Monday, July 30, 2012

birthdays, movies & silly string...

what a wonderful weekend it was.
I actually got to enjoy time at home, it's been a while.

Friday night = Poker & Girls Night

My FIL always hosts a poker night for his brothers & Aaron
to all get together every few months. Even though Aaron didn't come home
with extra in his pocket, he still enjoyed the moments of being with family.

Mean while, I had a date with my friend Brycelyn. She's expecting
very soon so it's been in the conversations that we get together to have play time
before Baby B arrives mid-august.
We went to see Magic Man - Wow! My goodness. I'll be honest to say that I wasn't
all excited about it as most other woman were, but Whoa... My goodness, those men
can d.a.n.c.e! I think I blushed the entire time. It was pretty good!
&& then we had dinner to catch up at a Mexican restaurant across the street.
Besides getting lost {I know, it's just across the street} & a drunken lady falling over on me, it was a wonderful evening. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Saturday was Ryder's first birthday & party.
What an adorable little man he is with is curly ringlet fro!

Ryder was SO cute. He wasn't really sure about the M&M's on
his cake, matter of fact he kept throwing them off but he was in a great
mood the whole party. Ryder opened his favorite gift first so he didn't really
get to see what other fun stuff he received.
Great party!

Aaron & I went to see Batman that evening.
I thought it was good but I felt Batman got hurt to much. He's Batman?!?
He isn't supposed to fail this much, right?
Overall, it was very good. Even the yummy popcorn.

&& I will say it was hard to sit through the movie when seeing
moments of "smoke/fog" flashing up... thinking about those who lost their
lives in Colorado. Insert sad face.

We spend the rest of the night lounging around, chil-axing.
It was nice.

{That moment when your wife finds a can of silly string as she'scleaning out the draws && surprises you with it as you open the front door?}

&& Sunday was my favorite day. I was home ALL day.
Well, we did have lunch at Jalapenos {how is this girl supposed to diet?}
which was nice but other than that....

Cooked breakfast before the Hubs woke && then immediately started cleaning my house. I did base boards & all the yuck stuff.
&& then I spend the entire day watching the Olympics && packing for a yard
sale this weekend. I have more crap than anything I know but not after Saturday.

Great relaxing weekend!

Oh && thank you ALL for all the wonderful comments on le blog
& instagram on the gender reveal party. It was much success.
Come back tomorrow for the first recap on my trip/reunion to Fernandina Beach
with my Middle School girlfriends.


Ashley said...

Great weekend!!! I haven't seen Batman yet, but my husband said it was incredible!!

I just scrolled down to see the Gender Reveal party...too too cute!!

Brandi said...

the silly string picture is too funny! please put up a post about your yard sale & any great tips! i am wanting to put on together mid august and have already started sorting out a lot of items. if you have any suggestions on how to price items, what is too much and too little, stickers and signs to use, anything, would be great :) i love seeing how other people do things!

Shug in Boots said...

Girl, I totally didn't even wanna see Magic Mike, but my mama wanted to, so I went with her. HOLY SHIZ. No regrets here. Yes ma'am, Channing Tatum can dance to 'Pony' all he wants as far as I'm concerned.