Tuesday, December 28, 2010

That's MRS. Drew to you... in 263 days!

We set our date! :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The day we got engaged, the three things we heard most coming from everyone were;
* Congratulations!
* It's about time!
* When's the big day?

I thought, oh geez! I don't have a clue. My entire life, I've waited for this day. Day in & day out I've always dreamed about planning my wedding. I've pictured it in every month, I had many different colors, inside, outside, here and there. Now, that I have a diamond ring on my left hand... I didn't have a clue. However, I knew that 2012 sounded so far away. I know it's only a year, really but it was out of the question. Being I can start planning from the very beginning of 2011, I felt 2011 was definitely the year I will become Aaron's wife. [Smile]
Later that evening, after making many different phone calls and stopping at our parents & grand parents, we started talking very little. I asked him when he would like to get married. Aaron's words, "It doesn't matter to me." So, We started weeding out months!
Janurary - July was out of the question. Nothing really happens in August for us, so I was thinking maybe August, LATE August to give us enough time. Then it dawned on me that Aaron's sister Bridget, & her Hubby were expecting in August. We didn't know when at the time.  [She found out yesterday, August 1st] But I immeditately crossed August out. I can't imagine her feeling the stress of bringing in a baby, getting sized for a dress, or being every bit of 9 months pregnant. Not just that. I can't imagine my stress of thinking about it & I know I would. My luck her water will break just as I'm walking down the aisle. Yikes!
No way! August. October has always been a beautiful month. I LOVE everything about fall. However, we have a wedding to attend, that I am helping coordinate on October 1st & then a wedding of a close relative on October 15th. I do not want a Halloween Wedding! 
October. For the longest time, I've had my heart set on November. It's still warm here in Georgia, it's Fall, and it isn't that busy. Well, being my Hubby-to-be [First time I've ever said/wrote that] is a Hunter, I noticed this past November his face breaks out pretty bad. He takes two showers a day, & still... the masks he wears on his face makes his face break out. Also, I've dreampt of November & I've dreampt of our Honeymoon... But never together. Aaron and I have always talked about a tropical honeymoon. November... Tropical... November. December, enough said. December. Okay, so....
September! A very busy birthday month for us.
Aaron first said, September 10th. My response, No way. That's Austin's [My nephew] birthday. I suggested September 24th. It gives me MORE time to plan.
September 24th it is!
Well, I went to Mama's for coffee yesterday and she brought something to my attention. She asked, "When is your...." Frown. I would be on my honeymoon when a woman's best friend comes in town. Not good. The week before she comes in town is when I am Curella De' Ville, & all the dalmatians appear on my face.  17th. So I called Aaron and said September 10th it is. The more we thought of it, we got super excited. We would get married on 9.10.11 - How wonderful.
Later that day, talking to a great friend of mine. I just to happened to tell her. Frown.
Her voice became very sad when she said; Ah, I wouldn't be able to come. I'm in my cousins wedding that day. Frown. Later I talked to Aaron and we discussed it was totally okay. September 17th is perfect too. I'm just gonna have to do major facials so I won't break out before my wedding!

September 17, 2010 weather report

Actual temperture - 91
Low - 67
History Average - High 86 / Low 67


Melissa said...

I was in a wedding that exact same weekend this past year and the weather was perfect! September is a great month!!

Ali said...

I'm so excited for you!!

Marcy XOXO said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! So happy for you! September is a wonderful month... it's my birthday month ;) hehe CONGRATS GIRL!

Sheri said...

Very cute! Glad you got the day all settled.

The Wife In Her New Life said...

yay!! congratulations on picking a wedding date!! Book a venue and photographer next -- they fill up their dates FAST! =) good luck!

Rebekah said...

Yay for choosing a date! Honestly, that was the most stressful thing for us. Everything else just fell into place after that!

Rebekah said...

Yay for choosing a date! Honestly, that was the most stressful thing for us. Everything else just fell into place after that!

Vic said...

sounds like the perfect time to get married.....i know you've prob. heard it a million and one times but congrats and best wishes.....you guys are adorable...! i remember christmas many many years ago when bryan gave me a ring and basically said nothing about it....nope we're not married still but everyone thinks we are...i call him my husband..he is! we've been together for almost 14 yrs....and share two girls! i dream about our wedding! i love featuring weddings and bridal anythings on Freckles and Fudge if you wouldn't mind when it gets closer:) xoxo have a fab day!

♥Cait said...

You've done more calculations than me. Now, you've got me nervous as to when my lady friend will visit. Hopefully, we can scratch out June 10th, ha!

Also, Bridget's baby is due on my birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! :) My date will probably be in 2012. Since I will graduate law school in May 2011 and then have the Bar to study for and then take in late July 2011, with results coming in sometime in September, I cannot imagine planning with all of that extra stuff.

I REALLY REALLY want to get married on September 1, 2012 because it will be the 7th anniversary of when we were "official". Or on July 15, 2012 because it will be the 7th anniversary of our first date. Lucky for me, both of those dates are either Saturday or Sunday.

Faith said...

so exciting! Congrats! Sept. is a beautiful month!