Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a little peanut is on the way

&& we find out July 18th whether it's a girl or boy!
The Gender Reveal Party planning is in FULL force && so much fun! I am so excited I can't stand any more to wait ...

Freaking out yet?
Thinking, WHAT! Did I miss something?
Not me crazy.
We aren't pregnant. You would've known by now.

Caitlin & Cliff over at a country nest are expecting in December
&& I'm hosting their GR party.

I've announced that before, right?
I think so.

Okay, so I can't tell ALL my ideas & secrets just yet
because she reads - duh, she blogs && a lot of our hometown-ers read also.
I don't want to spoil the fun before the fun happens.

But I do plan on sharing a little bit of the planning -

First things first, the invitation.
I fell in love with it the second I found it on etsy @ Juneberry Lane shop.
Misty was wonderful to work with. I've never bought anything digital - let me say I'll be
doing it from here on out. Super easy. Not very expensive.

Dontcha love it?
&& if your answer is no, just pretend you do.
The different fonts shown, I think is what won my heart over.

Originally, I wanted to do Aqua & Coral because that's what the Momma to-be's  favorite trend colors are at the moment in time. However, when you search for things you want to incorporate & need for the party, Aqua you may find but Coral is tough. So I just went with the blue & pink. However, the invitation somewhat looks blue. My Momma always said there should be a third color to your theme in anything you do, Duh - Grey {&& my favorite color as of the time being}.

So the final colors are:

Pink Grey Blue

Another reason I really liked the invitation is because since day one, I've
called Baby Young a little peanut. But nobody is gonna know that or doesn't have to know that. It's just what stole my attention.

I plan to incorporate peanuts into the party just to symbolize
this precious baby, this incredible work of God.

In the beginning, I assumed Momma & Daddy would be surprised
with the gender along with the rest of family & friends but...
{Cait, I'm smiling big} Caitlin & Cliff really wanna see the gender on the
screen when they go in that day. I can totally understand. Their excitement is beyond.
{it's still not to late to change your mind, wink} This isn't going to mess up anything - I'm just plan to have super fun with the grandparents.

Being we are having the reveal party on the exact day they see the ultrasound, I really can't depend on baking anything or eating anything that needs to be prepared that morning of.
So I was definitely planning to do the [balloons in a box reveal]. That being said, I'm very weird on doing the same as others to close together && since I've already seen this happen a time or to with some people I know, I've decided to reveal the surprise a different way.

But how?

Hmmmmm... Let's just say I'm crazy excited to share the reveal
 && see how it will all work out. 
 Fun Fun.


I'm hand making everything.  How fun?!
I haven't had the urge to craft a whole lot since the wedding
{only 10.5 months + ago}
it pretty much wiped me out but I'm back in the swing of things && have been
working hard while watching the bachelorette making this all piece in together.
This weekend, after a baby shower I'm co-hosting, I plan to wrap everything up.
Aaron will be out of town, fishing, so I should be able to put my mind to everything &&
finish it all.


I've got my list of this & that's, my must haves
but I'm still not sure what the best way to go. I don't really know how many
I'm expecting, but if I had to guess I'd say at least 50+. Being this is at 6PM, I need to serve something other than orderves' -

I thought {Hamburgers/Hot dogs}
& up until this week I'm kind of rethinking it. I'm leaving at 8:15am sharp the very next
morning for a four day vacay at the beach with my friends of middle school. Kind of like a reunion - Yeah, I'll save that post for later.
Anyway, will I want to spend a lot of time cleaning up the grill & such?
Will Hamburgers/Hot dogs be too much?

Pizza? Hmmm.. could be. I'd have to price it.

LOTS of warm/hot finger foods? But again, I may end of having several people there && I'm not sure just how much to serve - this one is scary.

So, if ANY of you have ANY ideas or suggestions on
what you think my best option is, do tell

Until then, That's all I can share with you all.
I'm super excited && can't wait for everything to play out.
It's gonna be great! {I hope}

Go HERE to see how Caitlin's progressed &&
to keep up with her first time experiences as a Momma-to-be♥


Marjorie said...

I love those invites!!!

Erin said...

Love the invites! I say Pizza or BBQ will be your best bet on the food!

Karen Mortensen said...

Sounds fun. Have a wonderful time.

Nicole said...

Sooooo, when I get preggo you're coming to MT to plan my shower, right?!?! You're the best party planner ever! Whenever that does happen, and whoever happens to be planning mine, I'm giving them your blog address to let them see how a REAL shower is done! LOVE IT!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I still love the invites as much as I did for the moment I see you post them on instagram ugh so adorable! I cannot wait to see all the pictures & surprises from there gender reveal :)

Amy said...

The invites are so cute! What a great friend you are!

As for food, something that could be easy & serve a lot of people is a slider bar- you could do a big pulled pork in a crock or something, and serve on mini buns, and you could do burger sliders- I don't have a recipe but I know a friend who baked the burger in a cookie sheet & then cut it to fit on mini buns.
I am obsessed with sliders so don't mind me...lol!

Stephanie said...

OH SHIIITTTTT!! I literally thought you were preg!!!! I'll be honest, I didn't even read the rest of the post I was SO excited thinking it was you!

Anonymous said...

Jessica!! You had me. I was thinking I had missed a post or two!

caitlin said...

I love those invites & the color scheme!

Ashley said...

Girrrrlllll, I'm kind of mad at you...you totally had me going. However, the party stuff looks super cute!

lori said...

the invitations are ADORABLE.

honestly jess, i'd scratch the pizza. i think you can do something equally easy and affordable but that seems a little more thought out, ya know? i'd suggest maybe a taco/nacho bar? or a bar b q cook out... or even wings/chicken fingers and dips and such? i have suggestions and recipes if youre interested :)

i am sure whatever you do will be SO fun and cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh congratulations to them! That is so exciting!!
Love love love the invitations!
I would go with BBQ or pizza :)

Samantha Lynne said...

I LOVE the invites. Super cute!!