Monday, June 4, 2012

Keep Me Accountable, Week 2

{I promise to blog about more interesting topics, come back tomorrow for my post on our Trip to the Bahamas.}

This e-card stays with me - everyday, every time I wanna be lazy.
It's SO true.

Week: 2       

"The Hardest Step for a Runner
is the first step out of the front door."

My Goal
Due Date:   8 weeks      Weight Goal:  26 lbs      Fitness Goal: Run a 5k

"The hardest step is the first foot out the door"

-I totally agree. Last week I started my "running" routine. Even though I didn't run very far,
I still managed to make it. Monday & Tuesday were crap days & because of Tuesday night dinner {read here}, I felt horrible come Wednesday morning.
Take a look how it went.

Thank you ALL once again for your loving support. You have no idea how much your
words of encouragement is helping me stay motivated. I had tears in my ears last week
reading all of your comments on my first day of hell.

It's getting easier as the days go by yet I'm still out of breath as I run the small distance
{not sure how far but I think it's a little under half a mile} - This week I want to stretch my run a little more && push harder. I haven't really lost any more weight, but I can see changes in my body, definitely.
&& that evening I ran again...

Who was excited?
THIS girl.

Friday = break day.
I wanted to run. I was scared not to - however my muscles in my legs
were really tight && sore. I didn't want to push my body TOO much to soon.
I did a lot of stretches to help.

It's getting easier as the days go by yet I'm still out of breath as I run the small distance - {not sure how far but I think it's a little under half a mile} - This week I want to stretch my run a little more && push harder. I haven't really lost any more weight, but I can see changes in my body, definitely.


      You can't get much done in life ....
        if you only worked the days you felt good.

    Join in, Share your story... if you'd like to.


K said...

They have a Couch to 5K app for phones that you can use. It tells you when to walk and run. It's awesome for people who are just getting started at running (I was NEVER a runner and now I don't do too bad). You should check it out. It helps you keep going!

Faith said...

you go girl! it is so hard to exercise when you just don't want to ... good for you for pushing yourself!

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

good job girl!!!

Bristol said...

I really wish I had the motivation you do. It's so hard to get my mind set on getting up in the morning and going straight for a run.

The Pink Growl said...

So proud of you - Keep going! How much are you running right now? Just curious if you are measuring your distance or time spent running.

Ashley said...

So proud of you! I'm going to crack down on my eating & start practicing for my 5k. But not until I get back from vacay next week. I'm not even tryiing to set myself up for that kind of disappointment =)

Jen S said...

Hey Jessica! Love your blog. Was wondering if you will be posting an update on your progress. I need some motivation myself! Attempting to lose 30lbs and I'm halfway there and I'm "stuck"!

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