Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Brides Worries.

Worries I'm already thinking about....
Advice is always welcomed!

September = Hurricane Season!
I've always thought of my Wedding Day to be outside. Sometimes inside, but mainly always saw nature around us. Well, let me be the first to say... Your imagination and reality are two different things.
When that ring is placed on your left finger, a lot changes! Or is has for me!
Now that I must start my decision making, I'm a little freaked out!
I'm thinking INSIDE. Aaron is such an outdoors guy, that a tad bit of me is hanging onto having the Ceremony outside. That being said, I do not want this... [Although it's a cute picture]
[Via Google]

OR this
[Via Google]
This picture just FREAKS ME OUT!

Wedding Planner
I do NOT want to wasted money on random things that don't matter. I'd rather put my $ to use.
Wedding Planner! I can't even imagine letting something else be in control of my wedding. I want to enjoy every second and twist and turn! I've waited for this day my entire life. It's Me & it's Aaron!
Also, I don't have a clue what things cost when it comes to wedding, but I do know things are expensive!
I told my parents, no way do I want anyone to struggle, go in debt, or freak out out money. I think we can do a tasteful, classy, fun wedding that describes me & my hubby to be without spending over the top money.
I think it's crazy! My wedding will absolutely be DIY!

Head Count
We don't even know how many guest, yet! However, Aaron and I made a list of our friends & people we would like to invite. Mama made her list. We are waiting on Aaron's Grandma's list & Mrs. Kandi's [My MIL] list. Counting my Mom's list & Ours... It's 271! I don't know what to do, because I KNOW their list will be well over 100 guest. Will I be able to find a place that fits that amount of guest? I know everyone won't show up. But, I've been to a wedding where they had their ceremony in a church and people were SLAMMED packed and it was extremely uncomfortable & HOT.
I'm flipping out! Where do you draw the line at?

Will there be a place that I can get married and hold that amout of people? PERIOD!


Marcy XOXO said...

Remember to breath and it is all going to be GREAT!!! Just start doing your research... If you are like me and not busy at all this week do it while your at work but get the wheels turning because like I told you things book up super quick! If you need ANYTHING let me know!!!!

Melissa said...

I just got married this past July.

2 pieces of advice: (1) pick a wonderful MOH. You need someone who is willing to do everything right along side you. I had one and it made all the difference. (2) You have to cut the guest list and you have to find a way to do it without hurting anyone's feelings. But seriously, it is crazy expensive to have every you've ever known invited.

I did mostly DIY too so if you have any questions or need help, feel free to email me or something. Good luck and I'm looking forward to following you on this wonderful journey!

Rebekah said...

Don't stress too much! When we did our guest list, we put it in an Excel spreadsheet and we had columns for people who were attending, those that declined, and that's how we kept track of how many people were coming. We got married inside, but our reception hall had a large garden and outside area and that was good for me. I wanted to be outside, but be able to go in when I got hot!

brae&joey said...

Take a deep breath and RELAX! (I know easier said then done but EVERYTHING will work out PERFECTLY!) I just got married this past May and a few pieces of advice I have is ..

1. Things book up SUPER fast so make sure you get things together soon!

2. I agree, Cut back on the guest list, Like my mom told me .. You can't invite EVERYONE!

3. Have a GREAT wedding party, especially a MOH! Mine pretty much helped me make ALL of my decisions!

4. Our wedding was mostly DIY too so if you have any questions or need any help don't hesitate to ask!

Happy Planning and Do NOT stress! Everything will work out! Looking forward to following you through your wedding planning!

Meg O. said...

I hired a day-of wedding planner because I did NOT want to be worrying about little things and just enjoy the day! BEST money I spent for the whole wedding.

Second thing, Google Documents are your best friend while making a guest address list. Create a spreadsheet there and you can access it anywhere if you need to add a guest! You can also share the document with family members so they can input their guests/addresses and then you have the final say on cuts!

Hope that helps :)

The Patrick's said...

I agree. Cut the guest list. A lot. I used and got a ton of great ideas but they also had checklists and budget planners and venues for your area that can accommodate all of your guests. Congrats and enjoy every minute of it. I really didn't think it was as stressful as most people say, but I had an awesome MOH who was with me every step of the way.

The Wife In Her New Life said...

OK so you have gotten some good advice from recent brides =)
I was married last March...we had the same guest list issue...
-we decided that people who made an effort in our lives were the ones who would be at the front of the list.
-it helped that we picked a venue and THEN worked out the guest list. That way we couldn't invite more than X amount of people and could explain that to those who thought they should be receiving an invite but didn't
-We spent $5k on EVERYTHING wedding related. we diy-ed everything including flowers

It looks like lots of us are here to help and I am in CFL so I'm close ;) Good luck with planning girl! it's so fun and we are all here for you!

Sheri said...

It'll all work out. I got married in November and it was HOT!

Anyway, try not to stress too much, in the end you'll be married and THAT'S the entire point.

I don't know if you know Edie or not,but i have a pray-hop for her on my main blog: if you would like to add your prayers.

Jessie said...

There has been a lot of good advise also but I just wanted to say the excel sheet idea is AMAZING! The first thing I did after we got engaged was to start a list and to this day I still use it to send out our Christmas cards and whatnot. Also, remember this is YOUR day! Don't let anyone change your mind if it is something you really want.

Happy planning!

Vic said...

i would love an outdoors wedding and then head in for in sw fl it is beautiful but i don't want all bugs all over us and i'm def. not spraying off on my pretty skin!:)hopefully it will turn out just lovely