Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Every Brides needs one of these!

Okay, I'll admit... for years I've had a folder that I've cut out clippings of this and that
for the day of my wedding! When I got engaged, I pulled out my 3 ring binder that I use to organize myself when I host parties and made that my organizer. I went through my old folder and weeded out lots and lots of things I was no longer interested in, however I kept a lot. I had my binder divided in to sections like, Venues, Dresses, Budget, Ideas, Photography, etc.
YESTERDAY, my sister in law, also my bridesmaid Bridget came by our house and delivered this....
My first thought: OH MY GRACIOUS! There's my Future Iniatials! JAD only it was printed like jDa ...
Then I opened it up and saw basically the same thing I had going on, only a lot better!
It has everyday. Checklists for each vendor or the day of. It has Who Pays What and What to wear at
everyday wedding, according to what time you have it.
It has questions, What to ask your Photograher or What to look for in a Venue!
All that good stuff.. She said it was her "best friend" during her planning & helped her in many ways!
My Favorite... It has a calendar to mark everything down!

I was really excited about it. I couldn't wait to get my fingers through it.
 I filled it up with my wants & do's & don'ts right after dinner & started filling in my calendar!
It also came with a magazine with gifts and such in & tooth paste...? I know, right?
It was extra whitening tooth paste... some brand I never heard of.

Thank you B for helping keep this mind straight & focused!

at 6:30pm Me, My  Matron of Honor [My sister Kim], & Mama are going
to look at a possible [hopefully, please be perfect] venue here in Statesboro.
I was e-mailed all the info about it yesterday, now we get to scope it out!
Also, it's the first thing I'm doing [Wedding Like] that doesn't involve a phone call or paper!


Marian said...

God luck with the venue search. I loved the whole hunt. However, my poor husband had to go alone to my three favorite places with my Mom and MOH as I had kidney stones and refused to cancel our appointments and wanted at least one of us to see the places:)

Day 2 Day Living said...

I've been sick and out of the loop...I missed the engagement! Congrats!!!

Faith said...

have fun finding the venue! it's such an exciting check off the long list!

Marcy XOXO said...

I am sending prayers for you Grandpa! You are so right death is never an easy thing for anybody but knowing he will be in God's hands is so reassuring! Keep your head up sweetie... LOVE the planner I got one similar and it was such a big help and also it is SO FUN TO DO WEDDING STUFF! I just wrote a post a couple days ago and posted a photo of my boss signing my vacation slip for the wedding and honeymoon... only us soon to be brides can understand something to this degree LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm a new blog follower via Google Friend Connect. I love your blog! I'm in the midst of planning a wedding as well! Hope you'll check out my blog and follow back!


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