Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcoming the year of 2011

I didn't take many pictures on New Years! Sad!
However, We had a wonderful night!
Here are just a FEW recaps!

Rachel, Kristie, Me, Candice, Danielle

Candice bought this cake for Aaron and I!
Wasn't that just too sweet of her?
I felt so special.

[This picture wasn't the best, so I turned it b&w in order for it to show up better]
I'll have better pictures to come later!

My Awkward Face! 
Aaron ran when he heard they wanted pictures of us cutting the cake! 

 We bought these for $10 on black friday.

Too bad our men didn't bring theirs, because we would have been COOL for sure!

Candice, Me, Ashly
Danielle, Kristie



Annie said...

you and all your friends are beautiful!! love all the pictures and of course the cake is super cute! i'm sure it was delish!

J and A said...

Ah cute cake! :) So sweet.

Faith said...

that was so sweet of your friend to do that! too funny that he ran when he learned he had to cut the cake. something my hubs would have done! :)

April Rowell said...

You all look adorable! Happy New Year :)