Thursday, January 27, 2011

[The Good, Bad, & Ugly]


The Good: I've started my "cutting back on food / eating very healthy"
The Bad: I'm starving
The Ugly: I gained a pound. What the crap?

The Good: We have a 99.9% chance of being completely debt free this year.
The Bad: We won't be going "all out" for our honeymoon!
The Ugly: We aren't going to St. Lucia! [Frown] Maybe before we have children???

The Good: Aaron got a raise at work & his own personal work truck!
The Bad: He is now qualified to be on call.
The Ugly: First time on call, he had to go in 8 differnent times!

The Good: American Idol is Back... Yay!
The Bad: I love the new judges, but not sure if they get the drift yet.
The Ugly: Because someone can carry a tune, doesn't mean they are Hollywood Qualified! Coming from someone who knows nothing about voices/singing!

The Good: My First Bridal Show is Sunday!
The Bad: Just got the news, Mom is flying out to New York tomorrow & will be back Tuesday!
The Ugly: My Grandpa has had three heart attacks in three weeks. It's awful!

The Good: I cook a meal every night!
The Bad: I get home at 6:40pm & directly start dinner!
The Ugly: I so tired by the time I clean up & get a shower...


Annie said...

don't worry, the weight will start falling off!
totally awesome you two are going to be debt free! seriously, amazing!
yay for A getting a raise and work truck!!
LOVE american idol :)
sorry to hear about your gpa, he will be in my prayers.
and lastly, that's exactly why i only cook like once a week, haha!!

B said...

I can totally relate about the working out/eating healthy and not seeing results. That's the worst!

And completely agree with you on Idol. Hopefully with time, they'll the judges will get better & better.

Have fun at your first bridal shower :) And thanks for joining in!

The Mrs. said...

I hope that your Grandpa is okay, have fun at the bridal show!

Sydney said...

Don't stress! It takes a little time for you body to get used to new eating habits. If you add a brisk walk in there once or twice a day it will really kick start your weight loss. You are gonna look so fab on your wedding day!

Ashley said...

what a great blog! I just found you! can't wait to follow along.
I'd love for you to check out mine...