Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hope & Prayer

God is so good!
Death & sickness is never good or fun to talk about.
However, they happen. Some sooner than others!
Just got new this morning, that my grandpa, [Mama's Dad] is not doing to swell.
I tell ya, this man is a cat. I say that because he has battled through so many illness' and such in 81 years.
He battled lung cancer & beat it. He survived two heart attacks.
He's battled all sorts of other illness' & sickness' & yet, somehow he over comes it!
Apparently, God gave him nine lives!
Thank you Jesus! Grandpa has a very strong heart.

I don't know Grandpa that well. Sounds crazy, right?
Well, he lives in New York and has all my life. New York is where my Mom & the rest of my
family is from. Most of them ventured down south about 33 years ago.
So, I've never been around him for a long period of time and really got to know him.
 We went to NY for his 75 birthday... and then haven't seen him until 2010.
He came down to GA early last year for a week & ended up staying for a few weeks because he
was admitted in the hospital. He was very sick, but you never would have known it.
The man is strong I tell ya!
 July 2010 we had our family reunion, dedicated to him.
He also came down in October for a couple of weeks when my Uncle Chuck passed.
So, I'm thankful for 2010 & being able to spend more time with him and getting to know him
more than I did. Thank you God!

As of right now, Grandpa is in a COMA and on a respirator. Very Sad!
A couple of days ago my Aunt Pat was taking him somewhere and he became non- responsive.
He started to hang his head low. She rushed him in and they of course asked, is he always like this?
No way. He makes his own breakfast & Lunch.. and drives everyday. He's very aware of his surroundings and knows what's happening from day to day.
Mama told me they believe he has a blood infection? I don't know anything about medical terminology, but that never sounds good. Apparently he had a pneumonia shot 4 years ago [i believe] & you aren't supposed to show any signs on pneumonia for 5 years. However, they are thinking he may have a case. Which is not good, because the only kind he could have is Staff pneumonia. I forget the percentage, but a certain % [not a good one] of the people who are diagnosed with staff pneumonia, don't make it. That's if you're are healthy. Pray, God please let his great man not have staff pneumonia.  Please God, free this man from pain. If it is his time, I pray he does not suffer anymore than he has.
May God be with him through this time & also be with my family. We haven't had many deaths in our family.
Three, to be exact. My Amazing Grandmother [GANNY], My Great Grandmother, Nana
& My Uncle Chuck.
Death never comes easy for anyone! Prayer is amazing!
Hopefully, maybe God has one more life in store for him♥
What's worse, is yesterday was the anniversary of my Nana's [98] death.
Sending all our love & prayers to New York from Georgia!
We love you♥

Also - Although I do not know this precious baby boy, Preston or his parents personally...
I feel very close to all of them! I've been following Tiffanie since early December.
She just gave birth to her beautiful baby on 1.4.11. He has a heart defect that is not so good.
His chances of life are 50/50. However, I know he will pull through.
He has his first surgery today, & his parents need everyones hope and prayers for sweet Preston!
Pray he has a heart like Grandpa, very strong & ready to take on the world!


Anonymous said...

Prayers coming your way for y'all!

The Wife In Her New Life said...

Lots of prayers coming your way and for little Preston and his family

brae&joey said...

I am praying for you and your family!

Joey's Grandma is still in the hospital because of staff pneumonia and a blood infection. She is doing therapy and is looking MUCH better! She isn't eating but she does have some energy back and is doing MUCH better! Hopefully, your Grandpa's situation is the same as Joey's Grandma and he gets better soon!!

McKenzie said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you! Hope he gets well soon and has a very speedy recovery.

♥Cait said...

Thinking of you and your family through this difficult time, Jess. I pray for your grandfather's health and a speedy recovery :)

Lindsi said...

So sorry to hear about your Grandpa fighting for his life :( Grandpa's are special people!

I was looking around my News Feed for your Blog, cause I hadn't seen a recent update from you in awhile. I realized I wasn't following you--boo!! NOW I AM :)

Congrats on the engagement, girl!