Monday, December 27, 2010

Is this real? Yes, it sure is! We're getting MARRIED!

Our Engagement!
December 26, 2010
was the first day of my dream come true. The day I've waited for since I was a little girl!

I heard his voice at 10:30am. Good Morning! Jessica... it's snowing outside!
I was still very exhausted from the few days before. We got very little sleep! I followed Aaron to the front door, and we watched the tiny snowflakes drop to the ground.
Aaron and I discussed how Sunday was going to be Pajama day! We weren't going to do anything but watch football & snuggle on the couch! Well... He was bursting with energy. Me... Not so much! I was a bit on the grumpy side! We sat on the couch discussing his squirrel adventure with his friend Jon early that morning. I'm hungry, let's go get something to eat. I already ate McDonald's this morning. But we can still go.
Nah. [Changing the Channels] A few minutes later I told Aaron again, I'm hungry. - Okay, well let's go. Go get changed. - No babe, I'm staying in my pj's all day. These aren't coming off. You have to go in for me. - No [chuckle] - Fine [I grab an orange from the fruit basket] Aaron says, Why don't you let me play my game [XBOX] and you go back to bed, because you are grumpy [being sassy with me]. - No, I'm not watching you play. -Okay, well what if I go to Paul's and play. - Babe, that's fine. If you wanna go, I'm totally okay with it. I'm staying right here and relaxing. - [Aaron pouts] So we decide to rent "The Town" from t.v.
I'm usually the restless one. Up and down, not paying attention to whats going on. Well, everything was different that morning. Aaron was full of energy and ready to get up and go... and he wanted me in that same mood. I wasn't. We were snuggling on the couch, me laying behind him. Every 10-15 minutes Aaron would turn around and take a deep breath and say... This Boring. We should do this.... or that....
Or let's take your Cricet Machine and make a new face for Frankie [Our Elf on the Shelf that sits in our Christmas Tree]. Honey, No. What's going on with  you? You are acting crazy! So he rolls his eyes, wearing a big smile, and turns back to the T.V.
10 minutes later...
Aaron is turning back around to me. -Honey...! - Oh, I forgot to give you a Christmas present. Go look behind Frankie! - Huh? [We play practical jokes on each other ALL THE TIME around the house, so... judging from the energy he had. I just knew something was going to jump out of the tree at me.] No, baby I don't see anything from here. - Go look! - So, I walk over to the tree, and looking from a few feet back, I say, I don't see anything. - Get closer. You'll see it. - I then lean over to look on the right side of Frankie and...
There it is. My Diamond ring hanging from an ornament hook, shining right at me.
"OH.MY.GOSH" - [Monotone voice]
"OH.MY.GOSH" as I turn around to look at him sitting on the couch, yet find him kneeling on one knee right behind me.
"Will you Marry Me?"
-"OH.MY GOSH..... [giggle]" Huh? Whaaat?
[Completely shocked & confused.] All I could think about was how grumpy I had been and now the moment I have waited for my entire life is right here.
Aaron stands up & gives me the biggest hug and kiss! He takes the ring from the tree. I was at Awe!
I still was so confused and in complete shock. I was wearing make-up from the day before. I looked a mess. I was a grump all morning. And Now I'm holding [not wearing, but holding] this 1 carat diamond ring in my hand.
- Do you like it? - Of course I love it!
Aaron then places it on my finger & all I can do is smile, say OH.MY.GOSH.  hug & kiss him.
For a good 20 minutes we sat there and laughed and hugged and kissed over & over again!

He informed me that his original plan was to ask me Christmas morning in front of my parents when we all opened stockings. So, my Mom and Step-Dad were waiting and it never happened. Mama said she was so devastated. She said when we left, she look at my Step dad & said, " This Sucks. What in the world?".
Aaron's Mom also had the same reaction on Christmas Eve. Once it got late, she realized Aaron didn't come and get the ring from the safe. She tried to call him, but he told her he planned to ask Sunday Night!
Everyone was confused, yet still waited for the moment that never happened on Christmas day!
Aaron said he felt I suspected it, therefore he decided not to ask me.
I did not expect it, however, there were so many people asking me and acting different towards me the week before, that I knew something was up. I've always said, I never thought Aaron would propose on a holiday or in front of anyone. He DID plan to do the opposite of my thoughts, but ended up proposing just as I thought he would. The morning of this cold, snowy, December day... I can honestly say I did not have a clue.
I definitely would have prepared my look. I would have been bouncing off the walls. And I would have for SURE... charged my phone, our phones up! Our cell phones were completely DEAD. I charged it just enough to be able to send a massive text to all my family & close friends. Once they knew, I then let the world know on facebook! :) He first went to Anderson's Jewelry Store in September, & after two more trips back to make sure that was the ring he wanted for me, he bought it. In October he asked for my hand in marriage. And December we became Fiance's to each other!
My Text: Santa & his reindeer forgot how good I was this year. He came back & decorated my Christmas tree with a shiny diamond ring. Aaron and I are engaged!

I can't seem to get any great pictures of my ring!
These are taken from Aaron's cell phone, and are the best I can get without
it glaring up or looking blurry!

It's a 1 carat, round cut diamond.
The band has three rows of nine small diamonds going down each side.
Also, if you can see on each side of the carat, there is a smaller design on the ring
that holds four diamonds in each of those.
There are also diamonds placed down each prong. [4]

Excuse the glare!

This is us, Christmas Morning at his Moms house!

This was an ornament my daddy sent us from New York!
I loved it! :)

[Excuse the blur]
Mama & Aaron [my step dad] gave us this when we drove over there to show
them the ring. They planned to give us this Christmas morning, but ....
Mama was very happy to know she could still gave us this ornament!
I was too. I love the diamond ring the snowmen are holding!


The Wife In Her New Life said...

hooray!! congratulations!! how very exciting!!! Gorgeous ring -- he did very well picking it out =)

Sheri said...

Even a day late it's still a gagillion times sweeter than when my husband said "Well lets just get married then". LOL

Marcy XOXO said...

This post just made me tear up! I LOVE IT! How exciting sweet girl!!! Happy Monday to you ;)

Rebekah said...

This is such a great story! So sweet. Your ring is beautiful!

Ana said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I had a weird feeling that you would get engaged...I think it was from one of your earlier posts about spending your first Christmas together in 10 years, which I know sounds weird from a perfect stranger, but it doesn't diminish how excited I am for you! hahaha.

Oh, and that's not glare in the picture, that's BLING. ;-)

Dawn said...

Cute story. Congrats!!

Melissa said...

What a fun proposal!! Your ring is absolutely gorgeous!! Congrats again!!

LivKit said...

Awwe too cute Congratulations!

Amber said...

Oh my goodness! I am soooo happy for you! :-D

Your story made me tear up! :)

The ring is SO gorgeous. He did good girl.

Those ornaments are so sweet, and something you'll be able to keep forever and show your kids and grandkids some day!

Anonymous said...

What a rock! :)

Yay for pajama proposals at home! Will have to post my proposal story here soon... :)

MommyLovesStilettos said...

SOOOO happy for you!!! Congrats!!! :) xo

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Awww!!! What a sweet story!! I love it! :)

Your ring is beautiful! He did so well! :)

Congrats Aaron and Jessica! So happy for y'all :)

Kristin said...

So exciting!! Congrats Jess!!!

Faith said...

so exciting! congrats! your ring is beautiful!

Christin said...

Beautiful! Congratulations!!!