Monday, January 24, 2011

222 Days

The Biggest Loser
So I'm riding in the Smurfette early last week as I'm on the way to work. I was listening to my morning ritual talk show, Kidd Kraddick in the Morning... Anyhow, the topic getting married came up. Of course all ears tune in. Yaddi Yaddi Ya Blah Blah Blah... We all know that every woman always looses weight for her wedding. Then she gains is back after the honeymoon wears off.... Skkkkkirt! Loose Weight? Geez, I haven't even thought of it. Of COURSE I could use the extra pounds off this crazy, apple looking body of mine... Okay, maybe like 10-15lbs. However, I haven't thought of it. I have 222 days as we speak... right now. That is SEVEN months, ONE week, and THREE days! Yikes!

Tomorrow is the BIG day. I'm not going to kill myself or even say I'm "dieting". Matter of fact, I hate that term. When you diet... Let me rephrase. When I diet... I starve myself and do abnormal things, and then I go back to the same old habits and gain it back. So... I am trying to change. About two years ago, I lost 30 lbs. I was into a size 3/4. I don't have to back that size again, however I'd love to fist comfortably back in my 5's.  I need exercise. I know if I exercise, I will drop it off fast. Motivation??? Ha! I'm getting married, enough said!  I refuse to have the extra 12 lbs that I have let myself put on, on my wedding day. Also... There is nothing worse than armpit tit fat hanging over your blouse!
Yes, I said it &&& I ain't gonna lie... I have it. Yucky!

So... I start tomorrow.
I bought a journal. 2 years ago, I wrote down everything I ate. Even if it was a teaspoon of Ketchup.
I ate 1200 calories [300 for Breakfast/400 for Lunch/500 for Dinner] [Tip: You can NOT eat 200 for breakfast and 500 for lunch... doesn't work like that] and the first month dropped 15lbs. I don't know how I did that... I can't do that anymore. I've tried. However, If I could loose 2lbs a least every two weeks... Which I know I can do 2lbs isn't bad, then I will be happy. I have four weeks until our engagement party... So, that means I have to shed half of that weight. Totally do-able!
I started bringing my lunch to work last week [after that talk show]. Smart Ones is my choice. They are delish + very reasonable calories! Today I ate Fettucini Alfredo for only 240 calories. I added 5 saltine crackers to filled in emptiness a tad more for only 60 calories. Which equals 300 calories!

Tomorrow I'm starting my workout!
I signed up for Jillian Huffs workout system and order this DVD. If I like it, I will go and order the rest!
It's going DOWN!
I'm excited and ready for it. Weight Loss HERE I come!

Last but NOT least....
Saturday, My Groom & I are entering the BIGGEST LOSER contest at our hometown fitness gym!
Starting Saturday - We have 12 weeks to loose body fat. We will be divided into groups of... I don't have a clue and it's accounted for each group. So which ever team TOGETHER looses the most body fat... wins!
Anywho, I'm excited. Whether my team wins or looses, I'm gonna push myself. Little contests like these are the best things for me. It keeps me on track... I do NOT wanna weigh in though. Yikes!  That's why I'm starting NOW!

Weight Loss Goal by August 3, 2011 - Loose 18lbs!
If I can't do it by then... [which is totally unexceptable] then...
Well... I should be ashamed! I gotta look good for my hubby to be! :) && for myself! ;)
If you would like to join in on this fun... link up and share what you have been doing!
I will have Mr. Linky every Monday and I will keep everyone updated on how it's going! :)
Join in & Link Up!


Ashley said...

your goal is completely attainable!! I started getting back in shape in August for my March wedding. I didn't change my eating habits AT ALL and just ran 2 times a week and yoga/pilates 2 times a week. I lost over 20 lbs just doing that. adjusting your eating habits will help a lot!! Good luck =) make sure you eat enough with that Jillian Michaels workout video =)
I've been doing P90X and I'm eating 5-7 small meals a day!!! Your body can't think it's starving or you'll struggle to lose anything! =)

Anonymous said...

That's a great goal! I think I will link up too! I have the Jilian 30 Day Shred, I have started it but never finished it!

Good Luck!

Marcy XOXO said...

YOU CAN DO IT SWEETIE!!! I started weight watchers two weeks ago... I love the program because they actually tell you NOT to diet. I honestly just want to be healthy and happy... I will NEVER be a stick and honestly I don't want to be! Of course I think you are beautiful just the way you are but I totally understand how you are feeling!!! YAY FOR 222 DAYS!!! WOOP WOOP

Ana said...

I've had great success with Weight Watchers...69 pounds...and it's real food...and you work out and weigh in, so you track your food and activity...I have made better food choices and stopped some bad habits. You can do online only so you don't have to go meetings, either.

Rebekah said...

You will love The Shred! It's hard, but I always felt great after each workout!

Bracey Pate said...

New Follower! Last August I had a weight loss competition with my dad (cash prize), so I was very motivated! I ended up losing 20lbs from Aug. to Dec. I mainly just changed my eating habits (smaller portions, not eating just b/c I'm bored, etc.) and started walking every night. I like to walk for at least 30 mins, but I walk longer if I have the time. I proceeded to lose another 10lbs from Jan. to May of that year. Now, I'm just working on maintaining and keeping the weight off. One thing that really helped me through the process was to track my weight everyday. I weighed myself every morning and wrote down my weight. That way I couldn't let myself slip.
Good luck with your goal and congratulations on your engagement!!