...

That's right, Miss Chloe Young will be arriving here in December!
I'm tickled pink!

 Remember, I based everything off of the invitation

Caitlin's Dad said to me after I congratulated him, "What does the elephants have to do with everything?" I laughed because of course he didn't see the invitation, typical man. I responded with, " Well it all goes back to the invitation. 'A little peanut is on the way..." Elephants... Peanuts...Pinata?"  I thought it was cute. Poor thing probably thought I was a weirdo for randomly bringing Elephants into this. Haha. I thought it was cute!

 But with all that comes setting up &&  I could not have done it without momma. My momma that is. A HUGE thanks to her for helping me ALL day set up for this ever so happy celebration && also preparing all the food.  She is where I get all this partying throwing from. I don't know where I'd be without her.

Speaking of food: Thank you ALL for your wonderful ideas on what to do. I ended up going with Italian. But no Pizza.
I served Chicken Alfredo, Baked Spaghetti & Baked Ziti -
Cucumber Tomato Salad {something Cait somewhat craves since pregnant}
&& garlic bread sticks.

As Caitlin said the Pinata was handmade.
I think I'll do a separate post on that one later - it was a huge turn out!
I was all excited about it && when it fell, as explained with the first hit I kind of freaked out. I thought, "Crap, this isn't going to work out" but it
did && it was by far awesome! The room was filled with the most anticipation you can imagine && kept everyone waiting.
By the time the pink peanut came out - everyone exploded.
So bad that I didn't even get to snap the ONE picture I wanted.
However, It's in my memory. It was absolutely awesome!

&& Caitlin also was correct - it was absolutely HILARIOUS!
Her Mom could not have been a better candidate for this. She was priceless!
My heart was racing with happiness!

Ending with two of MY favorite pictures...

If that doesn't show excitement, then I don't know what does!
&& my #1 photo is...

Once the gender was out && I went and got the ultra sounds out of the draw. When handing Cliff a ultrasound he immediately passed everyone && took it to his Dad. It was pretty awesome. Proud Daddy he was!

The party was perfect. I could not have asked for anything better
to come about. Next stop, Baby shower!

No, No, No...
I'll probably leave that to her other ladies however I'm
ready to start shopping!


Faith said...

This is so awesome!! Love, love this!

Karen Mortensen said...

That is exciting. Love the name. A friend of mine had a baby and named her Chloe.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pink peanut idea! Seriously, too cute!