Monday, December 6, 2010


Before I explain, let me apologize for my absences on the last three days of the blog challenge!
Frown! Yawn!
I had no time, whatsoever to keep up this weekend. If I would have known it was going to be this hectic, I would have prepared! So, please excuse me being completely unprepared!
However, I did have a fabulous weekend. I had much fun,but super tired!

Friday - After work, I rushed home to attend The Drew Christmas Party. Aaron's daddy's side of the family. They decided to do it a little earlier this year because his cousin lives in the Dominican Republic & was headed back today. It was good, but I had to leave a little early. Before knowing about this party, I already RSVPed to my girlfriend, Rachel's Gingerbread Christmas Party. So, I left there to attend that. It was great fun. However, I did not get home until REALLY late. I will post all the pictures from the party sometime this week.
Saturday- I had to work. Which usually isn't bad. It's only four hours every other weekend. BUT, due to my lack of sleep, I got up late. Looked horrible, in my car to find it NOT starting [ran out of gas in my driveway, ha. didn't even know]. I rushed inside, told Aaron... Grabbed his keys and headed to work. When I drove up in my parking spot, it dawned on me....
I did NOT have my key to open the store. holypoopwhatamigoingtodo! I was panicing. I called Aaron. In my hectic, freak out voice said get here, asap, now, with my keys! "Get here now" is impossible. We live 35 minutes away. So... I prayed very hard to not be very busy and thank goodness we were not, until I sat at my desk and then everyone trampled in. Blah! Clock out at 2, got home and wanted to sleep... but needed to put my outside lights up. :( [I was thinking about the blog challenge] Succeeded in that, we went simple this year. Finished in time, to get a shower and get ready for my Sisters 30th Birthday Celebration. Again, it was small and simple, but we had the best time! :) My parents were taking her out to dinner & we tagged along.
Mom, Aaron [Step Dad], Me, Aaron, Kim & Tommy piled up and went to Mexican restaurant in Statesboro, El Sombrero! It was great! We drank Margaritas & laughed the night away. We then tried to see a movie, but they all started too late. Kim & Tommy have four kids, so the don't get out much. But, we didn't wanna go back just yet, so....went to Walmart  [ha] && shopped for random stuff. But had the best time... 6 of us... together... in Walmart... it was great!
Sunday- I did get to sleep a little, but I was up and ready to meet the ladies I used to work with [when I work for the Salon/Spa]. We had lunch at a restaurant called Cheddars. It was great & nice to catch up. Came home, changed and went to my in laws house. They were having a gathering for the Falcons game. In which they beat Tampa! Go Falcons! In the middle of this, I left to support my hometown friend, Caitlin who also blogs A Journey from Miss. to Mrs. She is in the middle of planning her wedding, in Nursing School, and now she and her future MIL have start their own boutique. [They have a website, but it is under construction, I will share it with y'all later] I'm super excited for her. Go check her out! She's great & has a really awesome blog! [Excuse Caitlin for lack of Blogging, but she has been very busy]
After attending her party, I went back to the in laws.

So... Again, I'm sorry for my absence!
I have another busy week ahead & weekend!
My girlfriend, Heather is graduating Georgia Southern University Friday. SO, verrrry proud of her! Saturday is our hometown Christmas Parade & my other Girlfriend, Holly's Dance Studio is performing so I must be there to support the precious girls & that night is MY Tacky Christmas Party, in which I am SUPER pumped out. Sunday... I'm not doing a darn thing! Nothing. Not ONE thing. I'm staying in my PJ's all day.

Happy Monday!
( Yaaaawn! )


Marian said...

Gosh, that sure is a busy weekend. I think you need another weekend just to recover from that one!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Busy weekend, girl! Dang!

I love Cheddars btw - I haven't had it in about 5 years, but it is good nonetheless!! :)

I have always wanted to go to a tacky Christmas Sweater party! Every time I have been invited to one, I can't go for some reason or another!! :(

Have a good week!

Missy Salsa said...

Glad I'm not the only one. I have to take the dogs next week to see Santa (lol) so I don't get a do nothing day. Enjoy it for me!

Kristin said...

Holy Cow I bet you are tired! But sounds like it was all worth it! Hope your Tacky Christmas Party goes great! I will keep an eye out for pictures!

Shell said...

You definitely were busy! I tried to be as lazy as possible this weekend. Why am I still tired? LOL

Marcy XOXO said...

That picture cracks me up! Woah girl you HAVE been busy!!! I agree that you should definately treat yourself and stay in your pajamas ALL DAY on Sunday!!! :)