Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Backwoods Hood Rats"

So time has gone by && we are down to now...
eight guys?

What did everyone think of Monday nights show?

please remember to not spoil anything for me if you know anything or
have read anything - as much as the anticipation gets the best of me, I like to wait to find out who the dream guy is.

Well let me be honest. I'm kind of bored.
Not as bored or aggravated as I was last season with Ben F. but the show is supposed to have kick ass dates. I did LOVE Mondays dates - they were fun & beautiful.
But where is the adventure?

I understand she is a Mom. I understand that life, love & marriage isn't always
flying in helicopters && riding elephants but geez - these acting scenes are killing me.
I get it. She wants a father-figure who will be great with Rickie. 
Of course, but this is about finding love first. Am I wrong? You can't go out there in life
trying to find a father-figure for Rickie before trying to really fall in love.

I'm not saying I disagree with how Emily is going about all of this. I understand her
fear but ... I'm just bored. Usually on Monday nights you can not pull me from the TV.
It's hushing & shhhhh-ing when the commercials go off && I know every detail.
I'm bored.


My two top runners -

Sean - I really like him. I feel he is a family man but so was Brad {who I loved} when everyone in America didn't && still doesn't. I do feel a connection between the two but at this point I see just connections with a few guys.
I did love their date && I think Sean {maybe the one} if not I feel he is in the top two.

Arie - I like him. I love his body language towards Emily && the way he
{excuse my choice of cheesy sappy words} is tender with her. You can tell he cares a lot about her - it's mutual. Yet, I still don't or haven't seen Emily FALL yet.

I don't think Emily is letting her heart go.
I saw something different with her && Brad on his show than I am
with her and these guys. A connection will never make it through a marriage.
There need to a {REALLY hate to say it} but a Country/Ben attraction.
Ben F. was crazy about Courtney - we ALL new it.

Jef {with one F} - I do see Emily striving for more of Jef.
He is the only one I seem to feel she wants more of because he is not giving it to her.
They had a one on one date this week && it went well. But... still nothing so ever powerful. I did not get the butterflies && by this time I have butterflies GALORE.

As for Kalon - thank goodness that creep is gone.
The producers definitely kept him on for ratings. Good for Emily for
standing up for the one thing that matters most && getting a little ghetto on him.
God knows we all have a GHETTO side when shiii turns sour.

While we are on this topic - I think it's lame that she got mad at the boys for
not telling her sooner that Kalon called Rickie baggage. I don't like a taddle-tail && think she just opened up a can of worms for next week. I feel the boys will be ratting each other out left && right && it'll be fussy.

As for Ryan - I read somewhere that an EX of his stated she was very upset with
how the show is making him look. That he is not a self centered guy && he was the sweetest and most sincere person. Hmmmm...

&& since I mentioned Brad Womack {my favorite}
I really did love him & Emily together && as much as I am TEAM EMILY
it bothers me when she diggs a knife into him on the show. It takes two to tango sweet momma && Brad may not be what she thought was was but ya don't have to call him out like that - especially because he isn't there to speak for himself.

Oh wait... check it out
Here is Brad now being interviewed.
{I still love him}


Kori said...

I just can't get into it much drama! Great recap though! Hope you have a great day honey!

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Kori xoxo

Alicia @ To Columbus and Beyond! said...

Promise if I get on I will make it interesting :)

Lindsey said...

I'm rooting for Sean! Not only is hot but he is from Dallas! Holler. And yes, I'm bored too. I watched probably 20 minutes of Monday's show, so I missed a lot but I don't even care.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh bored too!! I DVR it on Monday nights & fast forward through most of it! I like Sean & Jef.

Melissa said...

I have a bet going that Sean wins! :)

Stephanie said...

SEAN IS THA MAN!!! Ugh that boy has stolen my little married heart! LOL!!

That video is pretty funny...I'm not a Brad fan at all...but it was still funny to watch. :)

Brittany said...

I agree with you, she was too upset over the fact that the guys didn't say something sooner, and they did say something so I'm not sure what the problem was. I thought that was a little weird.

Liv Kit said...

I actually know Ryan and while I don't watch the show I've heard the same things about the show making him look worse then what he is.

Hanna said...

Arie & Sean (Tx boy!!) are my top two - don't know in which order, though! I was relieved to get rid of the creep, though I agree that she drug out the issue of being mad at the other guys.

Life in heels blog said...

One of my ex bf's is very good friends with Ryan and I had the chance to meet him last weekend. He was very nice and down to earth. Http://