Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Letters: Dear Future Children

Dear precious babies,

There is something you should know about your Daddy.
Ya see, he is quite the fella - you know this already. Daddy is laid back and reserved,
where I am more hyperactive and the not-so-shy one.  Daddy has to be in his comfort zone in order to let loose and feel comfortable, you probably already know this.

Daddy isn't much of a dancer. If someone asked me today, "Does Aaron Dance?" or "Does he like to dance?" - my answer would "Ummm..."
 He has a secret love for HipHop and R&B music. And you may find him time to time jamming in his alone time. Momma has found him many of times at the computer desk, back when they first got married, downloading music on this iTunes account. The speakers blaring and his shoulders moving... waiting on Momma to get home. Understand that he would stop immediately {moving his shoulders that is} as soon as I'd turn the corner to see him and give me that crooked smile grin that I love so much.

Let's talk about his dancing skills.

One of the best memories I have of  us when were just teenagers is how we prepped for Prom, my Junior Prom & his Senior. I was so excited to be going for the first time together I couldn't stand it. I made Daddy practice dancing with me over and over and over again in his bedroom every night. At first he dreaded it. He was so mad at me for even thinking of such a thing but as always he gave in. And I'm not talking about slow dancing, I'm talking all the line dances {although he tends to forget} and how to shag {kind of}.  Needless to say, we dominated at Prom & Daddy swung me around like he'd been dancing for a long time!   I believe that is where it started.

First Lesson: Be careful whatcha wish for.

You've seen Daddy with his Guy Harvey tall grown up drink - well this is
his medicine for breaking loose and opening up. Sometimes he drinks to much medicine and ... well in that case things get crazy. This is why you should stay away for as long as possible - those tall drinks will put a hurting on ya and make you VERY VERY sick.
Very sick.

Momma loves her some weddings. They always play the best music, I never leave the dance floor. Daddy got sick of sitting out on the side lines at cousin Garrett & Julies wedding many years ago. This is when he made his first appearance to all our friends and family members. As a matter of face, Grandma & Papa actually stayed two hours longer at the reception because they had never seen their future son in-law dance all big and mighty.
Actually, how could I forget - he danced on the metal pole that held up the gigantic tent outside. He was the life of the party. {Until the next morning}

Since then we've attending countless numbers of weddings & parties and it is ME
who starts out on the dance floor {alone} and with time Daddy joins me.
... this is when everyone in our small town really learns Daddy's personality and the man I live with, the man we live with every day, the one who makes our home filled with laughter and unexpected moments. I am promise you that nobody forgets Daddy's wedding story moments . His Michael Jackson moves, Grease Lightening moments and definitely personal/solo dances with your friends Mommies or Grand Mommies, he has backed his toosh up on or Got Low-Got Low-G Low with. Don't forget about the bartenders, yep - them too.

I hope you aren't petrified now that I have opened up a new look for your sweet, loving, quiet, laid back, reserved father.  I think you should definitely go ask him to shake it like a salt shaker - Don't let him fool you, he can do it. If he says no, go turn on Stanky Leg. Maybe he will show you his own version. But first, you may want to grab him a tall glass filled to the top. And in case my pictures are ever ruined just come back to the ol' le blog and
get refreshened.

Ashley & Adam Burton's wedding 2012
{Momma had no clue this was happening}

Kacie & William Gaines wedding 2011

Daddy doing The Stanky Leg at our wedding
notice everyone just seeing a different side of him in the background.

Daddy & Auntie Danielle dropping low at our wedding

Caitlin & Cliff Young's wedding 2011

Grandma Kandi's Surprise 50th birthday -
Daddy started using the decoration  as props... Momma joined in.

Brycelyn & Jeremy Chavis' wedding 2010
He loves Mrs. Kim & Mrs. Becky -

Candice & Daniel's wedding 2009

With all this being said, please understand the importance of finding that special
someone who will makes you happy everyday. Laughter is such a must-have
&& the key to staying truly happy. Daddy is so amazing, there is never ever ever
a dull moment from day to day. I lucked up.

Xo, Momma



Brittanie said...

BAHAHAHAHA OMG!!! I can't stop laughing. This post was amazing!

K said...

OMG those are HYSTERICAL!!!!

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

omg! i'm at my desk and trying ot keep my cool!! this is so FREAKIN hilarious!!! remind me to tell you about the broom sometime! lol...

The Pink Growl said...

I am cracking up at this! I love that first picture so funny!

Amy Lynn said...

Bwahahaahaha! That's awesome! Your husband sounds so much like my boyfriend. It definitely takes time and liquid courage for him to loosen up and let people see the side of him that I see :-)

CALLIE said...

LOVE!!!! I'm dying laughing. Precious, Precious.

Cait said...

omg seriously such a fun post :) i laughed at all the great pics! super cute blog by the way girl ! have a great friday! xo

♥Cait said...

Jess, I LOVED this post. Aaron is always super fun at weddings! He taught me his signature stanky leg at Ashley's. I'll have to show Mom and Aunt Kim this post. They will crack up at those pictures with them in it!

Have a great weekend! xoxo

lori said...

this is sooo funny!!! i love the idea of writing a letter to your future kids. and those pictures are hilarious. you guys obviously have a very fun marriage, filled with laughter. i love it!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

OMG Jess I love this! Its too cute... I laughed non stop the whole entire time! Great lesson for the little one to learn :)

Amber said...

This is amazing!!! J is the same way... refuses to dance, but the minute Sweet Caroline or the Cupid Shuffle comes on, I look and he is right by my side :)

Kristie Chavis said...

Hey Hey! :) I wanted to let you know that I awarded your blog the "One Lovely Blog" award! Check out my blog to pick it up! <3