Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Dress Shopping

Me & 7 of my Maids!
Missing Two!

Me & My Mom

Me & my sister, Kim!

My Morning started at about 8am on Saturday, January 15th!
I got up, jumped in the shower, through comfy clothes on, started coffee and plopped down on the couch for some relaxation. I was so excited to see what this day had to offer!
Of course, to get in the dress shopping mode, I turned on Say YES to the Dress!
Before I knew it, My girlfriend Rachel was here!
I had planned on curling my hair... however I took advantage of the couch too long!
After gettting ready and the rest of the ladies showing up & my mom.. We headed out the door!

We went to Davids Bridal! Through the weeks, I had been searching for dresses I did like online.
I wasn't finding anything that caught my eye in this shop, however it's a bigger store and we all could fit!
They were packed!
I'm a manicane shopper. Doesn't matter what I'm shopping for, I see it and instantly know whether it's a hit or miss! Searching through the bags... Not my thing! I had a certain budget that I do not want to exceed.
I told the girls, Do not even show it to me, if it exceeds that price range!

So, my consultant comes and she's a little overwhelmed at how many people are with me!
I had 7 girls and my Mom! However, we started trying on immediately!
Dress One [First Photo] - Loved the middle part. The dress was okay! Okay... is not good enough!
The rest of the dresses weren't a hit!
Some of the things I remember saying:
Beautiful Dress... It's to boring!
I love this... But the bottom isn't enough!
There isn't enough bling.
LOVE the dress, however I don't feel like everyone says I'm supposed to feel!
Let me try that Veil....
Oh... This is a must have! [The Veil]
I like it a lot, however I can see Aaron's expression right now. No Way!
Can I get some jewelry, maybe I need jewelry!
It's not gaudy enough!
HAHAHAHA - I feel like an 80 year old curtain! 
... This is ... There isn't enough dress!

After a while, I started to get depressed. Not really, but maybe discouraged was a better choice of word!
I'm usually the type to see what I like and Wa-LA! I NEVER take 13 dresses to say no, and still... No dress!

Okay, I think I'm done! I've tried on enough for the day! As I' taking my bra off... My girlfriend Holly says...
Jess, just one more! Try this one on, please?
Okay... I try in on, and LOVED it! The ladies and my moms face liked it too!
It was beautiful!
I may have a keeper! How much is it? ------ Oh, yes! It's under budget, it's definitely the dress!
My sister comes to me and says: Jess, let Melissa [The Consultant] write it down. I think you should
go to Bridal Mart [Another Store that had a specific dress that I printed out] and try that dress on that you loved, X it off the list and then come back and buy this one. That way you won't have a "what if".
Okay, I agreed!
I think the consultant was a little bummed! She was very nice to me, however everyone didn't like her too much! Apparently she was an eye roller! I told her, I'll be back!
Okay, so we packed up... and headed to Bridal Mart!

We all walked in and went crazy! They had SO much more to ofter! Immediately the girls were...
Jess, look at this one. Jessica How about this one? Jess...
I walked straight to this dress... ON A MANICAN, and said, I want this one.  They all came over to me and melted with me as we stood in front of it. The owner found me and said I was allowed up to 5 in a room.
So, I randomly pointed out dresses that the ladies wanted me to try...
She took me in the dressing room and as she was tying up the corset in the back, my legs felt weak. I could NOT wait to see it and wanted to see everyones face!
Okay, so I walk out and all 8 mouths drop to the floor! I felt gentle tears in my eyes... walked around, stood on the pedestal and teared up more!
My words: I'm pretty sure, this is my dress! Yep! It is!
Everyone was at Awe & so was I! I walked around the room, of course it's WAY too long.. but it was the prettiest thing I have ever seen in my life. I felt as if I didn't need jewelry or a veil. It was perfect! It was me!
It had everything... EVERYTHING, I wanted! So I stood there loving ,while everyone else took pictures!
I remember the owner saying: You were the easier sale I've ever had! :)
So, we go into the room to take it back off... I was beyond excited! How much is this dress?
Skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirt!!!! $____!
My heart dropped! I was SO upset! I gave her the bra back and walked out to the ladies and my sister said it... The price. Apparently I had it written all over my face! We did NOT even look at any price tag when we walked in. Okay, so it wasn't horribly over budget [Thank Goodness for the sale - $600 OFF] However, It was waaay over what I wanted to pay. I have a hard time thinking that I will wearing something for 8 hours that is that expensive. Yes, I know it's my wedding dress! I just had my mind COMPLETELY set on that first original price! I walked out the store, by myself.. and shed just a few small tears. I didn't care what my Mom said, I couldn't let myself have that. No way! After a few minutes, my sister, Mom and Candice came outside to talk to me. Okay... So yeah, they talked me into it! Of course!
We bought it, right then... right there!
I called yesterday and she said it would be here earlier than expected!

Everyone says I'm not allowed to show! I don't see what the big secret is. A picture of me in it today, compared to my wedding day will be completely different. However, I will tell you my designer!

That's it! That's my first and only wedding dress shopping experience!


Faith said...
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Faith said...

How exciting! Maggie Sottero makes the most amazing wedding dresses! Congrats on finding the dress! $600dollars off is awesome too! :)

Marian said...

Congrats!!! That is such wonderful news. And I love Maggie. I actually was a Maggie Sottero bride as well- wore the Victoriana. Her stuff is absolutely beautiful.

Amber said...

SO excited for you girl. SO happy you were finally able to make one of your first bridal purchases. And the dress?! That's major especially THE ONE! I can't wait to see it! :)

Aly @ Analyze This said...

She makes GORGEOUS dresses! I can not wait to see yours!!!! :)

MishMish said...

What a fun day!!! And it sounds like you got great advice from your friends - good group of bridesmaids you have there & your mom, too!! I can't wait to see - the dresses on her site are beautiful!

Marcy XOXO said...


Ashley said...

congratulations!! I LOVE Maggie Sottero's collection. they were WAY out of my price range so I didn't even try on =/
I can't wait to see which one you picked!

Jenna Allen | The Indecisive Organizer said...

I had a Maggie Sottero dress and LOVED it!

Rebekah said...

Oh, I can't wait to see what dress! I had a Maggie Sottero! They are just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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Kristin said...

yay!! congrats on finding the dress!!

The Mrs. said...

1. I'm a new follower
2. I'm so excited you found your dress.
3. My dress is ALSO Maggie Sottero...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I can't wait to see which dress you chose :D

Kristin said...

Yay! congrats on the dress. Cant wait to see it! I'm sure it's Beautiful!!
And your eng. pics are deff Beautiful!! LOVE THEM!